Fuses and relays BMW 7 Series (E65/E66, 2001 - 2008)

E65 / E66 - factory index of the fourth generation of the 7th series BMW, produced from 2001 to 2008. In seven years, about 330,000 cars were produced. In this material, we will analyze in detail the fuse diagrams of the BMW 7 series (730d, 730i, 735i, 740d, 740i, 745d, 750i, 760LH, 760i) of the 4th generation in e65 (e66, e68) bodies 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 release.

general view of the car
Here you will find the locations and photos of the mounting blocks. Separately, we note the fuses responsible for the cigarette lighter and fuel pump.

In the trunk

Installation location of the fuse box in the luggage compartment of the car
The block is located on the right side behind the casing; to access it, you need to remove the panel.

General form.

Assigment of fuses in the trunk block
No. Decryption A
F51 Windshield defroster relay 15
F52 Fridge 15
F53 Reserve 5
F54 Control module for central locking and engine start remote control system 5
F55 Rear seat heating control module 30
F56 Power front seats 30
F57 Reserve 15
F58 Right front door electrical control module 30
F59 Parking brake control module 5
F60 Right rear door electrical control module 30
F61 Parking brake control module 30
F62 Active Suspension Compressor 30
F63 Sunroof electric control unit 20
F64 empty -
F65 Radio 30
F66 Trailer electrical connector 20
F67 empty -
F68 empty -
F69 empty -
F70 empty -
F71 empty 5
F72 Suspension control unit 7.5
F73 Fuel module (fuel pump fuse) 15
F74 empty -
F75 Heated seats 30
F76 Navigation system / DVD 10
F77 Seat conditioning 5
F78 Heated seats 30
F79 Phone 10
F80 empty -
F81 Trunk lid opening/closing drive control unit 50
F82 empty -
F83 Reserve 40
F84 empty -

In the cabin

Location of the fuse box in the passenger compartment.
The mounting block is located behind the glove compartment.

Access example.

General form.

BMW E6 Cabin Fuse Diagram
No. Decryption Amps
F1 Additional heater 20
F2 Antenna Motor 5
F3 Body control unit 30
F5 center console 7.5
Information display 7.5
Rear information display 7.5
phone 7.5
F6 CD changer
F7 Speed ​​control system 7.5
F8 dynamic drive 10
F9 Tire pressure monitoring system 5
F10 Air conditioning electronic control unit 15
F11 Rear information display 7.5
F12 Steering column electrical control unit 20
F13 empty -
F14 suspension system 15
F15 Security and gateway module 15
driver's seat 15
passenger seat 15
F16 empty -
F17 Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) 5
Light switch module 5
F18 Headlight range control unit
F19  Left rear door electrical control unit 30
F20 Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) 25
F21 Left front door electrical control unit 30
F22 transmission control unit 15
F23 Power front seats 30
F24 Night vision control unit 10
F25 empty
F26 empty
F27 empty
F28 Instrument cluster control unit 15
F29 Diagnostic connector (DLC) 7.5
F30 Electronics Box (E-box) Cooling Fan / Starter Relay / Fuel Heater Relay / Energy Saving Relay 10
F31 cigarette lighter fuse 20
F32 Charging connector(s) 20
F33 Dashboard 7.5
F34 Audio amplifier 5
F35 windshield wiper 40
F36 Light module 50
F37  Air conditioner/heater fan motor control unit 40
F39 ABS / ABS system 50
F40 Integrated control unit 60
F41 Fuel Heater Relay (Diesel) 50
F42 Ignition lock control unit 50
F43 BMW e65 cigarette lighter 50
F44 Light module 50

In the underhood space

The location of the fuses and relays in the engine compartment of the car
The block is located on the right side behind a plastic cover. It has several variations depending on the configuration.

Type 1
No. Decryption Amps
1 Ignition coils 1 - 3 30
Ignition coils 4 - 6
2 camshaft valve 30
Idle drive
fuel tank harness
variable valve timing
3 Mass flow meter 20
crankshaft position sensor
Camshaft sensor
MAP-controlled engine cooling thermostat
4 Oxygen sensor on catalytic converter 30
Sequential gearbox
5 Injector relay 30
R1 Injector relay
R2 DME relay
Type 2
No. Purpose A
1 Battery, B+ 30
DDE control unit
2 Canister purge valve 30
Boost pressure regulator valve
Heating block
Intake manifold changeover valve
Mass flow meter
Rail pressure control valve
Hall Sensor
Speed ​​sensor
3 Empty -
4 EGR valve 30
Boost pressure regulator valve
Oil level sensor
Mass flow meter
5 DDE control unit 30
R1 Main relay DDE
R2 Main relay DDE
R3 Starter relay
Type 3
No. Purpose A
1 Variable valve timing 30
Injectors (cylinders 5 - 8)
2 Gas tank cap 20
camshaft valve
Camshaft sensor
3 Ignition coils 1 - 4 20
4 Ignition coils 5 - 8 20
5 camshaft valve 30
Camshaft sensor
MAP-controlled engine cooling thermostat
crankshaft position sensor
Mass flow meter
6 injectors (cylinders 1 - 4) 20
7 transmission control unit 20
8 Oxygen sensors before and after the catalytic converter 30
Oil quality sensor
9 Fuel Tank Leak Diagnosis 10
Secondary air pump relay
Mass flow meter
Electronics box (E-box) cooling fan
exhaust manifold cover
Energy saving relay
10 Variable valve timing 40
11 40
Type 4
No. Description A
1 Canister Purge Valves 20
Mass flow meter
Rail pressure control valve
Hall Sensor
2 crankcase heater 20
Swirl control valve, solenoid
Intake manifold changeover valve
Oil level sensor
Heating block
3 Battery 30A, B+ 30
DDE control unit
4 Not used
5 Not used
R1 DDE main relay
R2 Starter relay
R3 Not used
R4 Not used
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