Fuses and relays Kia Sorento (XM), 2009 - 2014

The 2nd generation Kia Sorento was produced in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015. During this time, the model has been restyled. In this entry you will find a description of the fuses and relays of the Kia Sorento 2 with block diagrams and their locations. Note the cigarette lighter fuse.

in the engine compartment

Primary fuse box

Located on the left side of the engine compartment.

Type 1


Type 2



Additional block

Installed on models with diesel engines.


  • 30A Fuel filter heating
  • 80A Glow plugs
  • 50A Additional heating / heater

In the passenger compartment

Fuse box located under the dash on the driver's side behind the protective cover.

Photo - example.

Name Amp / Legend
MODULE 2 10A Adapter block headlight correction systems, headlight (left / right side), alternator, ECU for active hood lift, off brake light, headlight range control drive (left / right side.), off. headlight range control, electro chrome mirror. rear type (ECM), sensor. sist. pom. at the park. per. running (left / right side), sensor. sist. pom. at the park. per. running (left / right side) (center), lane departure warning module, auto. headlight range correction, instrument cluster, audiovisual. Goal. device with navigation, diesel engine: fuel filter water sensor, diesel unit (relay 1), glow plug relay unit
MODULE 1 7.5A Sport mode switch (gearshift lock solenoid), key lock solenoid
A / BAG IND 10A Instrument Cluster (IND.), Digital Clock
A / BAG 15A SRS control module, PODS module
START 7.5A E / R Fuse & Relay Box (Relay - Start, Auxiliary Start, Burglar Alarm), PDM
WIPER RR 15A ICM relay box (rear wiper relay), rear wiper motor, multifunction switch (wiper)
WIPER FRT 25A Fuse and relay box E / R (wiper relay (low)), front wiper motor, multifunction switch (wiper)
MODULE 3 10A Instrument cluster (clamp), A / C ECU, 4WD ECU, off ESC off DBC, pressure control module in tires, steering wheel angle sensor, ECU intel. sist. pom. when parking, main mirror. electric / glass, switch. electric / glass windows. doors pass., ECU teleinf. MOZEN systems (MTS), radar sist. detection of objects outside the zone of visibility of waters. (left / right side), rear dutch. help with the park. (left / right side), rear dutch. help with the park. (left / right side) (center), CCS ECU (climate control for seats) water / pass., seat heating module water / pass.
A / CON 7.5A Front A / C Control Module, Incar Active Sensor, Ionizer, ICM Relay Box (Rear A / C Relay) E / R Fuse and Relay Box (Blower Relay)
AMP 30A Amplifier
P / OUTLET 1 15A Power supply for the main console tunnel (socket, cigarette lighter )
P / OUTLET 2 20A Cigarette Lighter Socket
BLOWER RR 20A Rear air conditioner fan relay
P / WDW LH 25A Relay electric driver's lift glass, main switch lift glass, left rear lift glass switch, driver safety lift glass module
P / WDW RH 25A Relay right passenger lift glass, main switch lift glass Switch passenger lift glass, rear switch lift glass
DR LOCK 20A Door Lock / Unlock Relay, ICM Relay Box (Unlock Relay), Driver / Passenger Door Lock Actuator, Rear Door Lock Actuator Left / Right
SMART KEY 4 10A Start-stop button, electronic key ECU
S / HTR FRT 20A ECU CCS (climate control seats) water / pass., Seat heating module water / pass.
P / SEAT DRV 30A Driver's seat switch, driver's lumbar support switch
P / SEAT PASS 20A Passenger Seat Switch
HTD STRG 15A Steering wheel heating
F / LID 15A Off fuel hatch covers
MODULE 4 10A Audio system, audiovis. Goal. device with nav., ECU teleinf. MOZEN systems (MTS), amplifier, clock, switch. outside mirror with electric drive, main switch. electric / glass, switch. electric / glass windows. doors pass.
HTD MIRR 10A Outside power mirror driver / passenger (heated), front air conditioning control module
SMART KEY_1 25A control unit el. keys
SMART KEY_2 7.5A Control unit el. keys
SMART KEY_3 7.5A Control unit el. keys
S / HEATER RR 15A ICM relay box (rear left / right seat heater relay)
INTERIOR LAMP 10A Trunk lamp, sun lamp visor (left / right. Art.), ceiling console light, interior light, rear. lamp individual backlight (left / right. Art.), illuminated. lock lock and a door opening sensor, a lamp st. threshold from side. water / pass., lamp door water / pass
MEMORY 10A Tire Pressure Monitor Module, Tilt Control Unit, Ultrasonic Sensor, Instrument Cluster (B +), Diagnostic Connector, Clock, A / C ECU, Off front CCS (climate control for seats) (left / right side), off left seat heater (left / right side), siren ECU, IMS water module, main switch. electric / glass, switch. electric / glass windows. doors pass., switch. Power Outside Mirror, ICM Relay Box (Folding / Unfolding Mirror Relay)
The fuses designated as P / OUTLET are responsible for the cigarette lighter and additional sockets.
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