Fuses and relays Renault Koleos (HU0; 2007-2016)

The main electrical circuits of the french crossover are protected by fuses. Powerful current consumers are connected via a relay. Most of the protective elements are located in the mounting blocks in the passenger compartment and under the hood.

The information on the diagrams is relevant for Renault Koleos (HU0) 1st generation models 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 model year.

In the passenger compartment

Fuse box

Located on the driver's side, at the bottom of the dashboard.

General form.

No. Description Amps
1 Spare 10
2 ECU for airbags, seat belt pretensioners 10
3 Fuel injection ECU, brake light switch, diagnostic socket, air conditioning ECU, headlight range control motor 10
4 Dashboard 10
5 Fuse - Base, Block 1876 15
6 Burglar alarm ECU, discharge lamp ECU, clutch pedal end-of-travel sensor, alarm, seat belt not fastened alarm module 10
7 Brake light switch 10
8 Audio amplifier 20
9 Spare 10
10 UCH, engine ON / OFF switch without ignition key, rain and light sensor 10
11 Instrument panel, clutch pedal end sensor 10
12 Transmission ECU 10
13 Electric drive of an outside rear-view mirror 10
14 Heated rear window 20
15 Heater and air conditioner control panel 20
16 Spare 15
17 Sockets for additional equipment in the 2nd row of seats 15
16 Renault Koleos Cigarette lighter fuse 15
19 Dashboard (instrument panel cluster) 10
20 Sockets for additional electrical equipment 15
21 Climate control 15
22 Interior fan 15
23 Spare -
24 Spare -
25 Spare -
26 Spare -
27 Spare -

Relay box


A Relay "+" after ignition switch
B Auxiliary relay
C Relay for heating element for rear window of drive of outside mirrors
D Relay for electric fan 1 for passenger compartment ventilation
1615 Relay "+" when the engine is running

In the engine compartment

Under the hood there are four main fuse blocks (1 and 2) on the right side, 3 - near the washer reservoir, 4 - on the left, it is installed only on diesel engines.

To access the main (1/2) units - remove the air duct.

Fuse box #1

General view.

No. Description Amps
F1 Steering column lock 10
F2 Engine management system 10
F3 Engine management system 10
F4 Fog lights 10
F5 Air conditioner / heater 10
F6 Windshield wiper 30
F7 Right headlight 15
F8 Left headlight 15
F9 Spare 10
F10 Left headlight 10
F11 Right headlight 10
F12 Steering wheel switches 10
F13 Gasoline - fuel pump fuse 15
F14 Spare 15
F15 Spare 10
F16 Spare 10
F17 Engine management system 15
F18 Spare 10
R17 Radiator Fan relay 1
R18 Radiator Fan relay 2
R19 Radiator Fan relay 3
R20 Starter relay

Fuse box #2

General view.

No. Decoding Amps
F1 Heated seats 15
F2 Relay for water pump (573), water-in-fuel sensor (414), fuel injection computer (120), protection and switching unit 10
F3 Daytime running light main relay fuse 10
F4 Generator 10
F5 Electric power steering 60
F6 Headlight washer pump relay 30
F7 ABS ECU (118) - ABS / ESP ECU 30
F8 ABS ECU (118) or with ESP 40/50
F9 Fuse for the electric fan of the engine cooling system and air conditioning, the electric fan of the cooling system, the electric fan relay (234), the relay of the electric fan of the engine cooling system 2 50
F10 Fuse for driver's door power window motor, UCH (645), sunroof motor 40
F11 Passenger compartment fuse and relay box (260), protection and switching box (1337) 30
F12 Protection and switching unit, engine cooling fan relay 2 50
F13 Audio system, radiotelephone ECU, combined time / outside temperature display, navigation ECU (662) video display, CD changer, multimedia system keyboard, multiplex network interface unit (1714), TV tuner 20
F14 Auxiliary heater relay 2 30
F15 Relay for auxiliary heater 1 30
F16 ECU for automatic transmission 10
M01 ECU for automatic parking brake 30
M02 Rear air conditioning 20
M03 Auxiliary heater relay 3 30
M04 Not used  
234 Engine cooling fan assembly relay  
288 Daytime Running Light Main Relay  
753 Headlight washer pump relay  
1524 Brake light relay  
1988 Engine cooling fan relay 2  
R Horn relay  

Fuse box #3

Located next to the windshield washer reservoir.

No. Description
234 Engine cooling fan assembly relay
288 Daytime Running Light Main Relay
573 Relay for electric water pump
1069 Auxiliary heater relay 3
1524 Brake light relay

Power fuse panel

Located on the positive terminal of the battery.

F1 Starter, generator 450
F2 Engine compartment fuse box 100
F3 100
F4 80
F5 Salon mounting block 100
F6 Preheating unit 60

General arrangement

Location of the Renault Koleos electrical equipment.

No. Component
1 ABS electronic control module
2 Heater / A / C blower motor resistor - in the heater module
3 Air conditioning electronic control module
4 Battery
5 CAN data bus, gateway control module
6 Diagnostic connector (DLC)
7 Electric parking brake control unit - luggage compartment
8 Electronic engine control module (Diesel)
9 Electronic engine control module (petrol)
10 Electronic control module 4WD
11 Engine compartment fuse boxes
14 Fuse box,  Diesel
15 Cabin fuse box
16 Xenon headlight control unit
17 Sound signals
18 Multifunction Control Module - Functions: A / C / Heater, Audio / Navigation, Central Locking, Charging System, Power Windows, Exterior Lights, Fuel Filler Opener, Heated Rear Window, Horns, Main Ignition Circuits, Immobilizer, Lamps interior lighting, power steering, rear window wiper, starting system, steering column lock, windshield wipers
19 Ambient temperature sensor
20 Parking system control unit - right side of luggage compartment
21 Electronic control module SRS
22 Phone control module
23 Electronic transmission control module - automatic transmission
24 Tire pressure monitor control unit
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