Fuses and relays Lincoln Navigator (UN173; 1997-1998)

This material discusses in detail the fuse diagrams of the Lincoln Navigator (first generation; un173): 1997, 1998 release.

Fuses #3 in the engine bay block and #10, #11 in the interior block are responsible for the cigar lighter and power outlets.

In the engine compartment

Location of the components:
1. Main fuse block,
2. Additional fuse panel,
3. Power fuse box.

Main fuse block

General view.

No. Description Amps
1 Flasher Relay (Turn/Hazard) 15 A
2 Redundant Steering Control Unit, Overhead Trip Computer (OTC), Instrument Cluster, Automatic Temperature Control (EATC) Unit, Clock 5 A
3 Lincoln Navigator Cigarette Lighter Fuse 25 A
4 Headlamps, Park Lamps, Remote Anti-theft Personality (RAP), Autolamp Unit, Memory Seat and Mirror, Power Mirror Switch, Memory Seat Switch, Driver Power Seat Control Switch 5 A
5 Speed Control Servo/Amplifier Assembly, Daytime Running Lamps (DRL) Module, Digital Transmission Range (DTR) Sensor, EATC Clutch Relay 15 A
6 Generic Electronic Module (GEM), Shift Lock Actuator, Compass Sensor, 4 Wheel Air Suspension 4WAS Module, Heated Grid Relay, Steering Wheel Rotation Sensor, Overhead Trip Computer (OTC) 5 A
7 Console Blower Motor / Auxiliary A/C Relay 5 A
8 Main Light Switch, Radio, Generic Electronic Module (GEM), Remote Anti-theft Personality (RAP), Ignition Switch, Clock 5 A
9 Empty
10 Empty
11 Wiper Run/Park Relay / Washer Pump Relay 30 A
12 DLC - Data Link Connector 5 A
13 Brake Pressure Switch / Brake On/Off (BOO) Switch 15 A
14 Interior Lamp Relay / Battery Saver Relay 15 A
15 SecuriLock and Generic Electronic Module (GEM) 5 A
16 Daytime Running Lamps (DRL), Instrument Cluster (W/O DRL), Hi-Beam Headlamps 20 A
17 Left and Right Power/Heated Signal Mirror / Heated Backlite Switch 10 A
18 Generic Electronic Module (GEM), Instrument panel Illumination, Main Light Switch, Park Lamp Relay, Trailer Electronic Brake Control, Left and Right Side Marker Lamps, Trailer Tow Running Lamp Relay, Front Park/Turn Lamps, Left and Right Stop/Park/Tum Lamp, Left and Right License Lamp 5 A
19 Air Bag Diagnostic Monitor, Instrument Cluster 10 A
20 Memory Seat and Mirror Module / 4 Wheel Air Suspension 4WAS Generic Electronic Module (GEM) 5 A
21 Junction Box Fuse/Relay Panel (Fuse #20) / Digital Transmission Range (DTR) Sensor 15 A
22 Ignition Switch and Air Bag Diagnostic Monitor 10 A
23 Auxiliary A/C Mode Actuator - A/C Control Module and A/C Blend Actuator Flasher Relay, Trailer Tow Battery Charge Relay, 4X2 and 4X4 Center Axle Disconnect Solenoid, Rear Integrated Control Panel, Electronic Day/Night Mirror 10 A
24 Automatic Temperature Control (ATC), Auxiliary A/C Relay, Console Blower Relay 10 A
25 4 Wheel Anti-Lock Brake System (4WABS) 5 A
26 Right Headlamp (Power supplied through Multi-Function Switch) and DRL - Daytime Running Lamps 10 A
27 Fog Lamp Relay / Main Light Switch 5 A
28 Left Headlamp 10 A
29 Instrument Cluster,  Autolamp Module, Transmission Control Switch (TCS) 5 A
30 SecuriLock, Radio Noise Capacitor, Coil on Plugs, PCM Power Diode, PCM Power Relay 30 A
31 Empty

Additional fuse panel

Located near the main fuse box.

1 PCM - Powertrain 5 A
2 Trailer Turn Lamps and Tow Stop Lamp 20 A
3 Compact Disc Changer, Audio Rear Integrated Control Panel (RICP), Radio 10 A
4 Running Board Lamps 10 A
5 Subwoofer and Audio System Amplifier 20 A
6 Empty

Power fuse box

Located near the battery.

1 Megafuse - Power Network Box   175 A
2 Megafuse - Alternator   175 A
3 Field Minifuse - Alternator   20 A

In the passenger compartment

Fuse box located to the left and below of the steering wheel, behind the plastic cover.

General view.

No. Description Amps
1 Trailer Tow: Backup Lamp Relay and Running Lamp Relay 20 A
2 Air Bags Diagnostic monitor 10 A
3 Driver’s Unlock Relay, All Lock / Unlock Relay 30 A
4 Air Suspension Service Switch 15 A
5 Horn Relay 20 A
6 Rear Integrated Control Panel, Radio, CD Changer, Premium Audio Amplifier, Sub-Woofer power 30 A
7 Park Lamp Relay, Main Light Switch  15 A
8 Headlamp Relay, Main Light Switch, Multi-Function Switch 30 A
9 Fog Lamp Relay, DRL - Daytime running lamps 15 A
10 I/P Auxiliary 12V Power Outlet 25 A
11 Auxiliary 12V Power Outlet - Console 25 A
12 Rear Wiper Up/Down Motor Relay 10 A
13 A/C Relay - Auxiliary 30 A
14 4WABS - 4 Wheel Anti-Lock Brake System 60 A
15 Air Suspension Solid State Compressor Relay 50 A
16 Trailer Tow - Left and Right Turn Relay, Trailer tow - battery Charge Relay, fuse #2 in mini block   40 A
17 Torque on Demand Relay / Transfer Case Shift Relay 30 A
18 Memory Seat Module 30 A
19 Lincoln Navigator Fuel Pump Relay 20 A
20 Ignition Switch 50 A
21 50 A
22 Junction Box Fuse/Relay Panel Battery Feed 50 A
23 I/P Blower Relay 40 A
24 PCM Power Relay, Powertrain Control Module, fuse #1 - Mini Fuse Block 30 A
25 ACC Delay Relay, Junction Box Fuse/Relay Panel (Circuit Breaker) 30 A
26 Passenger Power Seat Control Switch 30 A
27 Heated Grid Relay, Junction Box Fuse/Relay Panel 40 A
28 Trailer Electronic Brake Control 30 A
29 Vent Window/Sunroof, RPO Relay Block 30 A
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