Fuses and relays Opel Frontera A (Isuzu Rodeo), 1991 - 1998

Frontera A premiere took place in 1991 in Geneva. The car is not completely German, but is a Europeanized version of the Japanese jeep Isuzu Rodeo (in the domestic Japanese market it is known as Wizard). These models are almost completely identical to each other. In this article we will understand in detail fuse box diagrams Opel Frontera A / Isuzu Rodeo (first generation) 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998 years of manufacture.

Here you will find the locations and photos of the mounting blocks. Also, we will separately mark the fuses responsible for the cigarette lighter and the fuel pump.

In the passenger compartment

There are two fuse boxes for the protection of the vehicle's electrical circuits.

Fuse box

It is located on the driver's side, under the dashboard behind a plastic cover.

General view ot the Opel Frontera A (Isuzu Rodeo) interior fuse box.

No. Description Amps
1 Сentral locking system 10
  • Brake lights
  • alarm
3 Interior lamps, audio system 10
4 Rear window defroster 20
  • Rear fog lights,
  • windshield washer nozzle heaters (late models)
6 Windshield cleaner/washer 15
7 Instrument cluster indicators, turn signal indicators, heated door mirrors, left-on warning buzzer 10
8 Heated front seats, sunroof (early models) 15
9 Ignition system, cooling fan motor - 2.0/2.2 15
10 Rear window wiper/washer 10
11 Left door window motor, sunroof (late models) 30
12 Right door window motor 30
13 Power window switches, Frontera A cigarette lighter fuse 15
14 ABS system 10

Relay box

It is located at the passenger's foot, on the right side under the trim.

No. Decoding
1 Turn signal interrupter
2 Central locking control unit
3 Heated rear window
4 Engine ECU (2.0/2.2)
5 Warning buzzer for headlights left on
6 Rear fog lights
7 Heated rear view mirrors

In the engine compartment

Fuse box

The main mounting block is located on the right side, near the battery. It has several variations depending on the year of manufacture. The location is shown in the photo above.

Models before the restyling of 1995

General view.

Example diagram from the block cover.

No. Description Amps
F1 Front and rear position lamps - right 10
F2 Front and rear position lamps - left 10
F3 Generator (early models) - 2.8TD 15
F4 Air conditioning fan - right 30
F5 Headlight washers, horn, engine diagnostic system (early models) 25
F6 Fuel module (fuel pump fuse), engine management system - 2.0/2.2 25
F7 heater fan, air conditioning compressor clutch 25
F8 Front fog lights 10
F9 Headlamp-right, auxiliary headlamps 15
F10 Headlight left, headlight corrector motor, high beam indicator light 10
F11 Fuse link - main 60
F12 Fuse link - Headlights, exhaust air supply system - 2.2 60
F13 Fuse link - Front and rear marker lamps, fuse F5 30
F14 Fuse link - cooling fan 30
No. Relay
1 Parking light bulbs
2 Air conditioner
3 Parking light bulbs
4 Fog lights
5 Headlights
6 Heater fan
7 Horn
8 Windshield wiper/washer intermittent operation relay
Models after restyling 1995

Description of the elements of the engine compartment.

No. Purpose Amps
F1 Front and rear parking lights - on the right side 10
F2 Front/rear parking lamps (left), instrument cluster illumination lamps, switch illumination lamps, cigarette lighter illumination lamp, left light warning buzzer 10
F3 Low beam - left headlight 10
F4 Low beam - right headlight 10
F5 Air conditioner condenser fan 25
F6 Fuel module (fuel pump fuse), engine control system - 2.0/2.2 25
F7 Heater blower motor, air conditioner blower motor 30
F8 A/C Condenser Fan - 2.5TD 25
F9 High beam headlight - left headlight, parking light - left headlight 15
F10 High beam headlight - right headlight, parking light - right headlight 15
F11 Fuse link - main, heater relay, air conditioning 60
F12 Fuse Link - Headlights 65
F13 Fusible link - Front and rear lights, fog lights 30
F14 Fuse Link - Cooling Fan Motor 30
No. Relay
1 dipped headlights
2 Headlight strobe relay
3 Position lamps
4 Fog lights
5 Headlights  
6 Heater fan
7 Horn
8 Windshield wiper/washer intermittent relay

Additional relay modules

Some relays are located separately.

K81 - Auxiliary coolant pump;
K82 - Starter;
K87 - Air conditioner fan;
K97 - Headlight washer timer;
K6 - Air conditioner;
K25 - Fan relay;
K51 - Air conditioner fan;
K68 - Fuel module (fuel pump relay);
K80 - Fuel filter heater.

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