Fuses and relays Hyundai Santa Fe (DM; 2013-2017)

The 3rd generation Hyundai Santa Fe was produced in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 and has shipped worldwide. During this time, the model has been restyled. Both 5 and 7 seater models were produced. In this article, you will find a description of fuses and relays of the 3rd generation Santa Fe with block diagrams and their locations. Separately, we highlight the fuse responsible for the cigarette lighter.

The design of the units may differ and depends on the year of manufacture, the level of equipment and the region of delivery. The current diagrams for your car will be printed on the back of the protective cover. Check the appointment!

In the passenger compartment

Fuse box located under the dashboard on the driver's side.

General view.

Amps / Name Desription
10A PILLOW SAFETY Instrument cluster
7,5A MODULE 5 Rain sensor, sunroof, transponder key ECU, BCM, park assist, air conditioning, inverter module, ICM relay box (left / right turn signal relay, rear fan relay), rear left / right seat heater, seat CCS control unit driver / passenger, driver / passenger seat heating module
7,5A MODULE 1 Sport mode switch, key lock electromagnet, console switch (left / right), front console switch, left / right rear door electric glass switch
10A REAR Fog lamps ICM relay box (rear fog lamp relay)
10A MEMORY 2 ВСМ, tire pressure monitoring module, driver IMS unit, driver / passenger door module, automatic lighting and photocell, diagnostic socket, air conditioning ECU, instrument cluster
7.5A SMART KEY 2 Electronic control unit key, immobilizer module
10A MODULE 3 BCM, instrument cluster, tire pressure monitoring module, parking aid control unit, electro chrome rearview mirror, lane departure warning module, steering wheel angle sensor, air conditioning ECU, audio system, audio-visual head unit with navigation, 4WD ECU, automatic transmission position indicator, rear parking aid left / right, rear seat heater left / right, driver / passenger seat heating module, rear parking aid (center) left / right, driver's seat climate control module / Passenger, Driver IMS Module, Console Switch (L / R), Rear Console Switch, Driver / Passenger Door Module, Electric Parking Brake Module
10A SMART KEY 4 Start and stop button, immobilizer module
15A INTERIOR LIGHTING Luggage compartment light, sun lamp visor (left / right, st.), ceiling console light, central interior light, left / right individual illumination lamp
15A MULTIMEDIA Audio system, audio-visual head unit with navigation, digital clock
7.5A MDPS MDPS block
15A HEATED STEERING WHEEL Steering wheel switch
10A MEMORY 1 RF receiver, ignition switch illumination and door sensor
7.5A START Without IMMOB. and email key: Relay box ICM (alarm relay) With immob. / email key: ECM / RSM, automatic transmission range switch, electronic key ECU, engine compartment fuse and relay box (relay 2)
10A MODULE 2 Adaptive headlight range control, dash panel switch, active bonnet lift ECU, glow plug ECU (diesel engine), multifunction diagnostic socket, left / right headlight, left / right headlight range control drive, automatic headlight range control unit, stop switch -signal, fuel filter water sensor (diesel engine), diesel unit (relay 1 (diesel engine)
10A TURN INDICATOR ICM Relay Box (Left / Right Turn Signal Relay)
20A UPPER HATCH 2 Roof hatch
15A REAR SEAT HEATER Heated left / right rear seat
20A IGNITION Engine compartment fuse and relay box (fuses - F35, F36, F37, F38)
7,5A AIR CONDITIONING 1 Relay and fuse box M / O (relay 4/14), air conditioning ECU, ionizer on the instrument cluster, diesel unit (relay 3/4)
15A REAR WINDOW CLEANER Rear wiper relay, rear wiper motor, multifunction switch
25A SMART KEY 1 Electronic control unit keys
20A FRONT SEAT HEATER Driver / passenger seat CCS control unit, driver / passenger seat heater control unit
7,5A AIR CONDITIONER 2 Air conditioning ECU
20A Cigarette lighter Front power outlet and cigarette lighter, luggage compartment power outlet
15A WINDSHIELD SCREEN CLEANER Multifunction switch, under-hood fuse and relay box (relay 9/11)
20A REAR FAN ICM relay box (rear fan relay)
25A RH power windows Driver / passenger door lift module with anti-pinch protection, driver / passenger door module, rear right door lift switch, rear right door lift glass module with anti-pinch protection
10A REAR WINDOW HEATER Air conditioning ECU
7,5A BRAKE SWITCH Electronic control unit key, brake light switch
20A UPPER SUNCH 1 Top hatch
25A ELECTRIC GLASS LIFT, LH Driver / passenger door lift module with anti-pinch protection, driver / passenger door module, rear right door lift switch, rear right door lift glass module with anti-pinch protection
15A HATCH COVER FUEL FILLER Manhole cover switch fuel filler neck
7.5A SMART  KEY 3 Electronic control unit keys
15A STOP SIGNAL Brake light ECU
20A PASSENGER SEAT  Passenger seat manual switch
30A AMPLIFIER Amplifier
10A MODULE 4 Audio system, audiovisual head unit with navigation, parking assistance system, digital clock, high speed rail, ceiling console light, electric outside mirror switch, engine compartment relay and fuse box (relay 1)
20A DOOR LOCK Door Lock / Unlock Relay, Tailgate Relay, ICM Relay Box (Deadlock Relay)
30A ELECTRIC DRIVER SEAT Driver IMS Module, Driver Seat Manual Switch, Driver Seat Lumbar Support Switch

In the engine compartment

Main fuse box

Located on the left side of the engine compartment.

Name Amps / Description
MDPS 80A MDPS unit
B + 2 60A Intelligent junction box (IPS 1 (4CH), IPS 2 (1CH), IPS 5 (1CH), fuse: F31 / F36 / F41 / F45)
FAN 40A Relay 4 (fan relay)
REAR HEATER 40A Relay 12 (rear window defogger relay)
ABS1 40A ABS ECU, ESC ECU, multifunction diagnostic socket
ABS2 40A ABS control unit, ESC control unit
COOLING FAN 60A Except Europe - relay 6 (cooling fan relay (low)), relay 10 (cooling fan relay (high))
B + 3 60A Intelligent junction box (fuses: F4 / F5 / F10 / F21 / F26, leakage current interrupter
B + 4 50A Intelligent junction box (IPS 3 (4CH), IPS 4 (2CH), IPS 6 (2CH), fuse: F35 / F38 / F40 / F44)
EMS 40A EMS unit (engine management system)
COOLING FAN 50A Except Europe - relay 6 (cooling fan relay (low)), relay 10 (cooling fan relay (high))
ZAZH1 40A Ignition switch (without an electronic key), relay 7/8 (relay ACC / ZAZH1, with an electronic key)
ZAZH2 40A Ignition switch (without electronic key), relay 2 (starter relay) / relay 9 (ZAZh2 relay)
Trailer 30A Trailer light and power socket
B + 1 50A Intelligent Junction Box (fuses: F22 / F27 / F32 / F37 / F42)
AC INVERTER 30A AC Inverter Module
SIREN 15A Relay 13 (siren relay)
ACTIVE HOOD LIFT, LEFT 30A Active hood lift control module
EPB1 15A Electric parking brake module
WINDSHIELD HEATER 15A Relay 3 (windscreen heater relay)
HEADLIGHT WASHER 20A Relay 14 (headlight washer relay)
SOCKET 25A Relay 1 (power socket relay)
4WD 20A ECM full drive
AMS 10A Battery charge sensor (AMS: alternator management system)
TRAILER 2 15A Trailer light and power socket
TRAILER 1 15A Trailer light and power socket
WINDSHIELD CLEANER 25A Relay 5 (wiper relay (low)), windshield wiper motor
REVERSE LAMP 10A manual transmission - reversing light switch. Automatic transmission - rear combination lamp (input) (left / right), electrochromic mirror, trailer lamp and power outlet, head audio-visual device with navigation
ABS 3 7.5A ABS control unit, ESC control unit
SENSOR 5 7.5A RSM / ECM, MAF sensor
BUT 15A BUT (D4HA), automatic transmission range switch
FUEL PUMP 15A Fuel pump relay
ECU 1 15A G4KE / G4KJ / G6DF: PCM D4HA / D4HB (VGT, standard engine block): BUT (automatic transmission)
ECU 2 10A D4HA / D4HB: Electronic VGT actuator
SENSOR 3 10A G4KE: Injector 1/2/3/4 G6DF: PCM, injector 1/2/3/4/5/6, fuel pump relay D4HA / D4HB (VGT, standard engine block): oxygen sensor, brake light switch D4HA (VGT, low power engine block): Oxygen sensor
IGNITION COIL 20A G4KE / G4KJ: Capacitor, ignition coil 1, 2, 3, 4 G6DF: Condenser 1/2, ignition coil 1/2/3/4/5/6 ECM
SENSOR 2 10A G4KE / G4KJ: canister purge control solenoid valve, camshaft position sensor 1/2, intake manifold solenoid valve with variable geometry, crankshaft position sensor, oil regulator 1/2, fuel pump relay
SENSOR 1 15A G4KE / G4KJ: Oxygen sensor (front / rear), engine compartment fuse and relay box (relay 6/10) G6DF: PCM, oxygen sensor 1/2/3/4, engine compartment fuse and relay box (relay 6/10 ) D4HA / D4HB (VGT, standard engine block): Oil level sensor, fuel pressure regulator, fuel rail pressure regulator, D4HA (VGT, low power engine block): Oil level sensor, fuel pressure regulator, camshaft position sensor, regulator fuel rail pressure
SECURITY. SIGNAL 10A Alarm siren relay

Additional block

Installed on diesel engines.

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