Fuses Renault Master 3 (FV / JV), 2010 - 2020

Renault Master - belongs to the series of light-duty vehicles. Over the years, the car has been delivered to markets with a variety of body styles, both standard and extended. Master modifications with increased payload are also known as Messenger and Mascott. This model represents a copy of Opel Movano and Nissan Interstar, they have a similar block arrangement. The 3rd generation was produced in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and to the present. We will provide information on the location of the relay and fuse blocks of the Renault master of the 3rd generation (FV / JV), we will show photographs of the blocks, a diagram and a description of their purpose. Let's highlight the fuse responsible for the cigarette lighter.

Due to the fact that the Renault master was produced for a long period of time with various options for electrical equipment and body models, it is not possible to provide one general description of fuses and relays. Be careful, since the manufacture reserves the right to make changes to the vehicle design. Your execution of blocks may differ from this material. If you have any questions, we advise you to contact the authorized dealer in your region.

In the engine compartment

The fuse box is located on the right side of the engine compartment, behind the coolant reservoir.

To access the block, unscrew the screw 2 and take out the coolant tank 3.

Then unscrew the four screws 4 and turn the block 5 over.

General form.

Diagram (Type 1)
Amps / Description
F1 7,5А Right side marker lamp
F2 7,5А Left side marker lamp
F3 10A Right low beam headlights
F4 10A Left low beam headlamp
F5 20A Fog lights
F6 10A Left high beam
F7 10A Right high beam
F8 25A ABS power supply
F9 30A Windshield wiper
F10 10A Airbag PIS (primary ignition)
F11 -
F12 20A Gearbox ECU power supply (front wheel drive)
F13 -
F14 -
F15 -
F16 5A PIS gearbox (primary ignition power supply)
F17 7.5A Passenger compartment PIS (primary power supply)
F18 5A ECU / Diesel Heater Relay
F19 10A Rear running lights PIS (primary ignition)
F20 -
F21 -
F22 10A Air conditioning (compressor) I
F23 5A Defrost (relay control)
Diagram (Type 2)
A Description
F1 - -
F2 - -
F3 50 BUS X62
F5 50 Additional heating relay 1
F6 50 Special body conversion, X62 BUS
F7 70 Additional heating relay 2
F8 70 Rear lights, passenger compartment fuse and relay box, diesel heater resistance
F9 70 Passenger compartment relay and fuse box
F10 50
Motor fan relay 3, motor fan relay (rating depending on vehicle equipment)
F11 40
Engine fan speed relay 1, Engine fan speed relay 2 (nominal values ​​depending on vehicle equipment)
F12 40 Starts the engine
F13 60 Heating interface unit
F14 60 Heating interface unit
F15 70 Diesel Glow Plug Relay Box
F16 40 Relay for gearbox electric pump unit
50 Fuse box 2
F1 5 Lighting control relay power supply unit (GRUAU) Front and rear lights
F2 5 Lighting control relay power supply (GRUAU) Individual lighting (X81)
F3 15 1155 relay power supply (70A + additional load relay)
F4 25 Power relay 1155 (70A + BCM battery relay)
F5 10 Power supply unit for multimedia display from GRUAU kits
F6 5 Electronic threshold control unit power supply
F7 - -
F8 - -

In the passenger compartment

The fuse block is located on the driver's side of the dashboard behind a plastic cover.

For access, you need the cover using cutout B, detach cover A.

General view.

A Description
1 10 Infotainment, heated seats, (Service relay 1. Engine run relay)
2 15 Cigarette lighter
3 10 Socket 1
4 10 Socket 2
5 5 Dashboard
6 30 Central locking (UCE Habitacle (CPE, SUPCPE), BFR)
7 25 Turn Signals, Rear Fog Lights, Body Control Unit (UCE Habitacle + Batsecurite)
8 5 Diagnostic connector
9 - -
10 5 ABS, Electronic stability program
11 10 Interior lighting, brake lights
12 5 Body control module
13 15 Stop signal
14 5 Body control unit, electric glass lifts, air conditioning
15 20 Heated left rear window
16 20 Heated rear right window
17 15 Windshield washer (steering wheel controls)
18 5 Electronic immobilizer
19 15 Heated seats (BFRH2, ADPCNC, adaptation)
20 - -
21 10 Turning lights
22 10 Infotainment system, seat heating, car display screen, audio jacks, alarm
23 5 Hands-free communication
24 10 Tachograph
25 - - (diode location)
26 - - (diode location)
27 40 Climate control fan
28 10 Accessories (BFRH2, ACC Remove Relay, Easement Relay 1)
29 40 Electric glass lifts, body control unit

Fuses 2 and 3 are responsible for the operation of the cigarette lighter and the front outlet.

Additional blocks

They are located on the right side (left and right hand drive) under the dashboard and are attached to the right flange of the dashboard beam.

Box №1

1 - Load current sharing power supply 20A - 12V
2 - 20A - Information about engine operation
3 - 20A - Heated seat

Box №2

1 - 20A Sliding door
2 - 20A Trunk lid
3 - 20A Bus Heated Seat
4 - Bus 20A ESP
5 - 40A Air conditioner information
6 - 70A BCM + battery power
7 - 70A + supply of accessories to the canopy

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