Fuses and relays Kia Sportage (JA), 1993 - 2006

The 1st generation Kia Sportage SUV  was produced in 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004, 2005, 2006. During this time, this model has been updated 2 times. In this publication you will find a description of the fuses and relays of the Kia Sportage 1 with block diagrams and photo examples of execution. Let's highlight the fuse responsible for the cigarette lighter.

Check the current assignment of fuses and relays with your diagrams on the back of the protective cover.

In passenger compartment

Fuse box located under the dashboard, on the left pillar, behind the protective cover.

Photo and diagram (type 1)
Amp / Legend
1 10A Gasoline engines: oxygen sensor
2 10A Electrical engine control unit
3 Tweezers
4 10A Interior lighting, trunk lighting
5 10A Sound signal
6 15A Hazard warning lights, direction indicators
7 20A Headlights, steering column switch
8 10A Spare fuse
9 20A Heater, air conditioning system
10 20A Front wiper and washer, power windows, ABS relay
11 10A Rear wiper and washer, sunroof, air conditioning
12 10A Headlights
12 15A Luke
13 15A Spare fuse
14 30A Spare fuse
15 10A Petrol engines: Engine management system
16 15A Reversing light
17 15A Gauges, a warning lamp of the engine management system, rear window heater
18 15A Petrol engines: Engine management system Diesel engines: Glow plug control unit
19 20A Spare fuse
20 15A Fog lights
21 10A Light indicator, rear lights, license plate light, TCU , clock, audio system, parking lights
22 30A Central locking
23 15A Audio system, antenna, brake lights
24 30A Electric windows
25 20A Heated rear window
26 15A Luke
27 20A Audio system, electric mirrors, clock, cigarette lighter
The fuse number 27, 20A, is responsible for the cigarette lighter.
Photo and diagram (type 2)
Name Description
P / WINDOW Electro glass lifts
HEATER Heater fan
TAIL Position / parking lights, radio illumination
HAZARD Direction indicators, hazard warning lights
D / LOCK Automatic door lock
STOP Stop lights
HORN Klaxon
ROOM Indoor lighting fixtures
DEF Heated rear window
ST.SIGN Side repeaters of direction indicators
F / PUMP Fuel pump
RR.WIPER K / V, rear wiper
WIPER Front wipers
ECU Engine control module (ECM)
CIGAR Cigarette lighter
RADIO Audio system, on-board chronometer
ENG Engine
A / BAG Airbags (SRS)
METER Instrument cluster, reversing lights
TURN Lighting assemblies
O2 SEN1 Prior to catalytic lambda probe
O2 SEN2 Post catalytic lambda probe
TGO Defroster
The fuse for the cigarette lighter is designated as CIGAR, and the fuse for the additional sockets is P / OUTLET.

In engine compartment

Fuse box located next to the battery.

Photo and diagram (type 1)
Name Description
FUEL INJ Fuel injection system
ADD Fan K / V
EGI MAIN (80 A) Main relay (ignition)
BTN Stop lamps, license plate lights, interior lamps and alarm
IGN Ignition
P / WIN Electric windows
MAIN Fuel pump, fuel pump relay, injectors, main relay
FUEL PUMP (80 A) Main relay (fuel pump, injectors)
ABS Anti-lock brake system
HEAD Headlights
START Starter relay
Photo and diagram (type 2)
Amp / Legend
1 30A Headlights
2 40A Brake lights, license plate light, interior lighting, alarm
3 40A Ignition
4 15A Interior lighting, instrument cluster, audio system
5 30A ABS
6 10A Engine management system
7 15A Fuel pump, injector, main relay, fuel pump relay
8 10A oxygen sensor
9 10A oxygen sensor
10 10A Fuel pump, diagnostic connector
11 30 / 60A Injector
12 40A Air conditioner
13 40A Brake lights, license plate light, interior lighting, alarm
14 30A ABS
15 30A Ignition
16 30A Electric windows
17 80A Main fuse
R1 Main relay
R2 Fuel pump relay
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