Fuses and relays Kia Sorento (BL), 2002 - 2009

The 1st generation Kia Sorento SUV was produced in 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009. During this time, Sorento 1 was restyled. In this publication you will find a description of the fuses and relays of the Kia Sorento 1 with block diagrams and their locations. Note the cigarette lighter fuse.

The purpose of the elements in the blocks may differ from the one presented and depends on the equipment level and the year of manufacture. Check the designation with your diagrams on the back of the protective cover.

In the passenger compartment

Fuse box located under the dashboard on the driver's side behind the protective cover.

Photo - example.

Type 1
Type 2
Name Amp / Description
W / SHD 15A Front heater relay
S / ROOF 20A Manhole block
START 10A Transfer range switch (only blood pressure), starter relay
HAZARD 15A Alarm lamp
P / SCK (CTR) 15A Central Power Outlet
CIGAR (FRT) 15A cigarette lighter
DRJOBD -II 10A OBD-II test connector, daytime running light
WIPER FRT 20A Front glass cleaner, front glass heater relay, fuel filter relay, sunroof unit
P / SCK FRT.RR 30A Front and rear power outlet
WIPER (RR) 10A Switch glass wiper and glass washer of the rear window, the unit of the rear glass of the wiper
ACC 10A Cigarette lighter relay, socket relay
RELAY COIL 10A Glass Heater, Cooling Fan Relay, Air Conditioner Relay, Headlight
TCCS 20A Transfer case control unit
FOG (RR) 15A Rear fog lamp (if equipped)
O / S MIRROR 10A Electric mirrors, control unit for folding external rear-view mirror
ROOM LAMP 10A Interior lighting of the cargo compartment, suspension bracket, central light, lamps, automatically switched on when the door is opened, illumination of the sun visor
S / WARMER 20A Heated front seats
PREMIUM AUDIO 30A Audio device
STOP LAMP 20A Parking light switch
TURN LAMP 10A Turn signals, rear headlamp control unit
A / BAG 10A Airbag control unit
METER 10A Instruments, reversing light, air conditioning control unit, AQS sensor, transmission range switch (A / T only), ECAT control unit (A / T only)
TRAILER 15A Trailer
ENGINE 10A Engine control unit, speed sensor, transfer case control unit
A signal relay, direction indicators, etc. can be mounted separately under the panel.

Blocks under the hood

The engine compartment contains two fuse and relay boxes.

Separate fuses or relays can be installed outside the units, for example the fuse for the air conditioner fan is located on the Sorento 1 with diesel engine behind the front bumper.

Main fuse box

Photo - example.

gasoline engine
diesel engine
Name Amp / Purpose of fuses
FUEL 15A Fuel pump relay
HORN 15A Signal relay
HEAD (HI) 15A Headlamp, cluster
HEAD (LO) 15A Headlight
H / LP WASH 20A Head lamp washer
H / BURN 20A Fuel cab heater
ECU 10A ECU for engine and automatic transmission, electric fan control system
02 (DN) 15A Rear oxygen sensor
02 (UP) 15A Front oxygen sensor
P / TRN 10A Main relay, generator
P / W (LH) 25A Electro control of left windows
P / W (RH) 25A Electric control of the right windows
DEF 25A Heater relay
MAIN 120A Generator
IGN1 40A Ignition key
IGN2 30A Starter relay, Ignition key
ABS 40A ABS control unit
F / BLW 30A Front fan relay
F / FOG 15A Front fog lamp relay
EXT 15A DRL, license plate illumination, side lights, direction indicators
Name Relay designation
INJECTOR 15A Engine control unit, EGR solenoid valve (if equipped), heater relay
BTN1 40A fuse ROOM 10A, TCCS fuse 20A, STOP fuse 15A, plug socket
BTN2 20A Rear fog light, Driver's seat electrically adjustable, Heated front seat
BTN3 40A W / SHD 15A, D / Lock. Hazard 15A, S / Roof 20A, OBD-II 10A, driver's seat fuse
(C / FAN2)
30A A / C Relay, Cooling Fan Relay (HI)
MEMORY 10A ETACS, cluster, ECAT control unit, air conditioner unit, multipurpose meter
AUDIO 20A fuse 10A memory unit, rear window wiper control unit, sound reproduction equipment
(EXT) 15A Fog lamp relay, license plate light, combination reversing light, side light
ILLUMI 10A DRL unit, Backlight, ignition box switch, cigarette lighter light, emergency switch, clock, cluster, multipurpose meter, electric window switch, rear heater switch, rear wiper glass switch and washer glass, sound reproduction equipment

Additional block

Installed on the Kia Sorento 1 model with a diesel engine.

An example of a diagram on the back of the block cover.
There are fuses and relays responsible for engine operation (GLOW - glow plugs, W / HTR - additional heater).

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