All automotive fuses diagrams

We are glad to welcome you on the Internet portal, which is a systematized catalog with schematics of fuses and relay blocks, grouped by makes and models of cars.

Our materials will be useful to all motorists. We will tell you where the fuses are located, what they are responsible for, as well as how and with what to replace them correctly. Thanks to the decoding of relay blocks, you will not have to guess or manually sort out on your own to find out which one is responsible for the cigarette lighter, and which one is responsible for headlights or interior lighting.

It is not always necessary to go to a service center to solve a problem with your car. With the help of our articles, you will learn the exact location of the required fuse and replace it yourself, which means you will save a lot of money.

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Why do fuses blow?

The main cause of fuse blowing is exceeding the allowable load. This may occur due to the connection of additional equipment, short circuits, worn wiring, oxidized connections and other reasons.

If one or more electrical devices have stopped working in the car, the first thing to do is to check the integrity of the fuses..

How to check the fuse?

To do this, remove it from the unit and visually inspect the fuse for continuity, if the fuse inside is damaged, then it is blown and must be replaced. The second option is to check with a multimeter.

Replacement specifics

  1. According to the block diagram, it is necessary to determine which consumers are connected to the failed fuse and whether there are connectors with which they can be disconnected. After installing the correct fusible link and gradually reconnecting all consumers, determine what caused the fusible link to fail.
  2. When installing a new fuse, only a similar type with the same rated current should be used. If the rated current is higher, it will not blow in emergency situations. For example, if the windshield wiper motor jams and the fuse does not blow, it will melt the wiring harness and cause further negative consequences. Even a slight increase in rating can lead to a fire.
  3. If all the power elements work properly, it is necessary to check the fuse box itself, as well as the wiring harnesses coming from it. This is a very time-consuming job that requires a certain amount of skill.

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