Fuses and relays Lincoln Navigator (U228; 2002-2006)

This material discusses in detail the fuse diagrams of the Lincoln Navigator (second generation / U228): 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 release.

Fuses #41, #39 and #37 are responsible for the power outletls and cigarette lighter.

In the passenger compartment

The fuse box is located under the right-hand side of the dashboard. For access pull the trim panel toward and swing it out away and remove it.

General view.

No. Description Amps
R01 Starter relay -
R02 Delayed accessory relay: CB401, Fuse #22, Power and Flip windows, Navigation module, Sunroof, Radio, DVD system (only 2003), Navigation antenna amp -
R03 Hi-beam headlamp relay -
R04 Heated outside mirrors and Rear window defroster -
R05 Trailer tow - battery charge -
R06 Front blower relay -
R201 Trailer tow - park lamp -
R202 Fog lamps relay -
R203 from 2005: PCM: PCM solenoids and sensors, Fuses 32 and 34
up to 2004: PCM: Fuses 32, 33, 34, PCM solenoids and sensors, Fuel pump
R301 Trailer tow - back-up lamp -
R302 from 2005: Heated PCV valve
up to 2004: Speed control module
R303 Fuel pump relay -
R304 Battery saver relay: Outside mirror puddle lamps, Instrument cluster - interior lamps, Vanity mirror lamps, Roof rail lamps, Map/Dome lamp, Cargo area lamp, Glove box lamp   -
R305 Horn relay -
1 up to 2004: Run/Accessory -  Front and Rear wiper motor, Instrument cluster, TPMS: Tire Pressure Monitor System 10 A
from 2005: Run/Accessory -  Front and Rear wiper motor, Instrument cluster  7,5 A
  • All Years: Stop lamps, Turn signal lamps Brake On/Off (stoplamp) switch, Hazard flasher and Turn signal, Center High-Mounted Stoplamp (CHMSL)
  • up to 2004: Advance Trac stop lamps relay
20 A
3 Memory module (logic power), Power mirror switch, Driver seat switch (memory) 7,5 A
4 Navigation module, Rear seat audio controls, DVD player 15 A
  • All Years: Brake Shift Interlock (BSI) solenoid, Brake On/Off (stoplamp) switch, PCM - keep alive power, EATC control head, Body Security Module - keep alive power, Speed control deactivation switch, 3rd row seat relay coils, Power liftgate module, SecuriLock LED, Clock
  • up to 2004: LSpeed control servo
7,5 A
  • All Years: Headlamp switch - parklamps and switch backlighting feed, License lamps, Parklamps, Floor console gear selector lighting, Foglamp relay coil, Trailer tow - electric brake controller illumination, Autolamp parklamps (BSM), Foglamp indicator
  • up to 2004: Switch backlighting module
15 A
7 up to 2004: Start signal - Radio 7,5 A
from 2005: Start signal - Radio 5 A
8 Heated outside mirrors, Rear window defroster switch, climate control head - Rear window defroster indicator 10 A
9 up to 2004: Fuel pump relay, shut-off switch and motor 15 A
from 2005: Transmission control module
10 Trailer tow back-up lamps relay, Trailer tow 7-wire connector (back-up lamps), Trailer tow parklamps relay, Trailer tow 7-and 4-wire connectors (parklamps) 20 A
  • All Years: 4x4 Integrated Wheel Ends (IWE) solenoid, A/C compressor - clutch relay and clutch solenoid
  • up to 2004: Air suspension compressor relay
10 A
12 up to 2004: Speed control - relay and servo 10 A
from 2005: Fuel pump - relay, shut-off switch, driver module and motor 15 A
  • up to 2004: A/C compressor thermistor
  • All Years: Rear window defroster relay coil, Trailer tow - battery charge relay coil, A/C refrigerant containment switch, DEATC/DATC - control head and solenoids, DEATC/DATC blower controller
  • from 2005: A/C de-icing switch, A/C low pressure switch
10 A
  • up to 2004: Digital Transmission Range Sensor (DTRS back-up lamps)
  • All Years: Trailer tow back-up lamps relay coil, Daytime Running Lamps (DRL) ignition relay coil, Elctrochromatic mirror
  • from 2005: Back-up lamps
10 A
15 Instrument cluster (Run/Start feed) / AdvanceTrac® switch 5 A
16 ABS/AdvanceTrac® (Run/Start feed) 10 A
17 Fog lamps 15 A
18 up to 2004: Climate controlled seat modules
All Years: Auxiliary A/C - temperature blend door actuator and front auxiliary control unit, Park brake release relay coils,  Electrochromatic mirror, Turn signal flasher, Auxiliary mode motor
10 A
19 RCM - Restraints Control Module 10 A
20 up to 2004: Air suspension module - air spring solenoids and height sensors / 4x4 module 30 A
from 2005: Liftgate glass release motor, Door/Liftgate lock motors, Left front window motor, BSM (door locks, liftgate glass release relay)
  • All Years: Interior (courtesy) lamps, Instrument cluster (B+), Park brake - release motor and release relays, Puddle lamps (outside mirrors)
  • up to 2004: TPMS module
15 A
22 Electronic Hidden Antenna Module (EHAM) antenna amplifier (navigation radio), Sunroof switch illumination, Flip window - switch, relays and motors, Left front window motor, Electronic Hidden Antenna Module (EHAM) antenna amplifier (navigation radio), Navigation module 10 A
23 Right headlamp low beam 10 A
  • All Years: Battery saver - relay coil and relay power, Interior demand lamps (glove box lamp, front map/dome lamps, trunk lamp, vanity mirror lamps, roof rail lamps)
  • from 2005: Heated PCV valve relay, Heated Positive Crankcase Ventilation (PCV) valve 
15 A
25 Left headlamp low beam 10 A
26 Horn 20 A
  • up to 2004: Overdrive cancel switch
  • All Years: Brake Shift Interlock (BSI) solenoid, Air suspension module (Run/Start), Reverse park aid system module, Compass module
5 A
  • up to 2004: Speed control relay coil
  • All Years: SecuriLock transceiver, PCM relay coil 
  • from 2005: Heated PCV valve relay coil
5 A
29 Trailer tow - 7-wire connector (electric brake) / Trailer tow - electric brake controller,   30 A
30 up to 2004: BSM (liftgate glass release relay, door locks), Left front power window, Liftgate glass release motor, Door/Liftgate lock motors 30 A
from 2005: PCM (4x4 transfer case clutch), Air suspension - height sensors, air spring solenoids 25 A
31 up to 2003: Subwoofer, Radio (B+),  Navigation, radio, audio amplifier 25 A
from 2004: Subwoofer, Radio (B+),  Navigation, radio, audio amplifier 20 A
32 up to 2004: Catalyst Monitor Sensors (CMS), Transmission solenoids 15 A
from 2005: 6–speed transmission (ignition sense), Catalyst Monitor Sensors (CMS), Canister vent solenoid, HEGO sensors,Vapor Management valve (VMV) solenoid, A/C compressor clutch relay coil, CMCV, VCT actuators
33 up to 2004: EGR vacuum regulator (EVR) solenoid, HEGO sensors, Canister vent solenoid, Intake Manifold Tuning valve (IMTV) solenoid, A/C compressor clutch relay coil, Vapor Management valve (VMV) solenoid 20 A
34 up to 2003: PCM, Idle Air Control (IAC) solenoid, Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensor, Fuel injectors, Fuel pump relay, Fuel pump shut-off switch, Fuel pump motor 20 A
2004: PCM, Idle Air Control (IAC) solenoid, Fuel injectors, Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensor 15 A
from 2005: PCM, Fuel injectors, Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensor
35 high beam indicator - cluster, High beam headlamps 20 A
36 Trailer tow - right turn signal and stop lamps 10 A
37 Trunk power outlet 20 A
38 Rear wiper motor, Rear Washer pump 25 A
39 Power outlet - Console 20 A
40 High beam relay coil, DRL relays, DRL foglamps, DRL headlamp relay coil, Headlamp switch (headlamps), Multifunction switch (flash-to-pass), BSM (autolamp headlamps relay), Fuse 25 (left headlamp low beam), Fuse 23 (right headlamp low beam) 20 A
41 Lincoln Navigator Cigarette lighter fuse, OBD2 connector 20 A
42 Trailer tow - left turn lamps/stop lamps 10 A
101 Starter - motor relay and motor solenoid 30 A
102 Ignition switch power 30 A
103 ABS/AdvanceTrac® module (pump motor) 30 A
104 LH 3rd row - seat relay, seat switch and seat motor 30 A
105 up to 2003: Power running boards control, Power liftgate module and liftgate motors 40 A
from 2004: Power running boards control, Power liftgate module and liftgate motors 30 A
106 Trailer tow 7-wire connector (battery charge) and Trailer tow battery charge relay 30 A
107 Auxiliary A/C - blower relay and blower motor 30 A
108 Passenger seat lumbar switch and motor and Passenger seat motor switch 30 A
109 Driver seat lumbar switch and motor, Power memory mirrors, Memory module, Adjustable pedals switch and motor 30 A
110 Power running boards 30 A
111 Air suspension compressor 50 A
112 ABS/AdvanceTrac® (valves) 30 A
113 Washer pump (windshield wash), Front wiper motor 30 A
114 Rear window defroster, Heated mirrors (Fuse #8) 40 A
  • up to 2004: 4x4 module
  • from 2005: Transfer case shift motor, 4x4 relays
30 A
116 Front blower motor 40 A
117 RH 3rd row - seat relay, seat switch, seat motor 30 A
118 Driver and passenger climate control seat unit 30 A
401 Circuit Breaker: Main window switch, Power windows (circuit breaker), Window switches, Window motors, Sunroof module 30 A
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