Fuses and relays Chevrolet Epica (V250), 2006 - 2013

Chevrolet Epica V250 is a mid-size sedan produced in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013.   

Our article provides information on all relay blocks and fuses of the Epica V250 with a description of the circuits.

In the passenger compartment

It is located on the left side at the end of the dashboard.

General view.

Access example.

No. Amps Description
F1 10 Instrument cluster, information display unit, LCM, RKE module, TCM, PNP switch
F2 25 Wiper / Washer Switch, Wiper Motor, Rain Sensor Unit
F3 50 Not used
F4 10 ISU, fan relay, MTC / FATC switch, mode select actuator, recirculation actuator
F5 10 Front courtesy light / sunroof switch, LCM, digital clock
F6 10 Audio system, navigation module
F7 20 Heated Carpet Switch - Driver / Passenger
F8 20 Audio system
F9 10 Instrument Cluster, MTC / FATC Switch, Digital Clock, Information Display Unit, LCM, Inserted Key Switch, RKE Module
F10 10 HR
F11 10 Passenger airbag / seat belt warning lamp, PPD sensor
F12 10 Spare
F13 10 LCM
F14 20 Additional socket, cigarette lighter
F15 20 Speaker subwoofer
F16 50 Shift Lever, PNP Switch, Reverse Switch, ECM Mirror, Brake Switch, Instrument Cluster
F17 50 ECM, fuel pump module, automatic transaxle, MAF sensor
F18 10 ISU, wiper / washer switch
F19 10 Power Mirror - Driver / Passenger, MTC / FATC Switch
F20 50 Not used
F21 50 SSPS module
F22 50 DLC, trunk opening switch
F23 30 Electronic brake control unit

In the engine compartment

Main fuse box

Located next to the coolant reservoir and battery. Closed with a plastic cover.

General view.

No. Amps Description
Ef1 30 Fan relay
Ef2 60 Switch block with built-in logic
Ef3 60 Electronic brake control unit
Ef4 30 Egnition lock
Ef5 20 Power window / driver door lock switch
Ef6 30
Cooling Fan High Speed ​​Relay
Ef7 20
Cooling fan low speed relay
Ef8 30 Ignition switch, starter relay
Ef9 50 Spare
Ef10 10 Spare
Ef11 20 Spare
Ef12 25 Spare
Ef13 30 Spare
Ef14 10 Not used
Ef15 20 Sunroof assembly
Ef16 50 ECM, ABS oil supply line connector
Ef17 50 Headlight - left / right
Ef18 20 Safe power window assembly
Ef19 10 Multifunction switch
Ef20 10 Headlight - right, parking light - right, rear side light - right
Ef21 30 LCM
Ef22 25 Dashboard fuse box
Ef23 20 Brake switch
Ef24 10 Headlight - left, parking light - left, tail light - left, license plate lighting
Ef25 30 Driver's seat switch with electric adjustment
Ef26 20 Fuel pump module
Ef27 50 ECM, engine main relay, automatic transaxle
Ef28 20 Gasoline: Ignition coils 1 ~ 6
Diesel: -
Ef29 50 Horn relay
Ef30 50 Gasoline: Injectors 1 ~ 6, Vehicle Speed ​​Sensor (VSS), Carbon Filter Purge Solenoid Valve
Diesel: ECM, VSS, PTC-1/2/3 Heater Relay
Ef31 20 ECM
Ef32 - -
Ef33 50 Gasoline: EGR Solenoid, Generator, ECM, VIM Solenoid, Oxygen Sensor, CMP Sensor, MAF Sensor, Carbon Filter Vent Solenoid
Diesel: Boost Control Actuator, CMP Sensor, Throttle Valve Actuator, EGR Solenoid, Fuel Heater Relay , WIF sensor, glow plug controller
Ef34 50 Front fog lamp relay
Ef35 10 Headlight - left
Ef36 20 Amplifier
Ef37 10 Headlight - right, multifunction switch
Ef38 - -
Ef39 10 A / C compressor relay
R1 Cooling fan control relay
R2 Cooling Fan Relay - High Speed
R3 Fuel pump relay
R4 A / C compressor electromagnetic clutch relay
R5 Front fog lamp relay
R6 Horn relay
R7 Cooling Fan Relay - Low Speed
R8 Low beam relay
R9 Main relay
R10 Starter relay
R11 Side light relay
R12 High beam relay
R13 Power window relay

Additional fuse box (diesel only)

The sub-fuse box #2 in the engine compartment is located next to the dash panel.

No. Description
1 PTC 3 Auxiliary heater
2 PTC 2 Auxiliary heater
3 PTC 1 Auxiliary heater
4 Fuel filter heater relay
F1 (40A) Auxiliary heater
F2 (40A) Auxiliary heater
F3 (40A) Auxiliary heater
F4 (30A) Fuel filter heater
F5 (60A) Glow plugs

Logic Switch Box


No. Amps Description
A 50 Breaker
B 5 Integrated Logic Switch Block Power
C 50 Door lock
D 25 Front wiper
E 20 Electric window regulator
F 30 Heating glass
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