Fuses and relays Lincoln MKC (mk1; 2013-2019)

This material discusses in detail the fuse diagrams of the Lincoln MKC (first generation): 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 release.

Fuses F12 (up to 2017), F15, F16, F18 and F19 in the trunk block are responsible for the cigarette lighter.

In the passenger compartment

Fuse block located behind the lower end of the glovebox.

Access example.

General view.

No. Description Amps
1 Lighting (ambient, glovebox, vanity, dome, trunk) 10 A
2 Memory seats 7,5 A
3 Driver door unlock 20 A
4 Empty 5 A
5 THX amp / Subwoofer amp 20 A
6 Empty 10 A
7 Empty 10 A
8 Empty 10 A
9 Empty 10 A
10 Power liftgate logic / Keypad 5 A
11 Empty 5 A
12 Climate control, Push-button ignition, Gear shift control 7,5 A
13 Cluster, Steering column module logic, Datalink module logic 7,5 A
14 from 2018: Extended Power Module (supplies power for Occupant Classification System and Restraint Control Module) 10 A
15 Datalink module 10 A
16 Empty 15 A
17 Cellphone passport module 5 A
18 Empty 5 A
19 Empty 5 A
20 Empty 5 A
21 In-car temperature and Humidity 5 A
22 up to 2017: Occupant classification sensor 5 A
23 Delayed accessory (sunroof logic, power inverter logic, driver window switch) 10 A
24 Central unlock and lock 20 A
25 Power window, Power mirror (Driver door) 30 A
26 Power window, Power mirror (Front passenger door) 30 A
27 Sunroof 30 A
28 THX amplifier 20 A
29 Power window (Rear driver side) 30 A
30 Power window (Rear passenger side) 30 A
31 Empty 15 A
32 Display, Radio frequency receiver, GPS, Voice control unit 10 A
33  Active noise control unit and Radio 20 A
34 Run/start bus (fuses #19,20,21,22,35,36,37, circuit breaker) 30 A
35 up to 2017: Restraints control unit 5 A
36  Continuous control damping suspension, Auto-dimming rear view mirror, Rear heated seats module, Lane keeping system module 15 A
37 up to 2015: Heated steering wheel / All-wheel drive system 15 A
2016-2019: Heated steering wheel / All-wheel drive system 20 A
38 Empty 30 A

In the luggage compartment

Located on the right side of the trunk, behind the cover.

General view of the fuse block.

No. Description Amps
F1 Empty -
F2 Empty -
F3 Hands-free liftgate control unit 5 A
F4 Empty -
F5 Empty -
F6 Empty -
F7 Rear heated seats 30 A
F8 Power liftgate / Power cinch latch 30 A
F9 Front heated seats 20 A
F10 Trailer tow 40 A
F11 Climate control seats 30 A
F12 up to 2017: Power outlet (Lincoln MKC cigarette lighter fuse) - instrument panel 20 A
F13 Empty -
F14 Power seats 30 A
F15 12V power outlet - inside of console 20 A
F16 12V power outlet - rear of console 20 A
F17 Empty -
F18 12V power outlet in the trunk 20 A
F19 Inverter power socket 40 A

In the engine compartment

Located on the left side of the engine bay, under the protection cover.

General view.

No. Description Amps
R1 Run / start relay
R2 Horn
R3 Lincoln MKC Fuel pump relay
R4 Rear window washer pump relay
R5 Cooling fan 3 (750W)
R6 Windshield wipers
R7 Cooling fan 5 (750W) / Cooling fan 1 (600W)
R8 Starter relay
R9 Empty
R10 Cooling fan 4 (750W)
R11 Air conditioning clutch relay
R12 Cooling fan 1 (750W) / Cooling fan 3 (600W)
R13 Cooling fan 2
R15 Heated wiper park and Heated rear window
R16 Blower motor
F7 ABS module 50 A
F8 30 A
F9 Fuel pump fuse 20 A
F10 Blower motor relay 40 A
F11 Run start relay 30 A
F12 PCM relay 40 A
F13 Starter relay 30 A
F14 Memory seats 30 A
F15 Wipers and washers 30 A
F16 Radiator fan 25 A
F17 Radiator fan 1 (600W) 40 A
Radiator fan 1 (750W) 50 A
F18 Radiator fan 2 (600W) 40 A
Radiator fan 2 (750W) 50 A
F19 ABS module run/start 5 A
F20 up to 2018: Horn  20 A
2019: Horn 7,5 A
F21 Brake pedal switch 10 A
F22 Windshield washer and wipers 25 A
F23 Run/start relay coil 5 A
F24 Transmission range control unit 20 A
F25 Air conditioning clutch relay 10 A
F26 Powertrain control module relay coil 5 A
F27 relay for Washer pump 10 A
F28 Alternator sensor 10 A
F29 Rear wiper, Rain sensor, Washer pump relay coil 15 A
F30 up to 2018: Left headlamp 20 A
F31 up to 2018: Right headlamp 20 A
F32 powertrain control module 15 A
F33 Canister vent solenoid, variable camshaft timing, universal exhausted gas oxygen sensor, catalyst monitor sensor, canister purge solenoid 15 A
F34 A/C clutch control relay coil, active grill shutters, fan control relay coil, variable A/C compressor, engine charge air bypass valve solenoid  15 A
F35 ignition coils 15 A
F36 Empty -
F37 Empty -
F38 from 2017: Voltage quality run/start (vehicles equipped with stop/start system) 15 A
F39 Powertrain control ignition start power - run 5 A
F40 Electronic power assist steering (run/start) 10 A
F41 from 2017: Extended power module run/start 10 A
F42 Blind spot information system, Adaptive cruise control, Heads-up display, Rear video camera 10 A
F43 Empty -
F44 Heated rear window relay coil, Heated wiper park (from 2016), Electronic transmission pump run/stop feed ((2017-2019) vehicles equipped with stop/start system) 5 A
F45 Transmission range control module run/start 5 A
F46 Heated rear window relay, Heated wiper park (from 2016) 40 A
F47 from 2017: Electronic transmission pump B+ feed (vehicles equipped with stop/start system) 30 A
F48 Empty -
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