Fuses and relays Hyundai Creta (GS; 2014-2021)

Hyundai Creta mini crossover was introduced in 2014. It was sold in 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 and to the present. During this time, the model has been updated. Supplied all over the world. In other countries, it is also known as ix25 and Cantus. In this publication you will find a description of Creta fuses and relays with block diagrams and their locations. Note the fuse responsible for the cigarette lighter.

Depending on the level of equipment and the year of manufacture of your Hyundai Creta, a different design of blocks and the purpose of elements in them is possible. Check the information with your diagrams.

In the passenger compartment

Located under the dashboard on the driver's side behind the protective cover.

General view.

Example of a diagram from the block cover.

Amps / Description
1 30A rear window defogger relay
2 20A rear seat heater control module
3 30A reserve
4 25A anti-jamming driver electric glass module
5 15A direction indicator and alarm
6 20A driver / passenger seat heater control module
7 25A right electric glass lift
8 25A left electro glass lift
9 20A reserve
10 10A electronic key ECU, immobilizer module
11 20A rear power outlet
12 20A front power outlet (cigarette lighter)
13 20A lock / unlock relay, tailgate unlock relay
14 10A ecu electronic keys, brake light switch
15 15A manual transmission range switch PP unit (fuse - f26 (reversing lights))
16 10A control unit (burglar alarm relay), gearbox range switch, ecm, electronic keys and start ECU, ignition switch and clutch pedal position sensor
17 15A ecu electronic keys
18 10A heated mirrors
19 10A console switch, 4wd ecm, reverse parking assist buzzer, left / right reverse parking assist sensors, left / right reverse parking assist center sensors
20 10A reserve
21 15A multifunction switch, washer
22 10A air conditioning control module
23 10A door mirror adjuster, digital clock, air conditioning control module, instrument cluster, data line connector
24 10A interior lamps, luggage compartment light, directional light, passenger compartment light, front left / right accessory lamps
25 10A bcm, selector lever position indicator, air conditioning control module, AV head unit with navigation, mts e-call module, driver / passenger seat heater control module, rear seat heater control module
26 10A pcm / ecm, electronic key ECU, immobilizer module
27 10A engine compartment junction box (relay 1 - heater relay ptk) PP unit (horn relay), air conditioning control unit
28 10A PP block (rear wiper relay), rear wiper motor
29 20A audio system, audio-visual head unit with navigation
30 10A air conditioning control unit, horn switch, horn resistor
31 10A bcm, brake light switch
32 10A front panel switch, esp control unit
33 10A electro chrome mirror, rear seat heater control module, headlamp leveling switch, left / right headlight washer nozzle heater, driver / passenger seat heater control module, auxiliary junction box (relay 2/3 - front wiper left / right)
34 10A reserve
35 10A mts e-call module
36 20A reserve
37 10A with mdps - mdps unit, without mdps - steering wheel angle sensor
38 10A srs control module - airbags
39 10A bcm, ecu electronic keys
40 15A heated steering wheel
41 20A cigarette lighter fuse
42 10A rear power socket relay, bcm, digital clock, mts e-call module, audio system, audio-visual head unit with navigation, smartphone holder, electronic key ecu, door mirror adjuster
43 10A instrument cluster, airbag indicator
44 10A instrument cluster

Depending on the year of manufacture, fuses 11, 12 and 41 are responsible for the cigarette lighter and additional sockets.

On the back of the unit there can be separate non-removable relays (PCB MINI).

In the engine compartment

General arrangement

Main fuse box

It is located on the left side of the engine compartment.

Example circuit.

Name Amps / Description
MDPS 80A MDPS (Motor Power Steering)
ALT G4FC (125A): alternator, battery, all fuses connected to alternator fuse D4FC / D4FB (150A): alternator, battery, all fuses connected to alternator fuse
ECU2 G4FC (10A): ECU (M / T), PCU (A / T) D4FC (15A): CAM SNSR, Glow RLY, WGT, EGR Control Valve, SNSR Airflow, IMMOD4FB (15A): CAM SNSR, VGT Vacuum, IMMO
HEAD LAMP HIGH BEAM High Beam Solenoid Relay (Dual Function)
ABS2 ABS / ESC control unit
ECU 4 G4FC (25A): ECU (M / T), PCU (A / T) D4FC (15A): Meter Inlet Valve, D4FB (15A): Glow Plug Relay, Fuel Meter Unit
TCU 1 D4FB: TCU (automatic transmission)
BAT + 5 Instrument panel fuse box fuse: FS01
ABS 1 ABS / ESC control unit, engine compartment diagnosis
BAT + 4 Instrument panel fuse box fuse: FS06, IPS-1, IPS-2, IPS-3
IG1 Without start button: SW ignition With button start: PDM relay box
BAT + 1 Instrument panel fuse box fuse: FS14, FS05, FS13, FS17, FS10, FS02, FS09, IOD relay (auto leakage current cutoff)
GLOW D4FC / D4FB: glow plug relay, glow plug
FUEL HEATER D4FC / D4FB: Fuel heater
ECU 1 (Engine control) Main relay
FRONT WIPER Wiper motor (front)
HORN Buzzer (double), burglar alarm buzzer
FUEL PUMP G4FC: fuel pump relay, fuel pump motor
C / FAN G4FC (40A) Radiator fan motor D4FC / D4FB (50A) Radiator fan motor
BLOWER Fan motor
IG2 Without start button: start relay, start solenoid, SW ignition With button start: start relay, start solenoid, PDM relay box
BAT + 3 Instrument panel fuse box fuse: FS04, IPS-4, IPS-5
BAT + 2 Dashboard fuse box fuse: FS03, P / window relay, P / output relay
INJECTOR G4FC: Injector (# 1, # 2, # 3, # 4)
BACK UP LAMP Reverse switch (MT only), rear combination lamp, left / right
IGN COIL G4FC: capacitor, ignition coil, int.
SENSOR 1 G4FC: variable intake solenoid, variable outlet cam (IN, EX), purge control solenoid valve, oxygen sensor (UP, DN), IMMO D4FB: lambda probe, stop switch, exhaust gas recirculation actuator, D4FC: stop switch
ECU 3 D4FC / D4FB: ECU G4FC: ECU (M / T), PCU (A / T)
GLOW D4FC / D4FB: Glow plug

Some additional relays can be attached to the back of the unit.

Additional block

Depending on the level of equipment, an additional unit is installed on some models.

See the current diagram on the back of the cover. There are fuses and relays responsible for additional heating and glass defroster.

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