Fuses and relays Kia Sedona / Carnival (VQ; 2006 - 2014)

Carnival is a minivan from the South Korean company Kia Motors. In the UK and North America it is sold under the name Sedona. The second generation replaced the first in 2006. The model is identical to the Hyundai Entourage sold in North America. In this article we will understand in detail fuse box diagrams Kia Carnival / Sedona (2Gen; codename VQ) 2006, 2007, 2008, 2008, 2009, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2012, 2013, 2014 years of manufacture.

Here you will find the locations and photos of the mounting blocks. Also, we will separately mark the fuses responsible for the cigarette lighter and the fuel pump.

In the passenger compartment

The block is located on the driver's side behind the protective cover.

Example of access.

General view of the Kia Sedona / Carnival interior fuse box.

No. Description Amps
1   15
2   7.5
3   7.5
4 Diagnostic connector (DLC) 7.5
5   15
6 Power steering 10
7   7.5
8   7.5
9   7.5
10 Pedal unit adjustment system 15
11 Instrument cluster illumination 7.5
12   15
13 SRS indicator 7.5
14   7.5
15 Audio amplifier 25
16   7.5
17 Seat heater 20
18   20
19   7.5
20 Electric sunroof control unit 25
21   30
22 ABS 7.5
23   30
24   30
25   15
Deciphering the designations printed on the inside of the unit cover.
Code Purpose Amps
AUDIO Audio system, footrest light bulb 15
MEMORY Climate control system module, clock, instrument cluster, trip computer, front zone module, power sliding door module, power tailgate module, driver door module, front passenger door module, electrically adjustable driver's seat module, driver's position memory system unit 7.5
VRS Variable-ratio steering module, variable-ratio steering button, variable-ratio steering control button 10
IG2-1 Air conditioning control module, multifunction switch, internal relay unit, ECM mirror, rain sensor, seat heater 7.5
IG2-2 Rear climate control system key, front zone module, power sliding door module, power rear door module, driver door module, front passenger door module, electrically adjustable driver's seat module, driver's position memory system unit 7.5
OBD-II OBD-II, diagnostic connector 7.5
ROOM Accessory mirror, ambient light bulb, headliner, interior light switch, climate control module 7.5
K/LOCK Key lock solenoid 7.5
ILLUMI Dashboard lighting 7.5
AMP Amplifier 25
SEAT WARMER Internal relay unit (seat heater) 20
SUNROOF Hatch module 25
DDM Driver door module 30
TPMS Tire pressure monitoring system 7.5
PEDAL Power pedal relay (not for passenger position memory system only) 15
Power Outlet (Front) 15
Electrically adjustable front passenger seat module 20
Electrically adjustable driver's seat module 30
A.D.M. Front passenger door module 30
ACC Audio system, clock, control switch and folding outside rear view mirror 7.5
Kia Sedona / Carnival cigarette lighter fuse, power outlet 15
START Starter relay 7.5
Instrument cluster 7.5
ENG Automatic transmission lever switch, vehicle speed sensor, inhibitor switch, transmission control module, drive shaft speed sensor, driven shaft speed sensor, driven shaft speed sensor, reverse light switch, fuel filter 7.5
IG1 On-board computer, buzzer (reverse warning system), instrument cluster, ESP switch, ambient temperature gauge, alternator 7.5
ABS ABC control module, ESP control module, yaw angle sensor, steering angle sensor 7.5
AIRBAG Airbag control module 15
ALTERNATOR Alternator relay  
SHUNT Shunt  

In the trunk

Located on the right side of the luggage compartment.

Example of access.

General view.

No. Decoding Amps
R1 Rear window heater relay
F1 central locking 20
F2   25
F3   25
F4 Rear window wiper 10 / 15
F5 Rear door electrical control unit 30
F6   30
F7 Fuel filler flap/cover 15
F8 Power connector for optional equipment 15
F9 15
F10   30
F11 Rear window heater 25
F12 Power windows for rear side windows, rear. 10
F13   7.5
Description of the markings printed on the inside of the unit cover.
Code Purpose Amps
RR D/LOCK Sliding door closing relay, sliding door release relay, sliding door lock actuator, tailgate lock actuator 20
RR WIPER Rear Wiper Relay, Rear Wiper Motor 15
RR DEFOG Rear window defroster relay, rear window defroster 25
POWER TAIL GATE Power Rear Door Module 30
P/QUARTER Servo-operated rear tailgate opening relay, servo-operated rear tailgate closing relay, servo-operated rear tailgate motor 10
RR P/WIN-RH Sliding door servo window relay (right), sliding door servo window motor (right) 25
RR P/WIN-LH Sliding door servo window relay (left), sliding door servo window motor (left) 25
PSD-RH Power sliding door module (right) 30
PSD-LH Power sliding door module (left) 30
LUGGAGE Step light, on/off switch, rear door light 7.5
FUEL DOOR Fuel filler flap relay, fuel filler flap actuator 15
RR P/OTLT-LH Rear power outlet (left) 15
RR P/OTLT-RH Rear power outlet (right) 15
RR DEFOG RELAY Rear Window Heater Relay  

In the engine compartment

Depending on the type of engine installed (diesel or gasoline), either one or two units can be located here.

Main unit

Located near the battery.

General view of the unit.

Example of access.

No. Purpose Amps
F1   40
F2   30
F3   50
F4   50
F5   50
F6   50
F7   50
F8   50
F9 Kia Sedona / Carnival fuel pump fuse 15
F10   7.5
F11   30
F12 Engine management system 20
F13 15
F14 15
F15 Heated oxygen sensor 10
F16   10
F17 Heated oxygen sensor 10
F18 ABS 20
F19 Windshield cleaner 30
F20 Heated windshield 15
F21 Horn (beep) 15
F22 Transmission Control Relay 15
F23   7.5
F24 Air conditioning compressor 7.5
F25 ABS 40
F26 Additional equipment 25
F27 Brake lights 120
F28 Fuel filter heater 20
F29   10
F30 Cleanliness sensor for the heater air inlet 7.5
F31 Spare  
F32 Spare 10
F33 15
F34 20
F35 25
1 Fuel pump relay  
2 Start prohibition switch relay  
3 Engine control relay  
4 Main ignition circuit relay  
5 Air conditioner compressor solenoid clutch relay  
deciphering the descriptions on the main unit cover
Code Purpose Amps
FRT/RR WASHER Windshield washer motor relay, rear window washer motor relay 10
IG2 Fuel filter 7.5
STOP LAMP Stop lamp, top-mounted stop lamp 20
FUEL HEATER Fuel filter heater 20
KEY SW 1 Dashboard module 25
A/C COMP A/C compressor relay 7.5
ATM Electromagnet ATM 15
FRT DEICER Windshield defroster 15
HORN Horn relay 15
ECU 1 PCU/ECU, A/C compressor relay, MAF sensor, immobilization system unit 10
02 DN Sensor 02 (RL, RR) 10
ECU 2 PCU/ECU, oil distributor valve 1/2, regulated intake manifold valve 1/2, adsorber purge solenoid valve, adsorber closing valve, pulse width modulation relay 15
02UP Sensor 02 (FL, FR) 10
IGN COIL Ignition coil 1/2/3/4/5/6, 20
INJECTOR capacitor 15
PCU/ECU, injector 1/2/3/4/5/6, spark plug relay 1/2, intake manifold valve, EGR solenoid valve, cooling fan relay, air flow sensor, intake flap valve
P/TRAIN Anti-theft alarm relay, main relay, TCM, alternator, ECU, injector 15A, ECU 2 15A, ECU 1 10A, air conditioner compressor relay, intake proportioner, EGR solenoid valve, air flow sensor, diesel engine block, immobilization system module 7.5
FUEL PUMP Fuel pump motor 15
SP Spare fuse 7.5
SP 10
SP 15
SP 20
SP 25
ABS 1 ABS control module, ESP control module 40
ABS 2 ABS control module, ESP control module 20
FRTWIPER Windshield wiper relay 30
KEY SW 2 Starter relay, IG2 load resistor (variable speed steering system, ECM mirror, rain sensor, seat heater) 30
RAM 1 Rear area module 50
RAM 2 Rear area module 50
RAM 3 Rear area module 50
IPM 1 Dashboard module 50
IPM 2 50
IPM3 50
FRT BLOWER Internal Relay Box (Windshield Fan Relay) 40
RR BLOWER Internal relay box (rear window fan relay) 30
IG 2 RELAY Ignition relay  
A/C COMP RELAY A/C compressor relay  
MAIN RELAY Main relay  
START RELAY Starter relay  
FUEL PUMP RELAY Fuel pump relay  

Additional unit

Installed in vehicles with diesel engine.

No. Purpose Amps
1 Air conditioner relay  
F1 Additional heater 10
F2 Glow plugs 10
F3 Additional heater 20
F4 Glow plugs 10
F5   30
F6 Additional heater 40
F7 Air conditioning system 20
F8 Glow plugs 60
F9 60
F10 Additional heater 40
F11   30
F12 Additional heater 40
Description of fuses and relays on the inside of the unit cover
Code Purpose Amps
PTC 1 Heater PTC (ECU) Check 10
PTC 1 Heater 1 RTS 40
PTC 2 Heater 2 RTS 40
PTC 3 Heater 3 RTS 40
Checking glow plug 1 (ECU) 10
Checking glow plug 2 (ECU) 10
GLOW 1 glow plugs 60
GLOW 2 60
H/BURNER Heating burner 20
C/FAN HI Cooling fan (top) 30
C/FAN LOW Cooling fan (bottom) 30
AIRCON Air conditioner 20
Air conditioner relay
Relay 1 heater PTC
Relay 2 heater PTC 
Relay 3 heater PTC 
Cooling fan relay 1 (upper)
Cooling fan relay 2 (upper)
Cooling Fan Relay (Lower)
Glow plug relay 1
Glow plug relay 2
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