Fuses and relays Kia Soul 1 (AM), 2008 - 2014

Soul is a mini-SUV by Kia Motors. The production model was first presented at the Paris Motor Show in the fall of 2008. In the model range, the car is located between the cee'd and Sportage. In this article we will understand in detail fuse box diagrams Kia Soul (first generation; AM index) 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 years of manufacture.

Here you will find the locations and photos of the mounting blocks. Also, we will separately mark the fuses responsible for the cigarette lighter and the fuel pump.

In the engine compartment

Location of components.

Primary fuse box

This unit may be available in several versions. 

Type 1

General view.

Name Legend A
B + 1 Junction box I / P (glass lifter relay, fuses - P / WDW LH 25A, P / WDW RH ​​25A, PDM 2 10A, DANGER 15A) 50
INVERTER Oil Pump Inverter 50
ALT Alternator, fuse (ABS 2 40A, ABS 1 40A, RR HTD 40A, BLOWER1 40A, MDPS 80A, A / CON 10A) 125
ABS 1 ESC Module 40
ABS 2 ESC Module 40
RR HTD Junction Box I / P (Rear Heating Relay) 40
BLOWER 1 Fan relay 40
MDPS 1 EPS control module 80
IG 2 Ignition Switch, PDM Relay Box (IG 1 Realy), Start Relay 40
IG 1 Ignition Switch, PDM Relay Box (IG 2 Realy) 40
ECU 1 Engine control relay 30
H / LP Headlight relay 20
C / FAN A / C fan relay 30
B + 2 I / P Junction Box (Tail Light Relay, Fuse - TAIL LP LH 10A, TAIL LP RH 10A, SUNROOF 20A, AMP 25A, DR LOCK 20A, STOP LP 15A, T / GATE OPEN 15A, (FOG LP FRT) 15A, power supply Connector - ROOM LP 10A, MODULE 15A) 50
F / PUMP Kia Soul fuel pump fuse 15
PDM PDM, Smart Key Control Module 25
SEAT HEATER Heated driver's seats, Heated passenger seats 20
ECU 2 PCM / ECM 15
H / LP HI Headlight relay 20
HORN Sound Signal relay (beep) 10
BLOWER 2 Air conditioning control module (Auto) 10
SENSOR 1 Camshaft position sensor # 1 / # 2, oil control valve # 1 / # 2, canister control valve, air conditioning relay, immobilizer module 10
SENSOR 2 C / Fan Hl / Low Relay, Injector # 1 - # 4 10
IGN COIL Ignition coil # 1 ~ # 4, capacitor 15
ECU 3 PCM / ECM 20
SENSOR 3 Oxygen Sensor (Up / Down), Fuel Pump Relay, Purge Control Solenoid, Variable Air Flow Solenoid 15
H / LP LH Left headlight 10
H / LP RH Right headlight 10
HTD STRG Heated steering wheel 15
B / UP LP (AP) Electro chrome mirror, left / right side combination rear light, instrument cluster, A / V and navigation head unit, audio 10
MDPS2 EPS control module 10
A / CON A / C compressor relay 10
Type 2

General view.

Name Description A
BATT 2 Junction box l / P (relay - taillights, fuses -TAIL LH 10A.TAIL RH 10A, S / ROOF 20A, AMP 25A, DR LOCK 20A, STOP 15A, T / GATE 15A, F / FOG 15A, R / FOG 10A, power connectors - ROOM 10A, AUDIO 15A) 50
BATT 1 Junction box l / P (relay - glass servo, fuses - P / WDW LH 25A, P / WDW RH ​​25A, FOLD'G 10A, HAZARD 15A) 50
C / FAN Compressor fan relay (upper), compressor fan relay (lower) 30
MAIN Alternator, fuses (ABS 2 40A, ABS 1 40A, RR NTO 40A, BLW 40A, MDPS 80A, A / CON 10A, DSL 150A) 150
ABS 2 ABS control module, ESP control module 40
ABS 1 ABS control module, ESP control module 40
RRHTD Junction box I / P (rear window defogger relay) 40
BLW Fan relay 40
MDPS electronic power steering control module 80
DSL DSL relay and fuse box (GLOW 80A, PTC 1 50A, PTC 2 50A, PTC 3 50A) 150
IGN 2 Ignition switch, starting relay 40
ECU A Main relay, ECU B10A 30
F / PUMP G4FC: Fuel pump relay 20
F / FILTER HTR D4FB: Fuel filter heater relay 30
IGN 1 ignition switch 40
H / LP HI Headlight relay (high beam) 20
H / LP LO Headlight relay (low beam) 20
HORN Horn relay 10
HORN Horn relay 10
H / LP LO RH Right headlight 10
H / LP LO LH Left front headlight, dashboard (low beam indicator) 10
  • D4FB: TCM
  • G4FC: ECM, PCM
ECU 3 D4FB: Fuel pressure regulating valve 10
ECU 2 D4FB: Brake light switch 10
  • D4FB: ECM
  • G4FC: ECM, PCM
  • D4FB: DSL Relay and Fuse Box (Glow Relay, PTC 1 Relay, PTC 2 Relay, PTC 3 Relay), Camshaft Position Sensor, Electric Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR), Variable Geometry Turbocharger (VGT) Drive Module Immobilizer
  • G4FC: Injector # 1 ~ 4, Idle Control Actuator, Immobilizer Module, Fuel Pump Relay
  • D4FB: A / C relay, compressor fan relay (high / low ), oxygen sensor, air heater relay
  • G4FC: ECM
A / CON Air conditioner relay 10
R1 Front wiper relay
R2 Fan relay
R3 Fuel filter heater relay
R4 Main relay
R5 Horn relay
R6 Air conditioner relay
R7 Starting relay
R8 Headlight dipped beam relay
R9 Headlamp high beam relay
R10 Compressor fan relay (lower)
R11 Compressor fan relay (upper)

Additional block

Installed on Kia Soul models with a diesel engine. The modules responsible for the operation of the auxiliary heating and glow plugs are located here.

In the passenger compartment

Located at the end of the dashboard behind the plastic trim.

General view of the KIA Soul 1 interior fuse box.

Name Amp / Legend A
P / WDW LH Main switch for power windows, switch for rear left door power window 25
P / WDW RH Main switch for power windows, switch for rear right door power window, switch for power window of passenger's door 25
PDM 2 Start / stop switch, PDM, key fob holder 10
FOLD'G Data connector, external mirror power switch 10
HAZARD Hazard Relay, One Touch Direction Indicator Interrupt, Hazard Switch 15
TAIL LH License plate lamps, rear left combination lamp, left front headlight 10
TAIL RH Rear right combination lamp, right headlight, illumination 10
IG 2 BCM, headlight range control switch, left / right headlight range control actuator, roof sunroof control unit 10
RR WIPER Instrument panel junction box (rear wiper relay), multi-function switch, rear wiper motor 15
F / WPR Front wiper motor, multifunction switch, fuse box and M/O relay (relay 10) 25
  • WITH ISG: ISG low voltage DC to DC converter (amplifier)
  • Without ISG: amplifier
S / ROOF Sunroof control unit 20
F / FOG Front fog lamp relay 15
T / GATE Trunk lid relay, diagnostic socket 15
R / FOG Rear fog lamp relay 10
A / CON Air conditioner control unit, engine compartment relay and fuse box (relay 1, relay 5, relay 6), DSL relay and fuse box (PTC 2 relay, PTC 3 relay) 10
H / LP PDM (Low Beam Relay) 10
ACC PDM, audio system, amplifier, ISG low-voltage DC system (audio/amplifier), decorative lighting module, BCM, electronic key control unit, electric rearview mirror switch 10
ACC SOCKET Front power outlet, KIA Soul cigarette lighter fuse 15
HTD MIRR ECM / PCM, Driver / Passenger Side Power Mirror Motor, A / C Control Module -
DR LOCK Door lock relay, door unlock relay, double lock relay -
STOP Brake light switch, brake light relay, engine compartment relay and fuse box (relay 8, multifunction diagnostic connector) 15
TCU Vehicle speed sensor (manual transmission), transmission range switch (automatic transmission), ATM lever indicator 10
ABS ESP switch, steering angle sensor, ABS / ESP control unit, multi-functional diagnostic socket 10
IG 1 Engine compartment relay and fuse box (relay 8, relay 9), brake light switch, oil pump inverter, parking assist unit, front left/right seat heater, low voltage DC-DC ISG (audio/amplifier), front left/right seat heater switch, seat belt reminder unit, electrochromic mirror, SBR indicator, reverse parking assist buzzer, ISG switch, tire pressure monitor 10
RR P / OUTLET Rear power outlet, cigarette lighter 15
A / BAG SRS control unit, passenger airbag indicator 15
IGN COIL G4FC / G4FD: Ignition coil # 1 ~ 4, capacitor 15
T / SIG Hazard Switch, Multi Function Switch 10
CLUSTER BCM, air conditioning control unit, PDM, electronic key control unit, instrument cluster 10
ECU ECM / PCM, air flow sensor, under-hood fuse / relay box (relay 2), fuel filter warning sensor 10
START PDM, Transmission Range Switch, Ignition Lock Switch, ECM / PCM 10
B / UP LP Reversing light switch 10
A / BAG IND Instrument cluster (indicators) 10
AUDIO HF receiver, with ISG: Low-voltage DC / DC converter ISG (audio system), without ISG: Audio system 15
ROOM BCM, ignition switch and door switch, instrument cluster, tire pressure monitor module, air conditioning control unit, sun visor lamp, center light, directional light, outside mirror switch, trunk light 10

Behind the fuse block, under the panel, there is a separately mounted relay block of the power distribution module, which is responsible for the start/stop button and its illumination.

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