Fuses and relays Saab 9-3 (1998 - 2003)

Saab 9-3 is a mid-size car produced from 1998 to 2014. A distinctive feature is the use of turbocharged engines in most production cars and positioning in the premium segment compared to the platform "donor". The basis is the platform of the Opel Vectra A car. In this article we will understand in detail fuse box diagrams Saab 9-3 (first generation) 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 years of manufacture.

Here you will find the locations and photos of the mounting blocks. Also, we will separately mark the fuses responsible for the cigarette lighter and the fuel pump.

In the engine compartment

Component arrangement:
1. Main unit;
2. Power fusible links.

Fuse box (1)

Access example.

No. Description Amps
A Dipped beam relay
B High beam relay
C1 Additional heater
C2 Vacuum pump (Turbo)
D Engine cooling fan (low speed)
E Lamp test system
F1 Empty
F2 Empty
G1 horn relay
G2 Front fog lights
H Empty
I Engine Cooling Fan (High Speed)
J Air conditioning compressor
1 Horn (beep) 10 A
2 Front fog lights 15 A
3 Engine cooling fan (slow speed) 40 A
4 Vacuum pump 10 A
5 Air conditioning compressor 15 A
6 Dipped beam (Left headlight) 10 A
7 Dipped beam (Right headlight) 10 A
8 High beam (Left headlight) 10 A
9 High beam (Right headlight) 10 A
10 Headlight cleaners 7.5 A
11 Headlight corrector 10 A
12 Additional lighting (rear fog lamps) -
13 APC 7.5 A
14 Auxiliary heater, water pump 10 A
15 Additional heater 15 A
1M Engine Cooling Fan (Fast Speed) 30 A
2M ABS system 50 A

Fuse links (2)

Located near the plus terminal of the battery.

No. Description Amp
1 fuse numbers: 1, 4, 13, 23, 25, 33, 34 in the passenger compartment block 60 A
2 Engine control box relay, starter relay, Dipswitch, fuse numbers: 2, 5, 12, 16, 27, 27, 28, 35, 37, 39, C in the passenger compartment 60 A
3 Ignition lock 60 A
4 60 A
5 Electric roof folding (convertible body) 60 A

In the passenger compartment

Here there are four units responsible for the protection of the vehicle's electrical circuits.

Fuse box

It is located on the driver's side at the end of the dashboard. It can be accessed by removing the cover plate.

Access example.

No. Purpose Amps
A Trailer connector -
B Brake lamps (trailer) 10 A
C Interior fan, automatic climate control 30 A
1 Heated rear window, heated mirrors 30 A
2 Turn indicators, body electronics module (DICE) 20 A
3 Cabin fan, heating and ventilation module 30 A
4 Interior lighting, trunk lighting, illumination control panel, electric antenna drive 15 A
5 Electricright seat 30 A
6 Cigarette lighter fuse Saab 9-3 30 A
6B Transmission Control Module (TCM) 7.5 A
7 Rear windows, sunroof, power mirrors 30 A
8 Heated rear window 15 A
9 Automatic climate control control panel 7.5 A
10 Horn (beep) 10 A
11 Body Electronics Unit (DICE/TWICE) 7.5 A
12 Brake light bulbs, front fog light 20 A
13 Audio system, diagnostic connector (DLC) 15 A
14 Front power windows, power folding roof (convertible) 30 A
15 Daytime running lights (DRL) 20 A
16 Electric left seat 30 A
16B Engine Control Module (ECM) 30 A
17 Engine control module (ECM), body electronics module (DICE/TWICE), instrument cluster (MIU), driver's seat memory, telephone, cruise control, trip computer (SID) 15 A
18 Safety Airbags (SRS) 10 A
19 ABS, rear fog light, air conditioning 10 A
20 Heated front seats 20 A
21 Mechanical climate control, electric folding roof (convertible) 10 A
22 Cruise control system, direction indicators, body electronics unit (DICE) 15 A
23 Telephone, power folding roof (convertible) 20 A
24 Audio system 7.5 A
25 Central locking, gas tank hatch lock, audio system amplifier 30 A
26 Engine Control Module (ECM), Ignition Coil 30 A
27 Automatic climate control, high beam switch 15 A
28 Engine Control Module (ECM) 10 A
29 Position lamps on the right side, license plate illumination 10 A
30 Position lamps on the left side 10 A
31 Wiper, reversing lamps, headlight corrector 20 A
32 Fuel pump fuse 15 A
33 Heated rear seats 15 A
34 On-board computer (SID), transmission control module (TCM) 10 A
35 Instrument cluster, interior lighting, body electronics unit (DICE/TWICE) 15 A
36 Starter relay 10 A
37 Fuel filter heating (diesel) 15 A
38 Oxygen sensor 25 A
Oxygen sensor, diesel pump 15 A
39 Transponder 5 A

Main relay box

Located under the dashboard on the driver's side.

No. Description
A Heated rear seats
B Reversing lamps (automatic transmission)
C1 Diesel: Pre-heater
Limp-Home valve
C2 Trunk lid lock actuator
D1 Rear wiper
D2 Window washer pump
E Ignition lock
F Empty
G Windshield wiper
H Heated rear window
I Fuel pump relay
J Empty
K Starter
L engine control unit

Additional relay blocks

Placed behind the rear door trim panels.

Block No. 1
R1 Rear window elevator, right
R2 Fifth Hoop
R3 Front window elevator, right
Block No. 2
R1 Rear window elevator, left
R2 Hydraulic roof folding pump
R3 Front window elevator, left

All electrical equipment

General layout of electronic components.

1. Air conditioner control module;
2. Air conditioner and heater fan control module - on the heater;
3. SRS control module - center console, rearward;
4. SRS side sensor, driver's side - door;
5. SRS side sensor, passenger side - door;
6. Glass break sensor (anti-theft system) - convertible top - interior light bulb;
7. Glass break sensor (anti-theft system) - sedan - interior light bulb;
8. Vehicle tilt sensor (anti-theft system) - center console, rear console;
9. Anti-theft alarm system buzzer - under the left front fender;
10. Central locking/anti-theft alarm sensor - center console, rear;
11. Audio system output amplifier - center console, rear;
12. Battery;
13. Roof folding control module;
14. Speed control module (cruise control);
15. Diagnostic connector (DLC) - under the steering column;
16. Underhood fuse box;
17. Power fuses;
18. Fuse box in the passenger compartment;
19. Main passenger compartment relay box;
20. Additional relay box, rear 1 - under the left rear side window;
21. Additional relay box, rear 2 - under the right rear side window;
22. Horn;
23. Multifunction control unit 1 - functions: Air conditioning system, cooling fan motor, headlights, fog lights, door mirror heater, turn signal indicators/emergency lights, rear window heater, interior lamps, rear fog lights, rear window wiper, illuminated switches, windshield wipers;
24. Multifunction control unit 2 - under the left front seat - functions: central locking, seat heater, immobilizer, bulb check system, anti-theft system, seatbelt warning system,;
25. Outside temperature sensor - behind the front bumper;
26. Seat adjustment control unit - under the seat;
27. Transmission control unit - behind the duffel box.

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