Fuses and relays Mazda 3 (BK; 2003-2008)

Mazda 3 bk (1st generation) was produced in 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008 with engines of 1.6, 1.4 and 2.0 liters. During this time, the model has been restyled. In this article, you will find a description of fuses and relays Mazda 3 bk with block diagrams and their locations. Highlight the cigarette lighter fuse.

The number of elements in the blocks and their purpose may differ and depends on the year of manufacture and the level of equipment of your Mazda 3

Passenger compartment

The fuse and relay box in the Mazda 3 cabin is located under the glove compartment.

For access, remove the protective cover (1), turn the screws (2) and the unit will go down.

Photo - example.

F37 15А D / LOCK 2 - System of double locking of locks
F38 10А STOP LAMP / HORN - Brake light fuse, sound signal
F39 10А HEAD HIGH L - High beam headlamp (left)
F40 10А HEAD HIGH R - High beam headlamp (right)
F41 Reserve
F42 Reserve
F43 15А CIGAR - Cigarette lighter
F44 7,5А RADIO - Audio system
F45 10A MIRROR - Fuse for electric drive of adjustment of rear-view mirrors
F46 7.5A TAILR - Rear marker lamp (right), front marker lamp (right), License plate lamps
F47 10A OBD - Protection of various electrical circuits
F48 Reserve
F49 20А TR - LOCK - Transmission
F50 microcomputer power supply, headlights, direction indicators and alarm
F51 headlights, direction indicators and hazard warning lights, heated rear window
F52 20А SUN ROOF - Roof ventilation hatch
F53 20А WASHER - Cleaner and washer of a windscreen
F54 Reserve
F55 30A P / WIND R - Glass lift switch (right)
F56 30А P / WIND L - Glass lift switch (left)
F57 7,5A ALARM - Security alarm
F58 7,5A M / DEF - Electric heated exterior mirrors
F59 Reserve
F60 15A HEAD LOW R - Low beam headlamp (right), headlight range control
F61 15А HEAD LOW L - Low beam headlamp (left)
F62 Reserve
F63 Reserve
F64 Reserve
F65 10A SAS - Airbag System
F66 10A METER - Dashboard, anti-theft system (immobilizer)
F67 20A IGNITION - Anti Lock System (ABS), Anti Skid System (DSC), EHPAS
F68 20А WIPER - Cleaner and washer of a windscreen
F69 20A ENGINE - For protection of various electrical circuits
F70 10А IGSIG - Fuse for automatic wiper, glass lifter switch
F71 Reserve
F72 Reserve
F73 Reserve
F74 20A SEAT WARM - Heated seats
F75 25А D / LOCK 1 - Central electric lock
F76 10А АС - Air conditioner, heater control unit
F77 30А P / WIND L - Glass lift switch (left)
F78 30A P / WIND R - Glass lift switch (right)
F79 10A BACK - Reversing lights
F80 7,5А SUN ROOF - Roof ventilation hatch
F81 7.5A TAILL - Rear marker lamp (left), front marker lamp (left)
F82 7,5A ILLUMI - Fuse for control panel backlight
F83 Reserve
F84 Reserve
F85 Reserve
F86 Reserve

The fuse number 43 at 15A is responsible for the cigarette lighter. One or more fuses can be installed in the block under the hood.

Engine compartment

Located on the left side of the engine compartment under the protective cover.

Assignment of the fuses in the Engine compartment
F1 40А FAN - Cooling fan
F2 80A P / ST - EH PAS (power steering)
F3 40A P / ST - Protection of various electrical circuits
F4 40A HEAD - Fuse headlights
F6 60А GLOW - Glow plugs
F7 30A ABS1 - Anti lock braking system (ABS), anti-skid system (DSC)
F8 20A ABS2 - Anti lock braking system (ABS), anti-skid system (DSC)
F9 30A ENGINE - Protection of various electrical circuits
F10 Reserve
F11 30A IGKEY1 - Ignition switch
F12 20А STARTER - Starter clutch
F13 30A IGKEY2 - Ignition switch
F14 30A GLOW1 - Glow plugs
F15 40A HEATER - Interior fan
F16 30A GLOW 2 - Glow plugs
F17 40А DEFOG - Electric rear window defogger
F18 30A AUDIO - Audio system (cars equipped with BOSE audio system)
F19 10A ABSIG - Anti lock braking system (ABS), anti-skid system (DSC)
F20 15A FOG - Front fog lights
F21 15А HORN - Sound signal
F22 10A DRL - Daytime running light
F23 20А H / CLEAN - Fuse for headlight washer, fuel heater
F24 15A F / PUMP - Fuel pump
F25 10A P / ST IG - Power steering fuse (GUR)
F26 10A A / C MAG - Air Conditioner
F27 15A ALT / TCM 1GA - Generator / Traction control unit
F28 10А GLOWSIG - Cigarette lighter
F29 P.OUTLET - Power supply for additional outlets
F30 10А ENG + B - PCM unit, control unit for dosing and supply of fuel additive
F31 15A ROOM - Interior lighting lamps
F32 10А ENG BAR 4 - Oxygen concentration sensors
F33 10А ENG BAR 3 - Oxygen concentration sensors
F34 10A EGIINJ - Injector fuse
F35 10А ENG BAR 1 - Protection of various electrical circuits
F36 ENG BAR 2 - PCM unit, fuel pump
R1 Relay Fog lamps
R2 Horn relay
R3 Heated rear window relay
R4 ETV chain
R5 Fuel heating relay (diesel)
R6 Fuel pump relay
R7 Not used
R8 Not used
R9 Headlight washer relay
R10 Fan relay
R11 Air conditioner relay
R12 Reserve
R13 Starter relay
R14 Engine control relay.
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