Fuses and relays BMW 1 (E81/E87; 2004 - 2013)

The BMW 1 Series is a line of compact cars that has been produced since 2004 in four body styles: 3-door and 5-door hatchback, coupe and 2-door convertible. In this article we will understand in detail fuse box diagrams BMW 1 e81 / e87 and e82 / e88 (1st generation: 116d, 116i, 118d, 118i, 120d, 120i, 123d, 125i, 130i, 135i, m1 coupe) 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2008, 2009, 2009, 2010, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 years of manufacture.

General view of the car.
Here you will find the locations and photos of the mounting blocks. Also, we will separately mark the fuses responsible for the cigarette lighter and the fuel pump.

All electrical equipment

General layout of the electrical system in the vehicle.
1. Air conditioning control module - behind the heater control panel;
2. Antenna selection control module - under the rear seat;
3. Antenna signal amplifier - telephone - left side of the luggage compartment;
4. Side impact sensor, driver's side - lower part of the center pillar;
5. Side impact sensor, passenger side - lower part of the center pillar;
6. Vehicle tilt sensor (anti-theft system)-in the anti-theft system horn.;
7. Anti-theft alarm system horn - behind the left rear wheel arch lining;
8. Volume change sensor (anti-theft system)-on the roof panel;
9. Audio system control module (DAB)-luggage compartment, under the floor.;
10. Audio output amplifier - left side of the luggage compartment;
11. Interference suppressor (audio system) - rear pillar;
12. Battery pack - under the luggage compartment floor;
13. Battery status sensor - on the battery;
14. Diagnostic connector;
15. Driver's door electrical control module;
16. Passenger door electrical control module;
17. Petrol pump control module (if fitted) - behind the right-hand support on the rear seat cushion;
18. Fuse box/relay box, dashboard - behind the duffel box;
19. Fuse box/relay, intake system resonator;
20. Fuse box/relay, battery (Valve tronic/diesel engine management system/auxiliary electric heater/power distribution) - fuses cannot be replaced individually;
21. Horn 1 behind the bumper;
22. Horn 2 behind bumper;
23. Instrument cluster control module;
24. Turn signal/alarm relay - in multifunction control unit 2;
25. light sensor;
26. Multifunction control unit 1 -attached to fuse box/dashboard relay-functions: Air conditioning system, central locking, power windows, headlight washers, door mirror heaters, windshield washer nozzle heaters, rear window washer, sunshade, windshield washers;
27. Multifunction control unit 2-functions: Central locking, power windows, fog lights, headlights, headlights, adaptive headlights, headlight corrector, door mirror heaters, turn signal indicators/emergency lights, instrument cluster illumination, taillights, reverse lights;
28. Multifunction control unit 3-Behind instrument panel - functions: Anti-theft system, central locking, immobilizer, starter, steering column lock;
29. Multifunction control unit 4-functions: Anti-theft system, interior lamps, sunroof;
30. Multifunction control unit 5-luggage compartment, under the floor (right) - functions: Central locking and engine start remote control system;
31. Multimedia control module;
32. Navigation system control module;
33. Navigation system receiver;
34. Ambient air temperature sensor;
35. Parking system control unit - luggage compartment, underfloor (right-hand side);
36. Parking system speaker, front - under the instrument panel;
37. Parking system speaker, rear - right-hand side of luggage compartment;
38. Power steering control unit - active steering - behind the left front wheel arch;
39. Seat adjustment control unit 1 - under the driver's seat;
40. Seat adjustment control unit 2 - under the passenger's seat;
41. Driver's seat heating control module - under the seat;
42. Passenger seat heating control module - under the seat;
43. Steering column electrical control module;
44. Electric sunroof control module;
45. SRS electronic control module;
46. Body height sensor (right front);
47. Body height sensor (right rear);
48. Multifunctional switch control module - i-drive;
49. Telematics module - luggage compartment, under the floor.;
50. Bluetooth phone transceiver - under the dashboard;
51. Trailer electrical control unit - luggage compartment, under the floor (right-hand side);
52. Electronic transmission control unit - on the gearbox;
53. Voice activation system unit - luggage compartment, under the floor.;
54. Rain sensor (windshield wiper).

In the passenger compartment

Location of the fuse box in the passenger compartment
The mounting block is located on the passenger side behind the glove compartment. To access it, unlock the catches and tilt the glove compartment downwards.

General view of the BMW 1 E81 / E87 interior fuse box.

Access example.

No. Decryption A
1 Empty -
2 Rearview mirror with automatic dimming 5
3 Empty -
4 Multifunctional control module 3 5
5 Multifunctional control module 4 7.5
6 Not used (^08/05)
7 Empty -
8 Audio equipment CD changer 5
9 Empty -
10 Empty -
11 Empty -
12 Multipurpose module 20
13 i-drive control module 5
14 Empty -
15 Empty -
16 Horn (beep) 15
17 Navigation system 5
18 Audio system CD changer (^ 11/04) 5
19 Alarm system, keyless entry 7.5
20 Dynamic Stability Control 5
21 Door control module - driver's side, passenger side electric rear view mirror 7.5
22 Empty -
23 Navigation system, TV tuner 10
24 Empty -
25 Empty -
26 Telematics 10
27 Door control module - driver's side, telephone 5
28 Multifunctional control module 4, parking control module 5
29 Heated front seats 5
30 Charging socket, BMW 1 E81/E87 cigarette lighter fuse 20
31 Dynamic stability control (^ 08/05) 30
32 Electric seats, heated front seats 30
33 Electric seat - passenger 30
34 Audio Device Amplifier 30
35 Fuel pump fuse (FP) H08/05 20
36 Multifunctional control module 2 30
37 Empty -
38 Not used (^08/05)
39 Wiper motor motor 30
40 Audio system (^ 08/05) 20
41 Multifunctional control module 2 30
42 electric drive 30
43 Headlight washers 30
44 trailer control module 30
45 Trailer socket (^ 08/05) 20
46 Rear window heating 4
47 Not used (^08/05)
48 Rear window washer/wiper system 20
49 Front passenger seat heater 30
50 Empty  
51 Multifunction control module 3 5
52 Multifunctional control module 2 50
53 Multifunctional control module 2 50
54 Engine management 60
55 Empty  
56 central locking system 15
57 15
58 Datalink connector (DLC), instrument cluster control module 7.5
59 Steering column function control module 5
60 Air conditioning (AC) 7.5
61 Luggage, glove box lamp, multifunction display 10
62 Rear power windows 30
63 Multifunctional control module 30
64 Rear power windows 30
65 Dynamic Stability Management 40
66 Fuel Filter Heater - Diesel 50
67 Heater / air conditioner (AC) 50
68 Empty  
69 Engine Coolant Fan Motor 50
70 Secondary air injection (AIR), if equipped 50
R1 Windshield wiper motor motor 2 (included in fuse box / relay plate)
R2 Wiper motor motor 1
R3 Rear window relay
R4 Rear window wiper relay
R5 Fuel pump relay (FP) (in fuse/relay housing) - if installed
R6 Circuit disconnect relay 2 (in fuse/relay housing) - if fitted
R7 Main ignition switch relay (in fuse/relay housing)
R8 Circuit disconnect relay 1
R9 Headlight washer pump relay
R10 Secondary air pump relay (AIR)

In the trunk

Location of the fuse box in the luggage compartment of the car
Located behind the floor pan, near the battery.

No. Description A
F103 Reserve
F104 Low battery sensor
F105 Electronic Power Steering (EPS) 100
F106 Additional electric heater 100
F108 Junction box 250
F203 Output for external battery connection - Main relay of the DDE system 100

In the engine compartment

Location of the fuse box in the engine compartment of the car
Located behind the cladding on the left side. The version depends on the engine type.

No. Description A
Type M47/TU2 (118d, 120d)
F01 Boost pressure regulator 20
Camshaft Hall Sensor
Rail line pressure control valve
F02 Exhaust gas recirculation solenoid valve 20
Engine crankcase ventilation system heating
Switching e/valve of swirl valves
The Lambda probe
preheating control unit
Oil level sensor
F03 Potential distributor B+ - Diesel engine digital electronic control system ECU 30
F04 Electronics box fan 10
F05 empty
Type N45 (116i)
F01 Thermal anemometer air flow meter 30
Fuel tank vent valve
Oil level sensor
Suction jet pump intake valve
F02 The Lambda probe 30
F03 fuel injectors 20
crankshaft sensor
Camshaft position sensor
Electronics box fan
Junction box (fuel pump relay)
F04 VANOS solenoid valve 30
DME control unit
F05 Unload relay of contact 15 30
Type N46 (118i, 120i)
F01 fuel injectors 20
F02 VANOS solenoid valve 20
Camshaft position sensor
Programmable cooling system thermostat
F03 DME control unit 30
Thermal anemometer air flow meter
Oil level sensor
crankshaft sensor
Fuel tank vent valve
Engine crankcase ventilation system heating
F04 Electronics box fan 10
Junction box
F05 The Lambda probe 30
F001 Unload relay of contact 15 10
F0001 Valve actuator relay with infinitely variable stroke control 40
Type N52 (125i, 130i)
F01 Ignition coils 30
Ignition coil interference suppression capacitor
F02 Programmable Cooling System Thermostat  30
Electric coolant pump
Intake camshaft position sensor
Solenoid valve VANOS
Intake camshaft position sensor
F03 crankshaft sensor 20
DME control unit
Fuel tank vent valve
Air mass meter
Oil condition sensor
crankshaft sensor
F04 Engine crankcase ventilation system heating 30
The Lambda probe
F05 Injector relay 30
F06 EAC sensor 10
Electronics box fan
Muffler flap
Fuel Tank Leak Diagnostic Module
Junction box (K6304)
Thermoanemometric supplementary air flow meter
F07 Relay Valvetronic (WT) 40
F09 Electric coolant pump 30
F010 Crankcase ventilation heating relay 5
Ignition coils
A6000 DME control unit
A6300 DDE system main relay
A6319 Relay Valvetronic (VVT)
A6327 Injector relay
A6539 Crankcase ventilation heating relay
Type N54 (135i)
F01 Ignition coils 30
Ignition coil interference suppression capacitor
F02 DME control unit 30
Electric coolant pump
Programmable thermostat
Intake camshaft position sensor
Solenoid valve VANOS
Exhaust camshaft position sensor
Wastegate valve
F03 crankshaft sensor 20
Fuel tank vent valve
Oil condition sensor
quantity control valve
F04 Crankcase ventilation system heating 30
The Lambda probe
F05 empty
F06 Electronics box fan 10
Muffler flap
USA: Fuel Tank Leak Diagnostic Module
F07 Electric coolant pump 40
K6300 DDE system main relay -
A2076 B+ power -
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