Fuses and relays Kia Sportage 4 (QL), 2016 - 2022

Sportage is a lineup of sporty SUVs produced by South Korean manufacturer Kia since 1993. In this article we will understand in detail fuse box diagrams Kia Sportage (fourth generation; QL index) 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 years of manufacture.

Here you will find the locations and photos of the mounting blocks. Also, we will separately mark the fuses responsible for the cigarette lighter and the fuel pump.

In the engine compartment

Located on the left side behind the plastic cover.

Access example.

Example of a schematic from the block cover.

Name Description Amps
COOLING FAN 3 Cooling Fan Motor 80
MDPS Electric power steering unit 80
BAT + 1 Intelligent junction box (IPS 2 (5CH), IPS 3 (2CH), IPS 4 (2CH), IPS 5 (2CH), IPS 6 (1CH), fuse -AMP), module 10 60
BAT + 2 Intelligent distribution block (IPS 1 (5-channel), fuse - MODULE 7, SMART KEY 2, SMART KET 3, STOP LAMP) 60
BAT + 3 Intelligent Distribution Block (Fuse - SUNROOF 1, SUNROOF 2, S / HEATER DRV / PASS, S / HEATER REAR, SECURITY P / WINDOW, Glass Lift Relay) 50
BLOWER Fan relay 40
REAR HEATED Relay 2 (rear window defogger relay) 40
IG1 Ignition key, With smart key: PCB assembly (PDM (IG1) / PDM (ACC) relay) 40
IG2 Relay 11 (starter relay),
[Without electronic keys] Ignition switch, 
[With electronic keys] PP block (PDM relay (ZAZH2))
BAT + 4 Intelligent distribution block (fuse - AWD, P / SEAT (DRV), P / SEAT (PASS), OPEN BACK GATE, LOCK DOOR, automatic shutdown relay of current leakage device), module 8 50
COOLING FAN 1 Cooling fan relay 1 50
ABS 1 ESC control module, multipurpose control connector 40
POWER LIFTGATE tailgate module 40
ABS 2 ESC Module 40
COOLING FAN 2 Cooling fan relay 1 40
E-CVVT 2 PCM Feed Module Controller 20
WIPER FRT 1 Without smart key: ignition key,
With smart key: PDM relay (IG2)
TCU 1 PCM 15
A / C Relay for air control unit 10
ECU 3 PCM 20
HORN Horn relay 15
BATTERY MAN. Battery sensor 10
SENSOR 2 Oil control valve, purge control solenoid valve, variable air flow solenoid valve, RCV control solenoid valve 10
SENSOR 1 oxygen sensor (up / down) 15
ECU 2 Ignition coil No. 1 / No. 2 / No. 3 / No. 4 20
ECU 4 PCM 15
SENSOR 3 E / R Junction Box (Cooling Fan Relay 1), Canister Close Valve, E / R Junction Box (Air Control Unit) 10
MODULE 2 Connecting block E / R (fuel pump relay) 10
VACUUM PUMP 1 Vacuum pump 20
DEICER E / R junction box (anti-icer relay) 15
FUEL PUMP Fuel pump relay 20
MODULE 1 Brake light switch 7.5
B / ALARM HORN Junction box, engine compartment (relay 7 - burglar alarm siren relay ) 15
H / LAMP HI Headlight relay "BI-Function" 10
FCA Front Crash Assist (FCA) 10
ABS 3 ESC module 10
VACUUM PUMP 2 Vacuum pump, vacuum switch 15
POWER OUTLET 1 Front 12V socket No. 2 20
ECU 6 PCM / ECM 10
TCU 2 [automatic gearbox] TCM, selector position sensor, [manual gearbox] reverse light switch 15
B / UP LAMP Rear bumper light left/right, electrochromic mirror 10
POWER OUTLET 2 Rear 12V power outlet 20
ECU 1 Engine control relay 30

On the positive terminal of the battery there is a powerful main power fuse in the form of a fusible link.

ALT - Alternator 180A/200A.

In the passenger compartment

Located behind the plastic cover on the driver's side of the dashboard.

General view of the Sportage 4 interior fuse box.


Type 1

Type 2
Name Legend Amps
MDPS Electric power steering unit 7.5
MODULE 2 Headlight left / right 10
SMART KEY 1 Smart Key Control Module / Immobilizer Module 10
A / BAG IND Instrument panel (display) 7.5
MODULE 4 Console switch, left/right blind spot radar, ECD AWD, emergency platform switch, BCM, lane departure warning control module 10
A / BAG SRS control module 15
START [Without Smart Key and IMMO.] ICM Relay Box (Burglar Alarm Relay), Ignition Switch [With Smart Key / IMMO.] Transmission Switch, ECM, Smart Key Control Module 7.5
MODULE 3 Front/rear seat heater control module, ILL ATM shift lever, front seat ventilation control module, A/V and navigation head unit, electrochromic mirror, audio system, air conditioning control module, multi-purpose test connector, adaptive front lighting module 10
CLUSTER Instrument panel 10
MODULE 9 PCB block (Fuse - ABS 3, VACUUM PUMP 2, ECU 6, AEB, TCU 2, MODULE) 20
MODULE 6 Front / Rear Seat Heating Control Module, Front Vented Seat Control Module 7.5
MODULE 5 BCM, Smart Key Control Module 10
A / CON 2 Air conditioning control module 7.5
MODULE 1 BCM, shift lever 10
P/WINDOW LH power window main switch 25
A/CON 1 A / C Control Module, Cluster Ionizer, Junction Block E / R (Fan Relay) 7.5
WIPER RR Rear wiper motor, ICM relay box (rear wiper relay) 15
WASHER Multifunction switch (windshield washer) 15
SMART KEY 3 [Without Smart Key] Immobilizer Module
Smart Key] Smart Key Control Module, On / Off Button
STOP LAMP Smart Key Control Module, Brake Light Switch 7.5
P/WINDOW  RH Main power window switch, passenger window switch 25
MEMORY Wireless charger, instrument cluster, data connector, BCM, ICM (outside mirror folding/unfolding relay) relay box, electrochromic mirror, air conditioning control module, console switch 10
SUN ROOF 1 Sunroof 20
TAIL GATE OPEN Trunk door 10
INTERIOR LAMP Interior lighting, ignition switch lighting and door opening sensor, lamp on overhead console, left and right front headlights with individual lighting, left and right rear headlights with individual lighting, lamp in trunk, lamp in glove compartment 10
SMART KEY 2 Smart Key Control Module 15
MODULE 8 Key solenoid 7.5
MULTI MEDIA Audio, A / V & Navigation, Rear USB , Charger 15
S/HEATER DRV / PASS Front seat heating control module, Front seat ventilation control module 20
SUN ROOF 2 Sunroof 20
P / SEAT (PASS) Passenger Seat Manual Switch 30
POWER OUTLET Front socket No. 1 (sportage 4 cigarette lighter fuse) 20
S / HEATER REAR Rear seat heating control module 20
DOOR LOCK Door lock / unlock relay 20
MODULE 7 Alarm switch, external electronic key handle on driver/passenger door, AEB sensor 10
AMP Amplifier 25
SAFETY P / WINDOW Driver's side window protection module 25
HEATED MIRROR Outside power mirror driver / passenger, air conditioning control module 10
P / SEAT (DRV) Driver's seat manual switch 30
ACC Rear USB charger, AMP, power exterior mirror switch, PCB assembly (power relay output), Smart Key control module, audio, audio/video and navigation head unit, BCM, wireless charger 10

The rear panel of the unit may have separate relays for headlights, horn, etc.

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