Fuses and relays Kia Forte / Cerato 3 (YD; 2012 - 2018)

The Kia Forte, known as K3 in South Korea and Vietnam, Forte K3 or Shuma in China and Cerato in South America, Australia, New Zealand, is a compact car produced by the South Korean automaker since mid-2003. On 15 January 2018, Kia unveiled the third-generation Forte sedan at the 2018 North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Michigan. In this article we will understand in detail fuse box diagrams Kia Forte / Cerato (3gen; YD index) 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 years of manufacture.

Here you will find the locations and photos of the mounting blocks. Also, we will separately mark the fuses responsible for the cigarette lighter and the fuel pump.

In the engine compartment

Location of components.

Main fuse

Located on the positive terminal of the battery.


  • AMS - Battery sensor 7.5A;
  • ALT - Alternator 150A

Primary fuse box

It is located behind the plastic cover on the left side.

Example of a schematic from the block cover.

General view.

Description A
B + 1 Intelligent distribution box (ARISU-LT IPS 1 (4СН), ARISU-LT IPS 2 (4СН)), Fuse - left power window 25A, right power window 25A, trunk 10A, module6 7.5 A, module7 10A) 60
C / FAN Cooling fan relay, low, cooling fan relay 60
B + 2 Intelligent Junction Box (ARISU-LT IPS 4 (4CH), ARISU-LT IPS 3 (4CH), IPS 5 (2CH)), Fuse - Power Seat (Driver), Brake Switch, PDM1, Rear Seat Heater 60
GSLRTS Gasoline relay with PTC 60
ABS3 ABS: ABS control unit ESC: ESC control unit, yaw rate sensor 10
A / CON SW A / C ECU, Blower Motor, A / C Resistor 10
B + 3 Intelligent Junction Box (Automatic Leakage Cut-off Device, Fuses - PDM2, Door Lock, Sunroof) 50
BACK-UP automatic transmission: electrochromic mirror, audio-visual head unit with navigation, rear combination light (interior), rearview camera
Manual transmission: reversing light switch
STOP LP Stop signals 15
FUEL PUMP Kia Forte fuel pump fuse 15
INJECTOR Injector No. 1 / No. 2 / No. 3 / No. 4, fuel pump relay, air conditioning compressor relay 10
ECU 2 Engine control module 10
IGN COIL 1 Ignition coil, capacitor 20
ECU 1 Engine control module 20
SENSOR 2 Oxygen sensor (upper / lower), variable geometry solenoid valve, #1 / #2 oil pressure regulator, purge control solenoid valve, cooling fan relay 10
SENSOR 1 Camshaft position sensor No. 1 / No. 2 10
A / CON COMP A / C compressor relay 10

Additional block

Installed on diesel engine vehicles on the right side of the underhood.


  • PTC HEATER - auxiliary heater.
  • 80A - glow plug fuse.

In the passenger compartment

Located on the driver's side under the dashboard. Remove the plastic cover for access.

General view of the Kia Forte / Cerato interior fuse box.

Legend A
1 POWER SEAT DRIVER - Driver's seat unit (electric seat, lumbar support) 30
2 SPARE 25
3 POWER WINDOW RH - Intelligent distribution box (power window relay, right) 25
4 TRUNK - Intelligent Junction Box (Trunk Lid Relay) 10
5 POWER WINDOW LH - Intelligent distribution box (power window relay, left) 20
6 DOOR LOCK - Intelligent distribution box (door lock relay, door unlock relay) 20
7 SPARE 20
8 Kia Forte / Cerato cigarette lighter fuse and power outlet 20
9 SEAT HEATER REAR - spare 20
10 MODULE8 - ВСМ, ECU of electronic keys 10
11 SPARE 7.5
12 SPARE 15
13 MODULE1 - electronic keys ECU, VSM, digital clock, audio system, audiovisual head unit with navigation, electric control of external mirrors 10
14 AIR CON - air conditioning ECU, ionizer on the instrument cluster, Fan relay, petrol relay with PTC 7.5
15 MODULE5 - Roof hatch, driver's seat CCS ECU, passenger seat heater module, rear seat heater 7.5
16 HEATED MIRROR - ECM, A / C ECU, outside mirror 10
17 INTERIOR LAMP - trunk light, driver's side directional light, passenger's side directional light, glove box light, left/right sun visor, interior courtesy light, roof console light, ignition switch light and door sensor light (without electronic keys) 7.5
18 MODULE6 - Sport Mode Switch, Key Lock 7.5
19 PDM2 - "With electronic keys: ECU of electronic keys Without electronic keys: Immobilizer module" 7.5
21 MODULE2 - Electrochromic rearview mirror, multifunctional diagnostic connector, headlight range control, A/C ECU, left/right headlight range control, driver CCS ECU, driver IMS module, passenger seat heating module 10
22 HEATED STEERING - Heated steering wheel 15
23 IG1 - Without electronic keys: relay and fuse box for the engine compartment (fuse - BUT 1, ECU 3, ABS 3) 20
24 WIPER FRONT - Windshield wiper motor, under-hood fuse / relay box (wiper relay), multifunction switch 25
25 SPARE 7.5
26 MEMORY - Driver IMS module, driver's side external electronic key handle, passenger's side external electronic key handle, BCM, tire pressure monitoring module, automatic light sensor and photocell, instrument cluster, Data Link connector, multifunctional diagnostic connector, digital clock, air conditioning ECU 7.5
27 MODULE7 - ICM relay box, (turn signal horn relay, folding mirror relay, folding mirror relay) 10
  • With electronic keys: Electronic key ECU
  • Without electronic keys: Immobilizer module "
29 Motor Driven Power Steering - EUR ECU 7.5
30 MODULE3 - Dashboard 7.5
31 START - With burglar alarm, without electronic keys and without immobilizer: ICM relay box (burglar alarm relay)
Without burglar alarm, with electronic keys or with immobilizer: transmission range selector switch (automatic transmission), engine compartment fuse and relay box (starter relay), electronic key ECU, ECM "
32 MULTIMEDIA1 - Audio system, audiovisual head unit with navigation 15
33 BRAKE SWITCH - Brake light switch 10
34 PDM1 - Electronic key ECU 20
35 POWER OUTLET FRT - Front power socket 20
36 A / BAG IND - Dashboard 7.5
37 MODULE4 - front panel switch, tire pressure monitor module, brake light switch, digital clock, BCM, rear left parking sensor (external/internal), right parking sensor (external/internal), left/right front parking sensor 10
38 A / BAG - SRS ECU 15

The relay unit is located under the panel in a single junction box of the integration modular electrical circuit.

Depending on the vehicle configuration, the following relays may be located here:

  • power mirrors;
  • window heating;
  • illumination;
  • windshield wiper;
  • keyless access system;
  • power windows;
  • alarm system;
  • TFT LCD 4.2 ";
  • and other controls
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