Fuses and relays Opel / Vauxhall Mokka, 2012 - 2020

The Opel / Vauxhall Mokka mini crossover was introduced in 2012. Also known as Buick Encore. Released in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020. During this time, the car has been restyled. In this article, we will show the locations and descriptions of the  Mokka fuse boxes and relays with diagrams and photographs. Let's highlight the fuse responsible for the cigarette lighter.

The purpose of fuses and relays in blocks may differ from that shown and depends on the year of manufacture and the country of delivery. Check the assignment with the description on the back of the protective cover, and in case of difficulty, contact your nearest dealer.

In the engine compartment

Fuse box located next to the battery under the protective cover.

Photo - example

No. Description
1 Sunroof
2 Outside rearview mirror switch
3 Air vent solenoid
4 Reserve
5 Electronic valve brake control unit
6 2013-2015: not used
2016: Intelligent battery sensor
7 Reserve
8 Transmission control module battery
9 2013-2015: BCM Adjustable Voltage Control
2016: not used
10 Fuel control module R / C / Headlamp leveling
11 Rear wiper
12 Heated rear window
13 Reserve
14 Outside heated mirrors
15 Fuel system control unit battery
16 Heated Seat Module / Memory Module
17 Transmission Control Module R / C
18 R / C Engine Control Module
19 Fuel pump
20 Reserve
21 Fan relay (auxiliary fuse box)
22 Reserve
23 Ignition Coil / Injector
24 Washer pump
25 Reserve
26 Canister Purge Solenoid / Water Valve Solenoid / Oxygen Sensors - Before and After / Turbocharger Solenoid (1.4L) / Turbojet Solenoid (1.4L)
27 2013-2015: not used
2016: auxiliary pump for heater
28 2013-2015: not used
2016: Engine Control Module, Ignition Power Box 1
29 Engine Control Module Ignition Transmission 2
30 Air mass sensor
31 Left high beam
32 Right high beam
33 Engine control module battery
34 Signal
35 A / C Compressor Clutch
36 Front fog lights
J-Case Fuses
1 Electronic pump brake control unit
2 Front wipe
3 Fan motor
5 Not used
6 Not used
7 2013-2015: not used
2016: starter solenoid (automatic transmission), not used (manual transmission)
8 Cooling fan low / medium
9 High Fan
10 EVP
11 2013-2015: start solenoid
2016: Gear Starter Solenoid (Automatic Transmission), Starter Solenoid (Manual Transmission)
RLY1 Reserve
RLY2 Fuel pump relay
RLY3 Cooling fan relay
RLY4 Starter relay
RLY5 Power train relay
RLY6 Cooling fan relay
RLY7 Starter relay
RLY8 Cooling fan relay

In the passenger compartment

The cabin unit is located under the dash on the driver's side. To get to the fuses, you need to remove the box for small items.

Photo - example

No. Circuit Protected
F1 Body control unit 1
F2 Body control unit 2
F3 Body control unit 3
F4 Body control unit 4
F5 Body control unit 5
F6 Body control unit 6
F7 Body control unit 7
F8 Body control unit 8
F9 Egnition lock
F10 Protective diagnostics module
F11 Data Connector, Door Locks
F12 Heater, ventilation and air conditioning MDL / ICS
F13 Rear doors
F14 Parking assist system
F15 Lane Departure Warning, Interior Mirror
F16 Adaptive front lighting module
F17 Power window, driver's side
F18 Rain sensor
F19 Body control unit
F20 Illuminated steering wheel switch
F21 Transmission control unit
F22 Cigarette lighter / sockets
F23 Reserve
F24 Reserve
F25 Reserve
F26 Automatic passenger detection display
F27 Instrument cluster
F28 Headlight switch / AFL / DC converter
F29 Reserve
F30 Reserve
as of 2016: Gearbox control module battery
F31 IPC battery, Instrument combination
F32 Radio / Phone / Aux Jack
F33 Display, infotainment system
F34 OnStar / UHP / DAB
S / B01 Reserve
S / B02 Reserve
S / B03 Front window regulator motor
S / B04 Rear window motor
S / B05 Logistic mode relay
S / B06 Reserve
S / B07 Reserve
S / B08 Reserve
CB1 Reserve
RLY01 Relays for accessories
RLY02 Doors
RLY03 Spare
RLY04 Spare
RLY05 Logistic mode

The fuse number 22, 20A, is responsible for the cigarette lighter and USB sockets.

Trunk box

It is located on the left-hand side of the luggage compartment behind the protective cover.

Execution example

No. Description
1 Lumbar support, driver's seat
2 Lumbar support, passenger seat
3 Amplifier
4 Trailer wiring harness connector
5 Permanent four-wheel drive system
6 Indication
7 Reserve
8 Trailer
9 Reserve
10 Reserve
11 Trailer
12 Navigation system
13 Heated steering wheel
14 Trailer wiring harness connector
15 Steering wheel
16 Water in fuel sensor
17 Interior mirror
18 Reserve
S / B01 Driver's electric seat adjustment / memory module
S / B02 Electric passenger seat adjustment
S / B03 Trailer module
S / B04 Inverter / Voltage Converter
S / B05 Battery
S / B06 headlight washer
S / B07 Reserve
S / B08 Reserve
S / B09 Reserve
RLY01 Ignition relay
RLY02 Start relay
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