Fuses Renault Trafic 3 (X83), 2014 - 2019

The main electrical circuits of the french minivan and truck are protected by fuses. Powerful current consumers are connected via a relay. Most of the protective elements are located in the cabin mounting block.

The information on the diagrams is relevant for Renault Traffic (X83) 3rd generation models 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019.

In the passenger compartment

The fuse box is located behind the glove compartment on the driver's side, at the bottom of the dashboard.

1 Rechargeable battery (with electronic key system)
2 Battery surge protection (with electronic key system)
3 Ventilation and heating system
4 Adaptation
5 Adaptation
6 Ventilation and heating system
7 Additional heater and ventilation, air conditioner
8 Additional heater and ventilation system
9 Electrically adjustable exterior mirrors
10 Heated exterior mirrors
11 Radio, multimedia, outside mirrors, diagnostic socket
12 Multimedia, trailer hitch
13 Interior lighting, battery discharge protection
14 Fuel injection system, tire pressure monitoring systems, electronic key systems
15 Hazard lights, direction indicators
16 central locking
17 Left headlight high beam lamp, right headlight low beam lamp, rear lights, left headlight daytime running lamp.
18 Front fog lights, rear fog lights, license plate light
19 Audible alarm, buzzer, lighting and cleaners.
20 Dashboard
21 Lighting switch
22 Rear window cleaner, windscreen washer pump, horn
23 ARS main battery
24 Reversing lights
25 Brake light switch
26 Fuel injection, starter
27 Airbags, steering column lock
28 Front door glass servo, passenger side
29 Power steering
30 Stop lights
31 Battery surge protection (with electronic key system)
32 Service display
33 Cigarette lighter Trafic 3 (X83), power outlet
34 Right headlight high beam lamp, left headlight low beam lamp, side marker lights, right daytime running light
35 Brake lights, ABS, immobilizer
36 Interior lighting, air conditioning
37 Launch with electronic key system
38 Rear window wiper
39 Warning buzzer
40 Power outlet in the luggage compartment
41 Front door power window servo, driver's side
42 Rear power outlet
43 Start, electronic control unit for vehicle systems
44 Heated seats
45 Heater, air conditioner
46 Windshield wiper
47 Tachograph.
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