Audi A6 / Allroad Quattro (C5, 1997 - 2005) fuses and relays

The second generation Audi A6 debuted in the spring of 1997. The car was based on the new C5 platform, the body had the factory designation 4B. The model was produced in sedan and station wagon (Avant) bodies, and the Allroad quattro was subsequently developed on its basis. In this material, we will analyze in detail the fuse diagrams of the Audi A6 / Allroad Quattro 2nd generation) index C5) 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 of release.

general view of the car
Here you will find the locations and photos of the mounting blocks. Separately, we note the fuse responsible for the fuel pump and cigarette lighter.

In the engine compartment

Location of the fuse box in the engine compartment of the car
The block is located near the drainage box.

No. Description
1 secondary air pump - J299 (RS6)
1a radiator fan (Allroad) - J26
1b Coolant bleeding after shutdown engine (Allroad) - J151
add. coolant pump - J496
2 secondary air pump - J299
3 Motronic unit power supply - J271 (petrol engines)
diesel direct injection system - J322 (diesel engines)
Relay, ABS - J64 (Automatic Transmission - 01J)
4 fuel cooling pump - J445
bleeding coolant after shutdown engine - J151 (RS6)
4a Not used
Circuit breakers
5 engine control unit - S102
engine electronics (Allroad) - S282
6 Not used (left-hand drive vehicles)
glow plugs - S125 (engines: V6 TDI, V8 TDI)
glow plugs - S39 (four-cylinder engines)
radiator fan - S94 (Allroad)
7 glow plugs - S39 (engines: V6 TDI, V8 TDI)
secondary air pump - S130 (petrol engines)
auxiliary heater - S62 (right-hand drive vehicles)
Not used (right-hand drive vehicles)
8 auxiliary heater - S62 (left-hand drive vehicles)
Not used (left-hand drive vehicles)
9 glow plugs - S125 (engines: V6 TDI, V8 TDI)
glow plugs - S39 (four-cylinder engines)
 radiator fan - S94 (Allroad)
coolant pump - S78 (RS6)
Not used (right-hand drive vehicles)
10 fuel cooling pump - S262
 -1- (15) - S199 (automatic transmission 01J)
radiator fan control unit - S142 (Allroad)

In the passenger compartment

Main fuse box

Location of the main fuse box at the end of the dashboard
It is located on the left side of the instrument panel (driver's side) under a plastic cover.

Photo is an example.

Assigment of fuses in the main cabin unit
No. Description A
1 Heater jets, mirrors 5
2 direction indicators 10
3 Lighting. Headlight cleaner relay 5
4 License plate lighting 5
5 Instrument panel, seat heating, diagnostic plug for cruise control, light bulb monitoring unit, catalytic converter, switch illumination, gear indication, airbag warning light, outside temperature gauge, air conditioning, parking heater, rear window blind, sunroof, relief sensors parking, heater, navigation system 10
6 central locking 5
7 ABS system, brake light switch. Clutch pedal switch 10
8 Telephone 5
9 Mirror heater 10
10 Automatic headlight beam throw adjustment 5
11 Cruise control (vehicles with automatic transmission), control unit-gearbox Multitronic 10
12 Self-diagnosis system 10
13 Stop lights 10
14 Interior lighting, reading lights, burglar alarm, vanity mirror lighting, seat memory 10
15 Instrument panel, air conditioning, seat and mirror memory, parking heater timer, navigation system 10
16 Vehicle stability stabilization system 5
17 Navigation system, ride height adjuster 10
18 Right high beam headlight 10
19 Left high beam headlight 10
20 Right dipped beam headlight, headlight range control 15
21 Left dipped beam headlight, headlight range control 15
22 Right marker/parking light 5
23 Left marker/parking light 5
24 Wiper, washer pump, interval relay 25
25 Heater/A/C Fan, Parking Heater 30
26 Rear window defroster, interior air recirculation mode 30
27 Steering wheel heater, rear window wiper 15
28 Petrol pump, additional pump for vehicles with a diesel engine 20
29 The engine control unit. 30
30 Sunroof 20
31 Reversing lights, cruise control, automatic transmission, diagnostic socket 15
32 The engine control unit 20
33 Cigarette lighter fuse Audi A6 / Allroad Quattro 15
34 The engine control unit 15
35 Drawbar socket 30
36 Fog lights, rear fog light 15
37 Telephone, radio 20
38 Trunk lamp, central locking 20
39 Light alarm 15
40 Sound signal 25
41 ABS, stability stabilization system 25
42 Vehicle stability stabilization system 25
43 Radio terminal S 5
44 Seat heater, parking heater 30

Additional relay boxes

Location of relay blocks in the passenger compartment
Located behind the dashboard.

Assigment of elements in the central distribution block
Circuit breakers
A steering column adjustment - S275
B rear curtain - S100
C burglar alarm control unit II - S181 (taxi)
C - S204 (police cars)
emergency exit rear cover - S195 (special vehicles)
multifunction steering wheel control unit - S326
1  horn - J4
2  unloading X contact - J59
3  lower range hydraulic pump - J555 (Allroad)
4  fuel pump - J17 (petrol engines)
 glow plugs - J52 (diesel engines)
5  wiper and washer - J31
13-slot fuse and relay box
No. Purpose
1 horn - J4
2 generator connection - J442
Burglar alarm control unit - J85 (taxi)
siren - J408 (police cars)
burglar alarm, light switch - J549 (special vehicles)
3 Solar isolation relay -J309
Burglar alarm control unit - J85 (taxi)
siren - J408 (police cars)
Burglar alarm relay, high beam alarm - J461 (special vehicles)
4 starter lock -J207
starter interlock and reverse light - J226
5 magnetic clutch - J44
auxiliary heater - J8
6 fog light - J5
Fuel pump - J17 (TDI engines)
7 Multifunction steering wheel control unit - J453
9 Lamp Monitor - J123
11 Folding mirror control unit - J351
13 Servotronic control unit - J236
Circuit breakers
14 taximeter - S182
E - S201 (police cars)
Hydraulic Pump Relay Fuse - S279 (Allroad)
15 Not used
16 burglar alarm - S57 (taxi)
B - S202 (police cars)
17 taximeter and burglar alarm - S183 (taxi)
C - S203 (police cars)
radio - S253 (special vehicles)
fog lights - S28 (daytime running lights - Canada)
18 Installed in any free space
Alternator connection relay - J442 (special vehicles)
Burglar alarm control unit II - J430 (taxi)
Light Relay - J182 (Police Vehicles)
Solar battery isolation relay -J309 (taxi)
8-slot block

This relay box is located behind the central switchgear.
No. Description
1 Solenoid valve relay - ABS with ESP - J106
2 Radiator Fan Relay (2nd Speed) - J101
3 Radiator Fan Relay - J26
Coolant bleed relay after engine shutdown -J151
4 Radiator Fan Enable Relay - J138
5 Not used
6 Air Suspension Compressor Relay - J403 (Allroad)
7 Hydraulic Pump Relay - ABS with ESP - J105
8 Coolant Shutoff Valve Relay - J541
14 Driver Seat Adjust Thermal Fuse - S44 (Allroad)
15 Fuse 12V connector - S184
16 Thermal fuse for front power windows - S37
17 Thermal fuse for rear power windows - S43
18 ABS unit fuse - S123
19 Radiator fan fuse - S42
20 Radiator fan control unit fuse - S142
21 Driver seat adjustment thermal fuse - S44
Radiator Fan Fuse - S42 (Allroad)
22 Air suspension fuse - S110 (Allroad)
24 Passenger seat adjustment thermal fuse - S80
Diagram of a 3-slot block
No. Purpose
A Not used
C Additional heater fuse 2 - S143
Hydraulic pump fuse (brake booster) - S279
Fuel pump fuse - S81 (RS6 LHD)
D Additional heater fuse - S109
Fuel pump fuse - S81 (RHD RS6)
1 Low heating power relay - J359
Brake booster relay - J569
2 Auxiliary heater relay - J8
Solar isolation relay - J354
3 High heating power relay -J360
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