Fuses and relays Mercedes-Benz E-class (W210 / S210; 1995 - 2003)

Mercedes-Benz W210 is the second generation of the E-class executive passenger cars of the German automaker. It replaced the W124 model and was produced from 1995 to 2003. The car was available in sedan body through 2002 and station wagon through 2003. In this article we will understand in detail fuse box diagrams Mercedes W210 / S210 (2nd Gen; E-Class) 1995, 1996, 1996, 1997, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 years of manufacture.

general view of the car
Here you will find the locations and photos of the mounting blocks. Also, we will separately mark the fuses responsible for the cigarette lighter.

In the engine compartment

Location of the fuse box in the engine compartment of the car
It is located on the left side of the underhood, behind the protective cover. This fuse box consists of two panels #1 and #2.

Fuse panel #1

General view.

No. Description A
F1 Cigarette lighter fuse mercedes w210 (via ignition switch), ashtray light - 05/99 15
F2 Cigarette lighter (via ignition switch), ashtray lighting - 06/99 15
F3 Combination switch (dipped beam, high beam, windshield wiper/washer, rear window washer), duffel box illumination lamp 15
F4 Air conditioning/heating system, clock, headlight warning buzzer, steering wheel position sensor (06/99) 10
F5 Alarm (with trailer) - 02/970 15
F6 Cigarette lighter (from battery) - 05/99 15
F7 Instrument panel, air conditioning / heating system, relay box (engine compartment) 15
F8 Air conditioning / heater control unit - 02/97 7.5
F9 Steering column lock - 03/97 15
F10 Rear window cleaner / washer - 02/97 7.5
F11 Audio / navigation system, rear interior lighting, power seat (03/97), power connector for optional equipment (luggage compartment) - station wagon 15
F12 Rear window wiper (select models), seat heaters, seat belt drive (comfort), sun blind 10
F13 Audio / navigation system, SRS system, control unit (in case of accident) 10
F14 Infrared central locking receiver, multifunction control unit, parking system- -^02/97 7.5
F15 Automatic transmission control system, variable valve timing actuator(s) (engine 111), diagnostic connector, fuel vapor recovery system (gasoline), glow plug control unit, headlight corrector - 02/97 15
F16 Electric door mirrors, inside rear view mirror, windshield washer nozzle heaters - 02/97 15
F17 Infrared receiver. Central locking system, steering wheel position sensor -^02/97 10
F18 Door function control unit, driver's side (rear) (power window elevator, door position lamp / door aperture illumination lamp) - 03/97-> 20
F19 Speed maintenance system, ignition coils, oil cooler - some models 10
F20 Cooling Fan Motor - some Models 30
F22 Multifunction control box - some models 30
F23 Rain sensor, telephone 7.5
F24 -  
F25 Additional heater 20
F26 -  

Fuse panel #2

General view.

No. Decryption A
F39 Engine oil cooler fan motor 30
F40 Horn (beep) 10
F41 Multifunctional control unit 15
F42 Heater and windshield washer nozzles 7.5
F43 Windshield washers 7.5
F44 Windshield wiper 40
F45 Headlight washers 30
No. Relay
1 ABS pump
2 Windshield wiper motor
3 Oil Cooler Fan Motor Relay
4 Headlight washer pump
5 Windshield wiper motor
6 Windshield washer pump
7 Horn relay

In the passenger compartment

Here there are two units responsible for the protection of the vehicle's electrical circuits.

Fuse box #1

Location of the fuse box in the passenger compartment
In the left end of the dashboard there are fuses that are responsible for the exterior lighting. To open the cover, simply turn the 3 locking screws.

General view of the Mercedes-Benz W210 / S210 interior fuse box.

No. Description A
1 Not occupied  
2 Brake light, Tempomat 15
3 Right high beam, high beam control 7.5
4 Reverse light, warning light, rear wiper, mirror shielding 15
5 High beam left 7.5
6 Dipped beam on the right 15
7 Parking and tail light on the right 7.5
8 Dipped beam on the right 15
9 Fog light 15
10 Parking and tail light on the left 7.5
11 License plate illumination, combined instrument illumination 7.5
12 Rear fog light 7.5

Fuse box #2

Location of the additional fuse box in the passenger compartment
The other cabin unit, is located under the rear right seat, near the battery.

General view.

No. Appointment A
1 Rear window elevator (via central control unit) 30
2 Rear window elevator (via central control unit) 30
3 Lights (via the central control unit) 15
4 Lift-and-slide sunroof 25
5 Central door locking system, horn (beep), radio, CD changer 25
6 Rear door locking device 20
7 Memory device for steering column and mirror adjustment 30
8 Seat adjustment front left 25
9 Seat adjustment front right 25
10 Refrigerator, interior protection 10
11 BAS Targeting, video recorder, audio system 10
12 Trailer 25
13 Seat adjustment front right 25
14 Seat adjustment front right 25
15 BAS Phone 7.5
16 BAS Acoustic system 25
17 not occupied  
18 Front seat heating 20
19 Heated rear window, anti-theft system 40
20 not occupied  
R1 -  
R2 -  
R3 -  

All electrical equipment

General layout of the electronic components of the Mercedes W210.
1. Air conditioner control unit - in the heater control panel;
2. Antenna signal amplifier - under the rear shelf;
3. Anti-theft system control unit (combined with vacuum pump) - under the rear seat;
4. Vehicle tilt sensor (anti-theft system) - under the rear seat;
5. Anti-theft alarm system buzzer (1997);
6. Antitheft alarm horn (1998) - behind the wheel arch.;
7. Volume change sensor (anti-theft system), left (some models) - center pillar;
8. Volume change sensor (anti-theft system), right (some models) - center pillar;
9. Volume change sensors (anti-theft system) (some models);
10. Audio output amplifier;
11. Auxiliary heater control unit;
12. Battery pack - under the rear seat;
13. Central locking control unit (infrared);
14. Central locking signal sensor (infrared) - in the inside rearview mirror;
15. Control unit (in case of emergency) (c TELE AlD) - left side of luggage compartment;
16. Diagnostic connector (DLC) 1;
17. Diagnostic connector (DLC) 2 (2001);
18. Door electrical control unit, driver's side(03/97^);
19. Door electrical control unit, driver's side (rear) (03/97^);
20. Electrical control unit for door, passenger side (03/97);
21. Electrical control unit for door, passenger side (rear) (03/97);
22. Power window control unit - in the center console switch block;
23. Fuse box, passenger compartment in the instrument panel;
24. Fuse box, engine compartment 1;
25. Fuse box, engine compartment 2;
26. Fuse box/relay box, in the passenger compartment under the rear seat;
27. Headlamp control unit, left (models with xenon headlamps);
28. Headlamp control unit, right (models with xenon headlamps);
29. Headlamp corrector control unit (models with xenon headlamps);
30. Horns - behind the front bumper;
31. Ignition switch control unit;
32. Electronic immobilizer control unit - integrated with the ignition switch control unit;
34. Lighting control unit - in the headlight switch;
35. Multifunction control unit 1 (02/97) - functions: Central locking, power windows, sunroof (central locking system) - (03/97), emergency alarm, rear window heater, turn indicators, steering column adjustment mechanism actuator, windshield wipers;
36. Multifunction control unit 2(03/97) - functions: Interior lighting lamps, sunroof, cosmetic mirror illumination lamps;
37. Navigation system control unit - in the audio system unit;
38. Ambient air temperature sensor;
39. Parking system control unit (06/99);
40. Parking system control unit (07/99);
41. Rain sensor - in the interior rearview mirror;
42. Relay box 1 - includes: ABS relay, engine management system relay, cooling fan motor relay, fuel pump relay, exhaust air pump relay, throttle control relay (^02/97);
43. Relay box 2- includes: Exhaust air pump relay, starter relay, overload/overvoltage surge protection (ABS) relay (03/97);
44. Left front seat power control unit;
45. Control unit for the electric drive of the right front seat;
46. Control unit for heated seat, front. - in the switch unit;
47. Seat heating control unit, rear - under the rear seat;
48. Side impact sensor, left - some models, under front seat;
49. Side impact sensor, left - some models, under the rear seat;
50. Side impact sensor, right - some models, under front seat;
51. Side impact sensor, right - some models, under rear seat;
52. SRS electronic control unit;
53. Steering column lock control unit;
54. Body height sensor, front (models with xenon headlamps);
55. Body height sensor, rear (models with xenon headlamps);
56. Telephone interface module (06/98) - left-hand side of luggage compartment;
57. Telephone interface control unit (06/98)- left-hand side of luggage compartment;
59. Electronic gearbox control unit;
60. Gearshift control unit - automatic transmission selector lever;
61. Voice activation system unit - left-hand side of the luggage compartment.

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