Fuses and relays Kia Optima / K5 (TF; 2010 - 2016)

This material examines in detail the fuse diagrams of the Kia Optima (third generation; index TF): 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 model year.

Fuses numbered F3 and F9 or marked as “POWER OUTLET” and “C/LIGHTER” in the passenger compartment unit are responsible for protecting the electrical circuits of the cigarette lighter sockets.

In the engine compartment

Arrangement of components:
1 - relay block;
2 - main fuse;
3 - main fuse and relay block.

Relay block

Located on the right side of the car, next to the windshield.

No. Description
17 Start button 1 (ACC)
18 Start button 2 (IG1)
19 Start button 3 (IG2)

Main fuse box

Located on the left side of the engine compartment. This unit may have several versions depending on the year of manufacture of the car and the installed engine.

Type 1 

Unit number 91955-2T740. Theta 2.0 T-GDI engine.

Name Description Amps
RR HTD Rear window defroster -
HORN Horn (left/right) 15A
F/PUMP Fuel pump fuse 20A
SENSOR 1 Oxygen sensor (up/down), Cooling fan (TGDI) 15A
INJECTOR Injection system 10A
SENSOR 3 CMP1, 2 (TGDI), SMATRA immobilizer 10A
IGN COIL Ignition coils 20A
ECU 1 Electronic control unit 30A
WIPER Body control unit, rain sensor, windshield wipers 10A
VACUUM PUMP Brake vacuum pump 20A
AMS Battery sensor 10A
TCU 1 Transmission control unit 20A
STOP LAMP HAC Relay, Brake Light Relay 15A
DECISER Defroster relay 20A
IG1 Egnition lock 40A
B+ 1 B+ 50A
B+ 2 B+ 60A
C/FAN 2 Cooling fan 2 60A
IG 2 ignition switch, IG2 RLY 40A
ESC 1 ESC System B+, ABS Valve A/B B+ 40A
ESC 2 ESC B+ valve 40A
B+ 3 B+ 60A
MDPS EPS system 80A
SPARE Reserve 25A
C/FAN 1 Cooling fan 1 50A
BLOWER Ventilation system 40A
EPB 2 Electric parking brake / BATT2 30A
EPB 1 Electric parking brake / BATT1 30A
ECU 2 EMS block (B+) 40A
ECU 4 Engine ECU 10A
TCU 2 Speed ​​sensor, POSITION SW. O_P_INVERTER 15A
ESC 3 ESC system - IGN1 10A
B/UP LAMP Electrochromic Mirror, BCM, Rear Combination Lamp (Left/Right) 10A
A/CON Air Conditioning Control Module (Automatic Air Conditioning) 10A
Type 2 

Unit number 91955-2T730. Theta 2.4 GDI engine.

Name Description Amps
A/CON Air Conditioning Control Module (Automatic Air Conditioning) 10
AMS Battery sensor 10
B/UP LAMP Electrochromic Mirror, BCM, Rear Combination Lamp (Left/Right) 10
B+ 1 B+ 50
B+ 2 B+ 60
B+ 3 B+ 60
BLOWER Fan relay 40
C/FAN Cooling system 50
DECISER glass defroster relay 20
ECU 1 electronic control unit 30
ECU 2 EMS Bay (B+) 40
ECU 4 Engine ECU 10
EPB 1 Electric parking brake 1 30
EPB 2 Electric parking brake 2 30
ESC 1 Electronic Stability Control, ABS Valve Diagnostics A/B B+ 40
ESC 2 ESC B+ valve 40
ESC 3 ESC system - IGN1 10
F/PUMP Fuel pump fuse 20
HORN Sound signal (left and right) 15
IG2 Ignition switch, IG2 relay 40
IG1 Egnition lock 40
IGN COIL Ignition coils 20
INJECTOR Injection system 10
MDPS EPS control module 80
RR HTD RLY.1 (RR HTD relay) 40
SENSOR 1 Oxygen sensor (up/down) 15
SENSOR 3 CMP1, 2 (GDI, TGDI), Immobilizer 10
SPARE Reserve 10
SPARE Reserve 15
SPARE Reserve 20
SPARE Reserve 25
STOP LAMP RLY.10 (HAC Relay), Brake Light Relay 15
TCU 1 transmission control unit 20
TCU 2 Speed ​​sensor, POSITION SW. O_P_INVERTER 15
WIPER body control unit, rain sensor, windshield wipers 10
Type 3

Fuse box number 91955-2T750.

RR HDT - heated rear window relay
F/PUMP - fuel pump relay 20A
INJECTOR - engine injectors 10A
IGN COIL - ignition coils 20A
AMS - battery sensor 10A
STOP LAMP - HAC relay, brake light relay 15A
IG1 - ignition switch 40A
IG2 - ignition switch, 2 ignition relays 40A
RR HDT - rear window defroster fuse 40A
INVERTER - oil pump inverter 50A
B/UP LAMP - electrochromic mirror, rear combination lamp (left/right)
RAIN SENSOR - multifunction switch, windshield wiper, rain sensor
Separate relay description
1. Front window defroster relay,
2. SMK unit relay,
3. HAC relay,
4. Rain sensor relay,
5. Fan relay,
6. Horn relay,
7. Wiper relay,
8. Reserved,
9. Reserved,
10 Start Relay,
11. A/C Fan Relay (Low Speed),
12. A/C Fan Relay (High Speed),
13. Fuel Pump Relay,
14. Signal Relay,
15. Rear Window Defogger Relay,
16. Engine Control Relay,
20. Reserved

Additional unit (diesel)

Located in the front part of the engine compartment. Only models with diesel engines.

80A - glow plugs;
PTC HEATER - heater (additional heater), 
30A - fuel filter

Main fuse

Located on the positive terminal of the battery. It is made in the form of a fusible insert.

In the passenger compartment

The fuse box is located on the driver's side of the dashboard.

To access it, remove the protective cover.

Type 1

Photo is an example.

No. Description
F1 Sport mode switch, key lock solenoid (without power key)
F2 Electrical control unit key (with electric key)
F3 Front power socket (cigarette lighter fuse)
F4 Electrical control unit key (with smart key), rear seat heater relay left/right, engine compartment relay and fuse box (relay 2)
F5 BCM (body electrical control unit), panoramic sunroof, rain sensor
F6 Spare
F7 Trunk Lid Relay, Tailgate & Trunk Opening Switch, Trunk Lid Opening Motor, ICM Relay Box (Tank Flood Opening Relay)
F8 Driver/passenger door decorative lamp, power outside mirror switch, air conditioning control unit, instrument panel extension decorative lamp, overhead console lamp, amplifier, BCM (body electrical control unit), electrical control unit. key (with electronic key), audio system, audiovisual head unit with navigation
F9 Optima cigarette lighter fuse
F10 Steering wheel heater
F11 Air conditioning control module, relay and fuse block M/O (RELAY 14)
F12 Relay and fuse box M/O (RELAY 11/12), multi-function switch, front wiper motor
F13 Driver/passenger seat cushion heater with climate control (with seat climate control), driver/passenger seat heater module (without seat climate control)
F14 Spare
F15 Power outside mirror, driver/passenger side
F16 Driver/Passenger Seat Cushion Heater with Climate Control (with climate control seats), Driver/Passenger Seat Heater Module (without climate control seats), Front Seat Heater and Seat Climate Control Switch
F17 Instrument cluster
F18 Electrical control unit key (with electric key), security alarm relay (without electric key)
F19 Rear Seat Heater Relay L/R
F20 Passenger Seat Manual Switch
F21 Rear fog lamp relay
F22 Left/right headlight angle corrector drive, VSM unit, automatic headlight angle correction unit (automatic HLLD), manual headlight angle adjustment unit (manual HLLD), automatic transmission lever position indicator, instrument cluster, electrochrome mirror, integrated module Driver Seat Memory Systems, Rear Parking Assist Buzzer, Air Conditioning Control Module, Lane Keeping Assist Module, Parking Assist Module
F23 Reserve
F24 Power Security Control Module, Seat Belt Reminder Indicator (Right-Hand Drive), Warning Light (Europe)
F25 Driver Window Module with Power Anti-pinch Glass (Left Hand Drive), Passenger Window Module with Power Window Anti-pinch Window (Right Side Control), Left Rear Door Window Module with Power Window Anti-pinch Glass, Left Power Window Lift Relay
F26 Amplifier
F27 Electrical control unit key, key fob holder, start/stop button
F28 Spare
F29 Instrument panel extension switch, EPS control module (with MDPS), steering angle sensor (without MDPS)
F30 Electrical control unit key (with electric key)
F31 Driver Window Module with Power Anti-pinch Glass (Right Side Control), Passenger Window Module with Power Window Anti-pinch Glass (Left Hand Drive), Right Rear Door Window Module with Power Window Anti-pinch Glass, Right Power Window Lift Relay
F32 Driver Seat IMS Module, Driver Seat Manual Mode Switch, Driver Seat Lumbar Support Switch (2-Way)
F33 Door lock relay, door unlock relay, turn signal horn relay, double lock relay (right side control)
F34 Panoramic sunroof
F35 Fuse protection in the engine compartment block (F11, F12, F13)
F36 Audiovisual head unit with navigation
F37 External handle driver/passenger door key (with power key), driver/passenger door lamp, air conditioning control unit, ignition key illumination and door opener switch (without power key), RF receiver (with power key), driver IMS unit, BCM , Power Outside Mirror Switch, Auto Lamp Off Relay, Data Link Connector, Driver/Passenger Door Sill Lamp, Instrument Cluster, Auto Light On and Photocell (with Security Alarm)
On the back of the block there may be relays: left and right window relays with power glass, trunk lid relay and door lock relay.

Type 2

Photo is an example.

Name Description Amps
PDM 1 Smart Key Control Module (with Smart Key) 25
SPARE Spare 10
PDM2 Smart key system control unit, BUTTON START SW 10
P/SEAT(PASS) Passenger Seat Manual Switch 20
AMP Amplifier 30
P/SEAT (DRV) Driver IMS Module, Driver Seat Manual Switch, Driver Lumbar Support Switch (2WAY) 30
TRUNK Trunk lid relay, trunk light 10
MODULE 7 SPORT_MODE_SW, rear power window switch 10
DR LOCK Door lock and unlock relay, lock relay (right-hand drive vehicles), turn signal sound relay 20
S/HEATER (RR) Rear seat heating relay left/right 20
P / WDW (RH) Driver Power Window Module (Right Hand Drive), Passenger Power Window Module (Left Hand Drive), Rear Power Window Module Right Side, Right Power Window Relay 25
P / WDW (LH) Driver Power Window Module (Left Hand Drive), Passenger Power Window Module (Right Drive), Rear Safety Power Window Module, Left Hand Drive Window Module, Left Power Window Relay 25
MODULE 2 BCM, panoramic sunroof, rain sensor 10
BRAKE SWITCH Smart Key Control Module, Start-Stop Button Switch, Key Fob Holder, Brake Light Switch 10
MEMORY 1 SEAT EXTN (IMS), DR_TRIM_EXTN (FOLD'G), CLUSTER, A/CON, ECM, AUTOMATIC FOLDING, Tire Pressure Monitoring System, Cigarette Lighter Socket, A_L_PHOTO_SNSR, MUT 10
SUNROOF Panoramic sunroof 20
Heated and ventilated front seats 20
SPARE Reserve 10
A / BAG IND Dashboard 10
MODULE 3 Sport mode switch, ignition switch/key solenoid (no smart key) 10
MODULE 4 Driver/Passenger CCS Control Module (if equipped), Driver/Passenger Seat Heater Module (without CCS), Front Seat Heater and CCS Switch, Oil Pump Inverter, ISG Low DC/DC Converter, Tire Pressure Monitor Module 10
INTERIOR LAMP Driver and Passenger Smart Key Outside Handle (Smart Key Models), Driver and Passenger Door Lamp, A/C Control Module, Ignition Key or Door Alarm (without Smart Key), RF Receiver (with Smart Key), Driver IMS Module , BCM, Data Link Connector, Driver and Passenger Door Anti Mosquito Lamp, Power Outside Mirror Switch, Auto Light & Photo Sensor (with OB/Alarm), Auto Lamp Off Relay, Instrument Cluster 10
CLUSTER Instrument cluster (IGN1) 10
MDPS Hazard Panel Switch, EPS Control Module (Models with Power Steering), Steering Angle Sensor (Vehicles without Power Steering), Transmission Lever Indicator, Parking Brake Switch and Control Module 7.5
PDM 3 Smart Key Control Module (if equipped) 7.5
EPB Electric parking brake 10
SPARE Reserve 20
IG 1 E/R block IG1 25
SPARE Reserve 10
POWER OUTLET Front cigarette lighter socket 20
MODULE 1 Automatic headlight leveling device module (automatic HLLD), headlight leveling device switch (manual HLLD), headlight leveling device actuator left and right, BCM, front intelligent parking assist module, instrument cluster, electrochromic rearview mirror, air conditioning control, IMS module driver, rear park assist buzzer, lane keep assist module 10
HTD STRG Steering wheel heater 15
MODULE 5 Smart Key Control Module (Smart Key Models), Rear Seat Heater Relay, E/R Fuse and Relay Box (RLY.2), Diesel Engine - Fuel Filter Relay 7.5
A/CON Air Conditioning Control Module, E/R Fuse and Relay Box (RLY 14) 7.5
SPARE Reserve 15
WIPER Windshield wiper and washer 25
C/LIGHTER Cigarette lighter fuse Kia Optima 3 20
MODULE 6 Sunroof (IG2), Ionization, DSL_BOX, RR_SEAT_WARMER 7.5
HTD MIRR Electric exterior mirrors 10
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