Fuses and relays Opel / Vauxhall Astra K (B16; 2015 - 2023)

Astra K - was introduced in September 2015. Sales started in July 2016. In China it is sold as Buick Verano, in the UK it is known under the Vauxhall brand, and in Australia and New Zealand as Holden Astra. In this article we will understand in detail fuse box diagrams Opel / Vauxhall Astra K (fifth generation; platform B16) 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023 years of manufacture.

Here you will find the locations and photos of the mounting blocks. Also, we will separately mark the fuses responsible for the cigarette lighter and the fuel pump.

In the engine compartment

The fuse and relay box is located on the left side. To access it, remove the protective cover.

General view.

No. Description Amps
K01 KR27 - Starter relay; Starter M64
K02 Air conditioner compressor clutch relay KR29; Air conditioner compressor clutch Q2
K03 Engine management system ignition relay
K04 Sensor supply voltage relay
K05 KR27C - Starter gear solenoid drive relay; Starter M64
  • KR22 - Fuel heater relay;
  • E11A - Fuel heater / water in fuel sensor (LVK; LWQ; LWV)
K07 Spare
K08 Spare
K09 KR121/K115- Reagent control module relay
K10 KR23A - Fuel pump relay; G12 - Fuel pump relay
K11 Spare
K12 Right dipped beam headlights - KR49R
K12 High beam relay - KR48
K13 Left dipped beam headlights - KR49L
K14 Main ignition relay
K15 KR5 - Rear de-icer relay
Maintenance free relay board (PCB)
K16 KR3 - Horn relay
K17 Sensor 2 supply voltage relay KR196B; Reductant control module K115
K18 Front fog lamp relay KR46
K19 Auxiliary coolant pump relay KR31
K19 K19 - KR196C Sensor supply voltage relay 3 (fuel pump drive control module K111, exhaust particulate matter sensor B136, nitrogen oxide sensor 1 B195A, nitrogen oxide sensor 2 B195B (LVL))
K20 Spare
K21 KR6 rear window washer pump relay
K22 Windshield washer pump relay
K23 Rear wiper relay KR7
F1 KR27 - Starter relay 30
F2 Starter gear solenoid relay KR27C 40
  • Heated oxygen sensor 1 B52A (LE1; LE2; LFE; LV7; LWC)
  • Engine control module K20 (LV7)
  • Exhaust gas cleaning solenoid valve Q12 (LE1; LE2; LFE; LV7; LWC)
  • Engine coolant thermostat heater E41 (LE1; LE2; LWC)
  • Coolant pump clutch Q56 (LE1)
  • Exhaust gas recirculation system cooler by-pass solenoid valve Q47 (LVK)
  • Piston cooler nozzle solenoid valve Q45 (LVK; LVL; LWQ; LWV)
  • Engine oil pressure control solenoid valve Q44
  • Turbocharger exhaust flap control solenoid valve Q42 (LE1; LE2; LFE; LWC)
  • Q40 Turbocharger exhaust flap solenoid valve (LE1; LE2; LFE; LWC)
  • M98 intake manifold operating valve actuator (LVK; LVL)
F4 K20 - Engine control module 25
  • M96 - Active radiator air damper actuator (VRI)
  • KR31 - Auxiliary coolant pump relay (LWC)
F6 K71 - Transmission control module (MJA) 20
F7 Spare 10
  • K103 - Fuel injector control module (LFE)
  • K20 - Engine control module (LFE; LV7; LWC)
F9 Air conditioning compressor clutch relay KR29 10
F10 Spare 10
F11 station wagon with TC2:
  • Hands-Free control module with rear door sensor K171
  • Rear door control module K39
F12 Q51D/Q51P - Seat lumbar support valve assembly (AVK; AVU) 10
F13 KR31 - Auxiliary coolant pump relay 7.5
F14 Spare 5
F15 Diesel Engine 15A / Other Engines 10A:
  • Automatic transmission accumulator solenoid valve B280 (MNU with KL9)
  • Multifunctional intake air sensor B75C (without diesel engine)
  • Heated oxygen sensor 2 B52B
  • Heated oxygen sensor 1 B52A (LVK; LVL; LWQ; LWV)
10 / 15
F16 Diesel Engine 7.5A / Other Engines 15A:
  • K103 Fuel Injector Control Module (LFE)
  • Fuel injectors: 1-Q17A; 2-Q17B; 3-Q17C; 4-Q17D (LV7)
  • K20 - Engine Control Module (Diesel / LE1 / LE2 / LFE / LWC)
  • Ignition coils 1-T8A; 2-T8B; 3-T8C; 4-T8D (LE1/LE2/LFE/LV7/LWC)
7.5 / 15
F17 K20 - Engine control unit (without LV7) 15
F18 Spare 5
F19 Spare 10
F20 Spare 40
F21 Spare 30
F22 Electronic Brake Control Module K17 50
  • Windshield washer pump relay KR11
  • Rear window washer pump relay KR6
F24 Spare 25
F25 KR22 - Fuel heater relay (LVK; LWQ; LWV) 30
F26 K71 Transmission Control Module (MJA) 40
F27 Rear door control module K39 (estate with TC2) 40
F28 Spare 30
  • Left rear window noise filter R14L (US3)
  • Rear heater grille E18
F30 Spare 7.5
F31 Spare 7.5
  • K111 Fuel Pump Driver Control Module (LE1 / LE2 / LFE / LWC / LWQ / LWV)
  • Additional electric heater E40 (C32)
  • P43 Collision Warning Indicators (UEU)
  • Power transformer T19 (KL9)
  • Shift lever S3 (MJA)
  • K33 HVAC Control Module
F33 Spare 10
F34 P12 - Horn (beep) 15
F35 X80C - Auxiliary power outlet - truck (station wagon) 20
F36 10A (T4A) / 15A (T4L):
  • E67R Multi-function LED - right headlight (T4L)
  • E4F Headlight - right high beam (T4A)
10 / 15
F37 High beam left - headlight E4E (T4A) 10
F38 Headlight control unit K26 (T4L) 5
F39 Right front fog lamp E29RF (T3U); Left front fog lamp E29LF (T3U) 15
F40 K56 - Serial Data Gateway Module   5
F41 Coolant pump coupling Q56 (diesel); Fuel heater/water in fuel sensor (diesel) E11A 7.5
  • Headlight switch S30 (TR6)
  • Right high beam actuator M29R (TR6)
  • Left high beam control actuator M29L (TR6)
F43 Fuel pump relay KR23A (LV7; LVK; LVL; LWQ; LWV) 20
  • X80G auxiliary socket on the dashboard
  • Trailer light control module K68 (VQ9)
  • Interior rear view mirror A10 (DD8)
  • Rear view camera B87 (UVC)
F45 Left headlight range control drive M29L (T4L) 15
F46 Instrument cluster P16 5
F47 K60 Steering Column Lock Module (BTM) 15
F48 KR7 - Rear wiper relay 20
  • A9B Outside rear view mirror - passenger side (DWE; DWF)
  • A9A Outside rearview mirror - driver's side (DWE; DWF)
F50 M29R High beam control actuator - right (T4L) 15
F51 Multifunction LED E67L - left headlight (T4L) 15
  • K103 Fuel injector control module (LFE)
  • K20 engine control module
  • T12 automatic transmission assembly (MNP; MNU)
  • K71 Transmission control module (MJA)
  • Q8 Solenoid control valve assembly (M2D)
F53 KR121 - Gearbox control module relay 30
F54 Wiper Motor Module (M79) 30
F55 Spare 30
F56 Spare 7.5
F57 Spare 15
1 Starter M64 (F6UB) 500
5 Engine control unit K20 - LVK; LVL; L.W.Q.; LWV (F5UB) 80
6 Power steering control module - NJ0; NJ1 (F4UB) 80
7 E40 - Additional electric heater C32 (F3UB) 100
8 G10 - Cooling fan motor (F2UB) 80
Diagnostic test points for relays on the printed circuit board.
TP19-1 KR31 - auxiliary coolant pump relay
TP21 KR6 - Rear window washer pump relay
TP22 Windshield washer pump relay (KR11)
TP23 KR7 - Rear wiper relay

Additional fuses are located near the battery.


  • F1 - Fuel pump fuse;
  • F2 - Engine control module;
  • F3 - Power supply

In the passenger compartment

It is located in the center of the instrument panel, behind the plastic cover. If there is a power connector in the protective cover, it must be removed using an adapter and a screwdriver.

General view of the Opel / Vauxhall Astra K interior fuse box.

No. Purpose
1 2019-2023: Heated rear seats (only for vehicles without audible alarm)
2 Climate control system, fan
3 Power driver's seat
4 2015–2018: Front cigarette lighter socket Opel Astra K; 2019-2023: Power passenger seat
5 ABS system
6 Front power windows
7 2015-2019: ABS system
8 Heated steering wheel
9 Body electrical control unit
10 Rear power windows
11 Sunroof
12 Body electrical control unit
13 Heated seats (only on vehicles without audible alarm)
14 Exterior mirrors 
15 Body electrical control unit
16 Body electrical control unit
17 Body electrical control unit
18 Body electrical control unit
19 Data link connector
20 Airbag system
21 Climate control system
22 Central locking system, rear door
23 Electronic key system
24 Power seat memory function
25 Steering wheel with airbag system
26 Ignition switch and steering column lock
27 Body electrical control unit
28 USB power connector
29 2019-2023: Front cigarette lighter socket Opel Astra K / 2015–2018: Spare
30 Gear selector lever
31 Rear window wiper
32 Transmission control unit
33 Sound alarm, anti-theft alarm
34 USB port, side blind spot warning, parking assist, infotainment system
35 OnStar system
36 CD player, instrument cluster, information display
37 Information and multimedia system, radio

In the trunk

It is located behind the trim on the left side.

No. Purpose
F1 Empty
F2 2015-2018: DC/AC inverter
F3 Trailer module
F4 2015-2018: Power passenger seat
F5 Empty
F6 2015-2018: Long-range warning module
F7 Empty
F8 Empty
F9 2015-2018: Heated rear seats (on vehicles without audible alarms)
F10 2015-2019: Service
F11 Amplifier
F12 Heated front seats (on vehicles with audible alarms)
F13 Rear seat heating (on vehicles with audible alarm)
F14 Ignition
F15 Seat ventilation
F16 Trailer socket
F17 Trailer socket
F18 Empty
F19 Empty
F20 Empty
F21 Rear seats with electric folding mechanism
F22 Electrically operated tailgate
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