Fuses and relays Kia Sportage 2 (JE), 2006 - 2010

Sportage is a lineup of sporty SUVs produced by South Korean manufacturer Kia since 1993. In this article we will understand in detail fuse box diagrams Kia Sportage (second generation; JE index) 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010 years of manufacture.

Here you will find the locations and photos of the mounting blocks. Also, we will separately mark the fuses responsible for the cigarette lighter and the fuel pump.

In the engine compartment

Depending on the engine fitted to the vehicle (petrol or diesel) there may be one or two units here.

Prmary fuse box

Access example.

Name Fuse designation Amps
ALT Accumulator battery, alternator (120A - 2.0 l petrol engine; 140A - 2.0 l diesel engine, 2.4 l petrol engine)) 120 / 140
I / PB + Dashboard Junction Box 60
BLOWER Fan relay 40
ABS # 1 ABS (anti-lock braking system) and ESP (stability control system) control units 40
ABS # 2
COOLING FAN # 1 Cooling fan relay # 1 / high speed 1 40
COOLING FAN # 2 Cooling fan relay No. 2 of the engine cooling system (low speed) 30
IGN # 1 Ignition lock (IG1, ACC) 30
IGN # 2 Ignition switch (IG2, START), starter relay 30
ECM Main relay, fuel pump relay, SNSR 10 A, INJ 10 A, ECM (engine control module) 30
4WD 4WD engine control unit 20
F / WIPER Front wiper relay, front wiper motor, multifunction switch 20
AMP Woofer, amplifier # 1 20
HEAD LAMP (HIGH) Headlight relay (HIGH) 20
ATM Automatic transmission relay 20
FUEL PUMP Sportage fuel pump fuse 15
INJ ECM, injector, brake light switch, exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) actuator, idle speed control actuator (ISA), throttle actuator, intake manifold control motor #1 15
STOP Brake light switch 15
W / DEF Windshield defogger relay 15
F / FOG Front fog lamp relay 15
HEAD LAMP (LOW) Headlight relay (LOW) 15
HORN Horn relay, alternator, siren relay 15
A / CON Air conditioner relay 10
SNSR MAF sensor, PTC heater relay, glow plug relay, oxygen sensor, ECM, SMARTRA, crankshaft position sensor, daytime running light control unit 10
DRL DRL control unit (daytime running lights) 15
Relay decoding
A / CON Air conditioner relay
ATM Automatic transmission device relay
COND2 Relay (low) capacitor
DEICE Window heater relay
F / FOG Front Fog Lamps
F / PUMP Fuel pump relay
HDLP HI Relay (high beam) headlights
HDLP LO Relay (low beam) headlights
HORN Sound Signal relay (Beep)
WIPER Wiper Relay
COND1 Relay (high) capacitor
MAIN Main relay
START Starter motor relay
COND1 Condenser (high)

Additional box

Mounted in the front of the engine compartment on diesel engine models.

Glow Plug Relay
PTC Heater Relay 1
PTC Heater Relay 2
PTC Heater Relay 3
Fuel filter heater relay
Fuel filter heater 30A
Glow plug 80A
PTC heater 1 40A
PTC heater 2 40A
PTC heater 3 40A

In the passenger compartment

It is located on the driver's side at the end of the dashboard. Remove the plastic cover to gain access.

General view of the KIA Sportage 2 interior fuse box.

Name Description A
TAIL RH Right rear combination lamp, right headlight, front fog lamp relay, daytime running lamp (DRL) control unit, lighting 10
RR HTR Heated rear window relay contact 30
HAZARD Hazard Relay, Hazard Switch, ETASM, Instrument Panel, Multi Function Switch, Left / Right Rear Combination Lamp, Left / Right Headlight, Left / Right Side Turn Signal Indicator Lamp 15
HTD MIRR Drive for adjusting the left / right side rearview mirror, air conditioning control unit 15
TAIL LH Left headlight, left rear combination lamp, left / right license plate lamp 10
ECU (B +) Transmission control unit (TCM), immobilizer control unit 10
P / OUTLET RR Rear 12V socket 15
RR FOG Rear fog lamp relay 10
RR WIPER Dashboard, ETACM, trunk light, body light, tailgate glass switch, rear wiper relay, multifunction switch, rear window heater relay 15
START Burglar Alarm Relay, Cruise Control Unit Relay, Starter Relay, Transmission Mode Switch 10
AV Audio system 10
P / OUTLET FR Front 12V socket 15
OBD II Data communication connector, multipurpose test connector 10
S / HTR Driver / passenger seat heating switch 20
C / LIGHTER Sportage 2 cigarette lighter fuse 15
AUDIO Rearview mirror adjustment actuator switch, electronic clock, ETASM, audio system switch 10
ROOM LP Driver reminder key switch, instrument panel, ETASM, interior light bulb, air conditioning control unit, digital clock, luggage compartment light bulb, sunroof control switch 10
S / ROOF & D / LOCK Right / left front door illumination lamps 20
A / CON Door lock / unlock relay, sunroof control controller, electro chromatic mirror 10
IGN Headlight relay, AQS sensor, Daytime running light control (DRL), fuel filter heating relay 10
P / WDW 1 driver's window power window switch, left rear window power window switch 30
P / WDW 2 Driver/passenger power window switch, right rear window switch 30
IG COIL Ignition coil 20
T / SIG Hazard switch, automatic light sensor 15
A / BAG IND Dashboard 15
CLUSTER Instrument panel, ETACM, immobilizer control unit, pre-excitation resistor, alternator, DRL control unit 10
B / UP Reversing lamp switch, transmission operating mode switch 10
A / BAG Electronic SRS control unit 10
ABS ABS control unit, ESP control unit, acceleration sensor, anti-skid switch (TCS), ESP switch, steering angle sensor 15
ECU Immobilizer control unit, vehicle speed sensor, engine control module (ECM), TCM A/B pulse generator, fuel filter emergency switch, cruise control unit, mass air flow sensor, electronic four-wheel drive control unit, brake light switch, multi-function switch 10
Several relay modules can also be located on this unit.
R1 - Rear window heater relay;
R2 - Tail light relay;
R3 - Power window relay

Individual relay elements may be located under the panel, next to the steering rack: alarm and direction indicator relays, rear fog lights, alarm or central locking.

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