Fuses and relays Chevrolet Volt (D2JC; 2015 - 2019)

This material examines in detail the fuse diagrams of the Chevrolet Volt (second generation; hybrid; index D2JC): 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 model years.

Fuses CB1 and CB2 in the passenger compartment unit are responsible for protecting the electrical circuits of the cigarette lighter sockets.

In the trunk

It is located under the floor covering, next to the battery.

Access example.

No. Description Current, A
F1 2015-2018: Empty; 2019: electric driver's seat  
F2 Empty
F3 Empty
F4 2015-2018: Empty; 2019: Driver seat lumbar adjustment/Keypass  
F5 K132 - Pedestrian warning sound control module 10
F6 T18 - Charger 10
F7 Front seat heating control module 15
F8 Front seat heating control module 15
  • Driver's side window and exterior mirror switch (S146) 
  • Refueling request switch (S117)
F10 Empty
F11 Audio amplifier (T3) 30
F12 S70E - Steering Wheel Control Switch - Radio Presets 2
F13 Empty
F14 Empty
F15 Empty
F16 Empty
F17 Empty
F18 Empty
  • Active safety control module (K124)
  • Side Object Detection Sensor - Left (B218L)
  • Side Object Detection Sensor - Right (B218R)
  • Parking assistance control module (K182)
  • Front view camera module (K109)
  • Evaporative Emissions System Leak Detection Pump Assembly (Q63)
  • Evaporative Emission Ventilation Solenoid Valve (Q13)
F21 Heated Seat Control Module (K29R) - Rear 15
  • Power Window Switch (S79RR) - Right Rear
  • Power Window Switch (S79P) - Passenger
K1 Empty
K2 Empty
K3 Empty
K4 Empty
K5 Empty

In the engine compartment

The fuse box is located on the left side of the engine compartment. To access it, remove the protective cover.

General form.

Access example.

No. Description Current, A
F01 Empty -
F02 Empty -
  • Heated Oxygen Sensor 1 (B52A)
  • Exhaust gas recirculation valve (Q14)
  • Exhaust gas purge solenoid valve (Q12)
  • Engine Coolant Thermostat Heater (E41)
  • Engine oil pressure control solenoid valve (Q44)
F04 K20 - Engine control module 25
F05 M96 - Active grille air damper drive 10
F06 T6 - Power inverter module 15
F07 T6 - Power inverter module 15
F08 K20 - Engine control module 10
F09 G1 - Air conditioning compressor 10
F10 K114B - Hybrid/Electric Vehicle Powertrain Control Module 2 10
F11 Brake booster control module (K177) 10
F12 K16 - Battery Energy Management Module 10
F13 KR31 - auxiliary coolant pump relay 10
F14 K10 - K10 Coolant Heater Control Module 5
  • Heated Oxygen Sensor 2 (B52B)  
  • Multifunction intake air sensor (B75C)
F16 Ignition coils: T8A 1; T8B 2; T8C 3; T8D 4 15
F17 K20 - Engine control module   15
F18 Empty -
F19 Empty -
F20 Brake booster control module (K177) 40
F21 Front wiper
F22 ABS pump
F23 Front wiper
F24 Empty -
F25 Empty -
F26 Empty -
F27 ABS module
F28 Left power window
F29 Rear window defroster
F30 Heated and electrically adjustable rear view mirrors
F31 Empty -
F32 Various functions
F33 Empty -
F34 Sound signal (horn)
F35 Coolant Energy Storage System Pump.
F36 Right high beam headlight
F37 Left high beam headlight
F38 Empty -
F39 Empty -
F40 Empty -
F41 Different control/turning
F42 Run/crank engine 3
F43 Empty -
F44 Voltage, Amps, Temperature, Engine Run/Crank Module
F45 Heated steering wheel
F46 Vehicle Integration Control Module, Engine Run/Crank
F47 Empty -
F48 Empty -
F49 Empty -
F50 Empty -
F51 Empty -
F52 Motor control module/traction power inverter module
F53 Left cooling fan
F54 Right cooling fan
F55 Electric pump
F56 Empty
F57 Empty
K01 Empty
K02 Empty
K03 Engine control module
  • 2016-2018: Empty;
  • 2019: Pedestrian alert function
K05 Empty
K06 Empty
K07 Empty
K08 Empty
K09 Empty
K10 Empty
K11 Empty
K12 High beam headlights relay
K13 Empty
K14 Engine Run/crank relay
K15 Rear window defroster
K16 Horn relay on PCB
K17 Empty
K18 Empty
K19 Coolant pump relay on PCB
K20 Empty
K21 Empty
K22 Front windshield washer
K23 Empty

In the passenger compartment

The fuse box is located behind the protective cover on the driver's side of the dashboard.

No. Purpose Current, A
F1 Spare 30
F2 Spare 30
F3 Spare 30
F4 K8 - Fan Motor Control Module   40
F5 K9 - Body Control Module   15
F6 Spare 25
F7 Spare 30
F8 K9 - Body Control Module 15
F9 K111 - Fuel pump driver control module 25
F10 Spare 30
F11 Spare 30
F12 Spare 30
F13 Spare 30
F14 Spare 15
F15 Spare 30
F16 Spare 30
F17 X84 - Data link connector   15
F18 K9 - Body Control Module   15
F19 P16 - Instrument cluster   10
F20 K9 - Body Control Module 15
F21 K9 - Body Control Module 15
F22 K9 - Body Control Module 15
F23 K73 - Telematics interface control module (OnStar system)   10
  • K85 - Passenger presence detection module
  • K36 - Airbag detection and diagnostic module  
  • Information display module (P17)  
  • HVAC Controls (A26)
  • (X83) Additional audio input AUX
  • 2015-2018: Infotainment system.
  • 2019: Universal serial data bus
F27 Empty 30
F28 Empty 30
F29 Multi-function switch (S48B) - overhead console 7.5
F30 A11 - Radio 15
  • Steering Wheel Control Switch - Right (S70R)  
  • Steering Wheel Control Switch - Left (S70L)
F32 K9 - Body Control Module   20
  • HVAC Control Module (K33)
  • Battery Level Indicator (P36)
F34 K84 - Keyless entry control module   5
F35 Rear Door Unlock Relay (KR95A) 7.5
F36 T22 - Wireless charger module for mobile devices 5
F37 Spare 20
F38 Empty -
F39 Empty -
F40 Empty -
F41 Empty -
F42 Empty -
CB1 X80H - Additional cigarette lighter socket - center console 15
CB2 X80L - Auxiliary Cigarette Lighter Socket - Rear Console 15
R1 Empty
R2 Relay KR76 with auxiliary power retention / CB2DA • CB1DA • F36DA
R3 Rear Door Unlock Relay (KR95A)
R4 Empty
R5 Spare
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