Fuses and relays Volkswagen Passat B4, 1993 - 1996

Some attribute the Volkswagen Passat b4  not to the 4th generation, but to the restyled model of the 3rd generation, due to the fact that they have a common design, but a different body and an updated interior. This series was produced b4 in 1993, 1994, 1995 and 1996.

In this material we will present a description of fuses and relays Volkswagen Passat B4 with a block diagram and a photo example of their location. In conclusion, we offer for downloading a complete manual for repair and maintenance.

In the passenger compartment

Fuse box located at the bottom of the dashboard on the driver's side behind a protective shelf.

Access to fuses and relays opens after removing it.

Photo example of the block.
Circuit breakers
1 10A Low beam (left headlight)
2 10A Low beam (right headlight)
3 10A Illumination of a combination of devices and license plate
4 15A Tailgate glass cleaner, sunroof, rear self-leveling control unit
5 15A Windscreen wiper, windscreen and rear window washer
6 20A Heater fan, air conditioner
7 10A Side light (right)
8 10A Side light (left)
9 20A Heated rear window and rear-view mirrors
10 15A Fog lights and rear fog lamp
11 10A High beam (left headlight), high beam indicator lamp
12 10A High beam (right headlight)
13 10A Horn, radiator fan (after turning off the engine)
14 10A Reversing lamps, electric outside mirrors, heated washer nozzles, heated seats, engine temperature sensor, automatic transmission selector dial illumination
15 10A Carburetor or electronic engine management system
16 15A Instrument cluster, glove box lighting
17 10A Direction indicators
18 20A Electric gasoline pump, oxygen concentration sensor (lambda probe)
19 30A Cooling fan, air conditioner
20 20A Brake lights, speed control system
21 15A Interior lamps, luggage compartment, clock, central locking, cigarette lighter and instrument cluster
22 10A Car radio
1 Air conditioning system
2 Rear wiper with intermittent operation
3 Forced idle switch, idle speed increase valve, engine management system (Digifant)
4 Reserve
5 Coolant level indicator
6 Alarm system
7 Headlight cleaning system
8 Intermittent wiper and washer system
9 Seat Belt Warning System
10 Fog lights
11 Sound signal
12 Fuel pump, intake manifold heating (where provided)
13 Heated rear window timer
14 Reserve
15 Hydraulic pump ABS
16 ABS
17 Reserve
18 Reserve
19 Air conditioning system
20 Reserve
21 Fuse for the ABS hydraulic pump and electric glass drive
22 ABS valve system fuse
23 Reserve
24 Reserve

The fuse number 21, 15A, is responsible for the cigarette lighter.

Fusible links

On models with diesel engines, the engine glow plug supply circuit is fused. This insert is located in the engine compartment above the brake booster or on the spark plug control unit behind the windscreen washer reservoir. If this insert is burned out. it means that something has happened to the system, therefore, before replacing the insert, it is necessary to diagnose the diesel engine heating system and identify the cause of the burnout.

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