Fuses Geely Atlas Pro / Boyue (FX11; 2021 - 2026)

This material examines in detail the fuse diagrams of the Geely Atlas Pro / Boyue, also Proton X70 (second generation; CMA platform; index FX11): 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026 model year.

Fuses numbered IF01 and IF02 in the passenger compartment unit are responsible for protecting the electrical circuits of the cigarette lighter socket and USB charging.

In the passenger compartment

Located behind the small items storage box at the bottom of the dash.

Access example.

General view of the interior fuse box of the Geely Atlas Pro / Boyue.

Description Current, A
IF01 Cigarette lighter fuse 15
IF02 USB charging for accessories 10
IF03 Head unit 7,5
IF04 Exterior mirrors / mode switch / wireless charging 7,5
IF05 Backup power supply 15
IF08 Airbags 5
IF09 Body control module 7,5
IF10 EPS/ESC system 10
IF11 gateway 7,5
IF12 EMS / TCU / ECS 10
IF13 BSG / DCDC systems 10
IF14 ESCL (Electronic Steering Column Lock) 10
IF15 BMS (Battery Management System) Unit 10
IF17 Electric seat adjustment 10
IF18 Air conditioner 7,5
IF19 TCM (Transmission Control Module) 10
IF21 Lane departure warning systems 10
IF22 Drink holder 10
IF23 IG2 fuse 10
IF25 Air conditioning / instrument cluster / RLS / T-BOKH 10
IF26 Head unit 15
IF27 ESCL (Electronic Steering Column Lock) 15
IF28 Folding rear view mirrors 7,5
IF29 Gateway / PEPS / INBLUE 10
IF30 Door lighting 10
IF31 BCM_LOCK, lock 20
IF32 OBD diagnostic connector 10
IF33 4WD all-wheel drive system 15
IF34 BCM-INT-LAMP (interior lighting control module) 15
IF35 Panoramic image / display screen 10
IF36 TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) / TCM (Transmission Control Module) 10
IF37 EGSM / HFA 10
IF38 Daytime Running Lights 20
IF39 BCM-EXT-LAMP (exterior lighting control module) 20
IF40 Heated steering wheel 15
SB01 Power windows on the left side 25
SB02 Power windows on the right side 25
SB03 PTG (tailgate module) 20

In the engine compartment

Located behind the decorative and protective plastic on the left side of the engine compartment.

Description Current, A
ER01 Starter relay 1
ER02 Starter relay 2
ER04 Fuel pump relay
ER05 Main relay
ER06 Low beam relay
ER07 High beam relay
ER08 Horn relay
ER09 A/C compressor relay
ER10 Fan relay
ER12 Fan Relay (Low Speed)
ER13 Fan Relay (High Speed)
ER14 Front wiper relay
ER15 Rear wiper relay
ER16 Rear defroster relay
ER17 Heated windshield relay
MF01 Electric power steering 80
MF02 Alternator 150
SF01 ACC&IG1 50
SF02 ABS1 60
SF03 ABS2 40
SF04 DCT1 (Dual Clutch Transmission) 30
SF05 Positive battery terminal IP_BOX 60
SF06 DCT2 (Dual Clutch Transmission) 30
SF07 electric seat adjustment 30
SF08 Start 30
SF09 Cooling fan 40
SF10 Heated glass and mirrors system 20
SF11 IG2 40
SF13 cooling Fan 60 / 80
SF14 heating system power supply 25
EF01 DCT3 (Dual Clutch Transmission) / ACM1 15 / 30
EF02 DCT4 (Dual Clutch Transmission) / ACM1 15 / 30
EF03 EMS module 10
EF04 IBS (battery sensor) 5
EF05 Fuel pump fuse Geely Atlas Pro 20
EF06 TCU (Transmission Control Unit) / ECS 15 / 30
EF07 brake light switch 10
EF08 ENG SNR (engine sensor) 15
EF09 EMS (Engine Management System) Module 30
EF10 Engine VALVE В+ 10
EF11 Ignition coils 15
EF12 Oxygen sensor 15
EF16 ST F/D 5
EF19 Heated rear seat 15
EF20 Heated windshield 10
EF21 Heated exterior rear view mirrors 10
EF22 Low beam right headlight 10
EF23 Backlight lamps on the left 10
EF24 high beam headlights 10
EF25 High beam - right headlight 10
EF26 Air conditioning compressor 10
EF27 DCDC / BMS 10
EF28 Sound signal (horn) 15
EF29 BSG system 5
EF30 Rear wiper 15
EF31 Front windshield wiper 30
EF32 Audio amplifier 30
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