Fuses and relays Mercedes Actros (MP1; 1996 - 2003)

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The Actros was first introduced in 1996, continued in production until 2003 and featured innovative features such as an electronically controlled air brake system, intelligent disc brakes. The most popular was the model under the index 1840 . In this material, we will analyze in detail the fuse diagrams of the 1st generation Mercedes Actros (MP1) - 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 of release.

general view of the car
Here you will find the locations and photos of the mounting blocks. Separately, we note the fuse responsible for the cigarette lighter.

In the cabin

Located on the passenger side at the bottom of the instrument panel. The protective cover must be removed to gain access.

General form.

Cabin Fuse Block Diagram
No. Amps Description
F1 10 Rear fog lights, also on trailer
F2 10 Instrument cluster lighting/switch lighting, headlight cleaning, headlight beam throw adjustment, Mounting block - terminal 58
F3 10 Additional direction indicators
F4 10 Tilting sunroof, 24V radio, handbrake - terminal 30
F5 10 Work Light, LSVA (Heavy Duty Charges Based on Vehicle Capacity) - Terminal 30
F6 10 Spare
F7 15 Mounting block - terminal D+
F8 10 Mirror heating system
F9 15 24 V sockets
F10 10 Digital tachograph, instrument cluster, diagnostic connector - terminal 30
F11 20 Trailer socket - terminal 30
F12 20 Trailer ABS Power Socket - Terminal 30
F13 10 Interior lighting, Toll Collect system - terminal 30
F14 10 headlamp cleaner
F15 10 3-Phase Alternator, Transmission, LSVA (Heavy Load Charges Based on Vehicle Capacity) - Terminal 15
F16 10 Power take-offs
F17 20 Heater fan, air conditioner
F18 5 Instrument Cluster, Radio, Telephone, Speakerphone, Fax - Terminal 15R
F19 10 Mercedes actros cigarette lighter fuse
F20 15 Switch box on passenger side
F21 15 Switch block on the driver's door
F22 10 Windshield Washer, Hazard Warning - Clamp 30
F23 10 Low beam right
F24 10 Dipped beam left
F25 10 High beam right
F26 10 High beam left, high beam indicator
F27 10 Tail light, Parking light, Left side marker lights, Trailer socket, Toll Collect system
F28 10 Tail light, parking light, right side marker lights, trailer socket
F29 15 Gearbox control system
F30 10 Engine Control - Terminal 15 Dangerous Goods Vehicles (GGVSE): NOT-AUS Emergency Switch
F31 10 Driver's door switch box, door mirror adjustment, exhaust gas aftertreatment unit - terminal 15
F32 10 All-wheel drive, ESP® system, additional water heating system
F33 10 Windscreen washer, alarm, trailer socket - terminal 15
F34 10 Brake light, reversing light, trailer power socket
F35 10 Condensation sensor, trailer ABS power socket - terminal 15
F36 15 Additional water heating system
F37 10 windshield washer
F38 10 Digital tachograph, instrument cluster, airbag - terminal 15
F39 10 Horn, Toll Collect System, Diagnostic Connector, FleetBoard® System, Distributor - Terminal 15
F40 10 Differential lock mechanism
F41 10 Seat heating system
K3 ABS/BS/EPB system
K4 Starter/battery relay
K5 D+
K6 Stop signal
K7 stop lamp
Diagram of additional sections
No. Amps Description
A1 10 Auxiliary heating clock, FleetBoard® system, Toll Collect system - terminal 30
A2 20 Additional heating system
A3 15 Central locking system
A4 15 Comfortable locking system
A5 10 Electronic braking system, portable lamp power socket - terminal 15
A6 15 12 V power socket
A7 10 Voltage transformer for 24V / 12V
A8 10 Central locking system / comfort control locking system, radio remote control, retarder
A9 10 Compressed air dryer
A10 15 Distributor - terminal 30
A11 15 Exhaust gas aftertreatment unit - terminal 30
A12 10 Tail lift
A13 10 Gearbox control system
A14 10 Work lamp, retarder
B1 20 Windshield heating system
B2 10 Daytime Running Lights
B3 10 Windshield heating system
B4 10 Transmission oil cooler, cold box / 25A Allison transmission oil cooler
B5 15 Electronic-hydraulic independent power steering
B6 10
B7 10 Additional headlight
B8 10 Flashing Light
B9 15 Electronic brake system - terminal 30
B10 10 Phone/navigation control panel, mobile phone - terminal 30
B11 10 Spare
B12 10 Phone/navigation control panel, mobile phone - terminal 15
B13 20 Windshield heating system
B14 15 Electronic brake system - Terminal 30
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