Fuses and relays Hyundai Sonata 7 (LF), 2014 - 2019

The 7st generation Hyundai Sonata (LF) was produced in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019. In our publication you will find a description of the model fuses and relays with photos and block diagrams, as well as show where they are located. Note the cigarette lighter fuse.

Check the actual purpose of fuses and relays with your diagrams, there may be a difference in the presented material and your block.

In the passenger compartment

This fuse box is located at the bottom of the dashboard, behind a protective cover.

Example of a diagram from the block cover.

Name Fuse Rating / Description
SAFETY WINDOW LH 25A Module Electric Glass Lift Driver Safety
P / SEAT PASS 30A Manual switch in passenger seat
P / WDW LH 20A Main switch of electric glass lifter, rear left module of electric glass lifter
P / WDW RH 25A Electric lift glass main switch, rear right electric lift glass module, passenger door module, electric passenger lift glass switch
DR LOCK 20A Door lock relay, door unlock relay
S / HEATER FRT 25A Seat module with front seat ventilation, Front seat heating module
BRAKE SWITCH 10A Brake Light Switch, Immobilizer Module, Smart Key Control Module
8 MODULE 7.5A BCM Smart Key Control Module
SAFETY POWER WINDOW RH 25A Passenger safety glass electric glass module
SMART KEY 15A Smart key control module
TRUNK 10A Trunk lid relay, fuel filler door and trunk lid switch
7 MODULE 10A Digital Clock Driver / Passenger Door Module
INTERIOR LAMP 10A Ignition key III. & Door warning switch, Washbasin front lamp switch, L / R, Overhead console lamp, Interior lamp, L / R rear personal lamp, Luggage compartment lamp, Driver / passenger external smart key handle
2 MEMORY 7.5A Not used
P / SEAT DRV 30A Driver seat manual control switch, driver IMS module
CLUSTER 10A Instrument panel
4 MODULE 10A Immobilizer module, smart key control module
MULTI MEDIA 15A Head audio / video and navigation device
1 MEMORY 10A Driver / Passenger Door Module, Driver IMS Module, Air Condition Control Module, Auto Light and Photo Sensor, Electrochromic Mirror, Instrument Cluster, Tire Pressure Monitoring Module, Digital Clock, Wireless Charger, Head Audio / Video and Navigation Device
S / HEATER RR 25A Rear seat heating module
2 SUN ROOF 20A Panoramic sunroof motor
9 MODULE 7.5A Seat module with front seat ventilation, Front seat heating module, Rear seat heating module
MDPS 7.5A MDPS unit (column type / rack type)
3 MODULE 10A BCM, sport mode switch, brake light switch
1 MODULE 7.5A Key solenoid valve, driver / passenger door module
1 SUN ROOF 20A [Panoramic] Sunroof motor with panoramic [No panorama] Sunroof motor
A / CON 7.5A A / C Control Module, E / R Junction Box (Fan Relay)
2 MODULE 10A A / V & Navigator Head Unit, Digital Clock, USB Charger, BCM, AMP, Power Outside Mirror Switch, Wireless Charger, Smart Key Control Module, Ceiling Console Lamp, E / R Junction Box (Power Outlet Relay)
A / BAG IND 7.5A Instrument panel
6 MODULE 10A Multipurpose Test Connector, A / C Control Module, A / V & Navigation Head Unit, Ventilated Front Seat Module, Front Seat Heater Module, Rear Seat Heating Module, Driver IMS Module, Left / Right Headlight (DBL), ATT Shift Lever IND.
AMP 25A Amplifier AMP (JBL / MOBIS)
HTD STRG 15A Heated steering wheel, BCM
5 MODULE 10A Front Console Switch, Tire Pressure Monitor Module, Lane Keeping Assist Module, Intelligent Cruise Control Unit, Fuel Cap / Trunk Lid Switch, AEB Module, Headlight Left / Right (DBL), Rear Left / Right Assist Sensor when parking, rear parking aid LH / RH sensor (center), blind spot radar, left / right
IG1 25A PCB block (fuse - VACUUM PUMP2 / TCU2 / ECU3 / ABS3)
WASHER 15A Multi function switch (wiper lower friction switch and washer switch)
POWER OUTLET 20A front socket
A / BAG 15A SRS control module, presence sensor
START 7.5A [Without Smart Key and IMMO.] ICM Relay Box (Burglar Alarm Relay) [With Smart Key / IMMO.] Transmission Range Switch, PCM (G4KJ / G4KH)

The fuse designated as POWER OUTLET 20A is responsible for the front cigarette lighter. Elements in the unit under the hood are responsible for the rest of the sockets.

In the engine compartment

Located on the left side of the engine compartment, next to the battery.

General view.

Name Amps / Description
IG2 30A [Without smart key] (start relay), ignition switch, [with smart key] (start relay), PCB assembly (IG2 relay)
3 TCU 40A [G4FJ - DCT] TCM
BLOWER 40A Fan relay
1 ABS 40A ESC Module
REAR HEATED 50A Rear heating relay
1 B + 50A Intelligent junction box (IPS2 (4CH), IPS3 (4CH))
1 COOLING FAN 50A [G4KH / G4FJ] (cooling fan relay), [G4KJ] (cooling fan relay)
2 COOLING FAN 60A [G4KH / G4FJ] (cooling fan relay)
1 MDPS 80A MDPS Block (Column Type)
2 ABS 30A ESC module, multipurpose control connector
IG1 40A [Without smart key] Ignition switch, [With smart key] PCB assembly (IG1 / ACC relay)
4 TCU 40A [G4FJ - DCT] TCM
3 POWER OUTLET 40A (Socket relay)
2 B + 50A Intelligent junction box (IPS1 (4CH), IPS4 (4CH), IPS5 (4CH), IPS6 (2CH), IPS7 (1CH), Fuse - AMP)
5 B + 60A PCB unit (engine control relay, fuse -TUC1, ECU1, HORN, AMS, WIPER)
1 B + 60A Intelligent connection box (electric lift glass relay, fuse - LEFT SAFETY GLASS, P / SEAT PASS, RIGHT SAFETY WINDOW, P / SEAT DRV, MODULE1, P / WDW LH, P / WDW RH, TRUNK, S / HEATER RR, SUNROOF2 , LUX1)
2 MDPS 100A MDPS unit (rack type)
3 E-CVVT 20A [G4KJ / G4KH] PCM
2 E-CVVT 20A [G4KJ / G4KH] PCM
FUEL PUMP 20A (Fuel pump relay)
H / LAMP HI 20A headlamp high beam relay
1 VACUUM PUMP 20A [G4KH / G4FJ] Vacuum pump
1 E-CVVT 40A [G4KJ / G4KH] (E-CVVT relay)
4 B + 40A Intelligent connection block (fuse for device with automatic leakage current cut-off - INTERNAL LAMP, MULTIMEDIA, MEMORY1, Fuse - DOOR LOCK, S / FRONT HEATER, BRAKE SWITCH, SMART KEY, MODULE10)
A / CON 10A Air conditioning control module
HEATED MIRROR 10A ECM (G4FJ), A / C control module, power rearview mirror in driver's seat / front seat
2 VACUUM PUMP 10A [G4KH / G4FJ] Vacuum pump, vacuum switch
1 POWER OUTLET 20A Front cigarette lighter and socket # 2
FUEL PUMP 20A Fuel pump relay
HORN 20A Horn Relay, ICM Relay Box (Burglar Alarm Horn Relay)
WIPER 30A Front wiper relay (low), front wiper relay (high)
2 TCU 15A Transmission Range Switch, TCM (G4FJ-DCT)
3 ABS 10A ESC Module
2 POWER OUTLET 20A Rear socket
B / UP LAMP 10A Transmission range switch, PCM (G4KJ / G4KH-A / T), TCM (G4FJ-DCT), electrochromic mirror, rear combination lamp (IN), left / right
1 SENSOR 15A Oxygen sensor (up / down)
2 SENSOR 15A Purge Control Solenoid Valve, Canister Close Valve, RCV Control Solenoid Valve, Fuel Pump Relay, E / R Junction Box (Cooling Fan High Relay, Fuel Pump Relay), [G4KJ / G4KH] Regulated Intake Solenoid Valve, Oil Control Valve ( outlet), [G4FJ] Oil control valve # 1 / # 2 (inlet / outlet)
1 TCU 10A PCM (G4KJ / G4KH-A / T), TCM (G4FJ-DCT)
IGN COIL 20A Ignition coil # 1 / # 2 / # 3 / # 4
INJECTOR 15A Engine management
AMS 10A Battery Gauge

If the cigarette lighter does not work, check the items marked as POWER OUTLET.

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