Fuses and relays Kia Soul (PS), 2014 - 2020

The 2nd generation Kia Soul  was produced in  2014, 2015, 2016. After that, the model was restyled and the updated one was produced in 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020. At this time, an electric version also appeared - the Kia Soul EV. In this publication you will find a description of the 2nd generation Kia Soul fuses and relays with block diagrams and their locations. Highlight the cigarette lighter fuse.

Check the assignment of fuses and relays with your own diagrams on the back of the protective cover.

In the passenger compartment

Fuse box located under the dash on the driver's side behind the protective cover.

Example of a diagram from the box cover.

Name Amp / Legend
POWER OUTLET 2 20A Power socket (fuse socket kia soul 2)
ACC 10A Exterior side mirrors regulator, radio amplifier, audio system head unit / UVO / AVN 4.0, BCM (comfort unit), TMU, decorative lighting ECU, SMK unit, LDC amplifier (400 W), LDC amplifier (200 W)
POWER OUTLET 1 25A Cigarette lighter , rear power outlet (Kia soul 2 cigarette lighter fuse)
DRL 10A BCM (daytime running lights)
MODULE 6 7.5A Electric sunroof motor, portable luggage compartment lamp (charging power), driver's seat extension harness (heated), rear seat (IGN2)
WIPER FRT 2 25A Front wiper electric motor (front wiper, power), front wiper relay (low)
WIPER RR 15A Rear wiper motor (rear wiper), multi-function switch (steering column switch, wiper glass), rear wiper relay (rear wiper), rear wiper relay coil
AMP 30A Amplifier (radio), LDC amplifier (400 W)
MODULE 5 7.5A BCM (comfort unit), SMK unit
WIPER FRT 1 10A Multi-function switch (steering column switch, wiper), BCM (washer motor power (Kia soul 2 washer fuse)).
HTD STRG 15A Steering wheel heating (steering wheel heating)
A / CON 1 7.5A Air supply control unit (manual, automatic, heater control unit, climate unit), ionizer, PTC relay coil, fan relay coil
HTD MIRR 10A Heated mirrors (outside mirror (heated), ECU (electrical load, glass heater), manual / automatic air control unit (heating signal)
T / GATE OPEN 15A Tailgate opening relay (tailgate lock motor), tailgate opening relay coil
S / HEATER FRT 20A Front Seat Extension Harness (Heater Power) (Heated Kia Soul 2 Front Seats)
DR LOCK 20A Door lock relay, door lock relay coil, door unlock relay coil, double lock relay, double lock relay coil
A / BAG IND 7.5A Instrument cluster (instrument panel)
MODULE 4 10A Interior mirror ECU, HLLD ECU (headlight range control) with automatic control
STOP LAMP 15A Hazard Switch (ESS Indicator Power), Brake Light ECU (Brake Light)
MODULE 7 10A Sport mode switch, (automatic transmission shift lock solenoid), ignition lock solenoid
S / HEATER RR 20A Rear seat (heater power) (heated rear seats)
P / WDW RH 25A Front right glass lifter switch (power), ECU anti-pinch glass lifters (power)
P / WDW LH 25A Front left glass lifter switch (power), ECU anti-pinch glass lifters (power)
MODULE 1 10A BCM (Comfort Unit), Driver Seat Extension Harness
BRAKE SWITCH 1 10A Brake light switch (ABC / ESC unit)
MODULE 2 10A Down Switch, Center Switch, TPMS Unit, Rear Parking Assist Sensor, Intelligent Parking Assist Sensor, Intelligent Parking Assist ECU, Air (Heater) Control Unit (Manual, Automatic), Out-of-Range Warning System lanes, brake light switch, water-in-fuel sensor
MODULE 3 10A Gear lever module, rear seat heater switch, rear seat heater, diagnostics, AVN 4.0 head unit (radio tape recorder), LDC amplifier (200 W), TMU, HLLD switch (headlight range control), HLLD (headlight range control) drive, level sensor oil, amplifier LDC (400 W)
ECU 7.5A ECU, air flow sensor, starter relay coil, SMK unit, SMARTRA immobilizer
IOD 2 15A LDC amplifier (200 W), audio system head unit (radio) / UVO / AVN 4.0, TMU
1.0.D 3 7.5A Relay for folding outside mirrors, winding relay for folding outside mirrors, relay for folding outside mirrors, winding relay for folding outside mirrors.
CLUSTER 10A Instrument cluster (instrument panel)
TCU 15A Speed ​​sensor (manual transmission), reversing light switch, oil pump inverter, lock switch, transmission control unit
IOD 4 7.5A OBDII diagnostic socket (power), TPMS unit (power), instrument cluster, air supply control unit (heater, climate unit) (manual, automatic), BCM (comfort unit), reverse parking assist buzzer
FOG LAMP RR 10A Rear fog lamp relay (rear Fog lamps relay)
SUNROOF 2 20A Electric motor (drive) of the upper hatch (power)
P / SEAT DRV 30A Front Seat Extension Harness (Power)
SUNROOF 1 20A Electric motor (drive) of the upper hatch (power supply)
MDPS 7.5A MDPS unit (electric power steering (EUR) control unit)
A / CON 2 7.5A Manual air supply unit (heater) (maximum fan speed), automatic air supply control unit (climate unit) (fan motor)
START 7.5A Engine Compartment Relay / Fuse Box (Relay - Start / Auxiliary Start) PDM
IOD 1 7.5A Glove box lamp (glove compartment light), door opening sensor, ceiling console lamp (ceiling lamp), individual lighting lamp, lamp in the sun visor, trunk lighting lamp (trunk lighting), portable lamp (door)
PDM 2 7,5А SMK block (battery CPU), SMARTRA immobilizer (battery)
PDM 1 20A SMK block (power supply)
BRAKE SWITCH 2 10A Brake light switch (normally open), SMK unit

The fuses designated as POWER OUTLET 1 and 2 are responsible for the operation of the cigarette lighter and additional sockets .

In the engine compartment

Primary fuse box

Located on the left side of the engine compartment.

Example of a diagram from a box cover with a designation.

Name Amp / Description
RR HTD 40A Rear window defogger relay
ECU 2 30A Main relay, main relay coil
ECU 3 15A ECU (electronic engine control unit) (behind the main relay)
IGN COIL 20A Ignition coil (power supply)
ECU 1 20A ECU (electronic engine control unit) (behind the main relay)
SENSOR 1 10A Brake Light Switch, (Normally Closed), O2 Sensor (Oxygen Sensor), Purge Control Solenoid Valve, OCV
SENSOR 2 10A CMP Cooling Fan Low Speed ​​Relay Coil
INJECTOR 10A Injectors (power supply)
B / UP LAMP 10A Rear combination lamp (reversing lamp (s))
WIPER 10A Steering column switch, ECU (wiper (wiper) switch)
F / PUMP 15 / 30A Fuel pump motor, fuel pump relay (fuel pump fuse)
HORN 15A Horn relay, horn relay coil, horn (horn fuse)
H / LAMP WASHER 20A Headlight washer relay, headlight washer relay coil, headlight washer motor (to turn off the headlight washer)
B + 1 50A Intelligent Junction Box (B + 1)
B + 2 50A Intelligent Junction Box (B + 2)
B + 3 50A Intelligent Junction Box (B + 3)
IG2 40A Ignition Switch (IG2), Start Button Relay (IG2), Starter Relay
MDPS 80A MDPS unit (EUR)
ALT 125A Generator
TCU 20A BUT (transmission control unit)
DEICER 20A De-icer (heated windshield, heated wiper zone)
ECU 4 15A ECU (direct communication with the battery)
ECU 5 15A ECU (direct communication with the battery)
A / CON 10A Air conditioner relay
C / FAN 40 / 60A Cooling fan motor, auxiliary fuel pump, auxiliary fuel valve
INVERTER 50A Oil Pump Inverter
ABS 1 40A ABS / ESC unit (electric motor)
ABS 2 30A ABS / ESC unit (electromagnet)

Additional block

Installed on models with a diesel engine. Here are the elements responsible for the operation of additional heating and glow plugs.

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