Fuses and relays Renault Trafic 2 (JL/FL), 2001 - 2014

The Renault Trafic model  includes a series of cargo vans and utility vans. The first car was produced back in 1981 and is still being produced. Also known as  Nissan Primastar,  Opel Vivaro. We present information about the second generation Renault Traffic Relays and fuse Blocks released in 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014. Since 2015, the 3rd generation Renault Trafic has gone into production.

The number of units and their versions may differ from this material and depend on the country of delivery, year of manufacture and equipment.

General arrangement of electronic units
1 ABS electronic control unit - underfloor
2 Air conditioning / heater control unit
3 Accumulator battery
4 Diagnostic connector (DLC)
5 Electronic engine control module (ECM)
6 Fuse / relay box, engine compartment
7 Fuse / relay box, instrument panel 1
8 Fuse / relay box, instrument panel 2
9 Fuse / relay box, under the floor
10 Glow plug relay
11 Heater blower motor resistor - in the heater block
12 Sound signal
13 Inertial fuel cut-off switch
14 Multifunctional control unit -functions: Anti-theft system, central locking, alarm, rear window defogger, immobilizer, direction indicators, interior lamps, windshield wiper / washer
15 Navigation system control unit
16 Ambient air temperature sensor - in the mirror of the right door
17 Parking system control unit
18 SRS electronic control unit
19 Electronic Transmission Control Module (TCM) - Transmission ASM
20 Vehicle speed sensor - on the gearbox (some models)

In the passenger compartment

The main fuse box is located at the rear of the instrument panel.

On the back of the protective cover, the current diagram with the arrangement of the elements will be glued.

Amps - Description
1 15A Audio system, light relay, alarm, display, navigation ECU, tachograph
2 10A Interior lighting
3 15A Fog lamp relay
4 15A Signal, Switches: outdoor lighting, direction indicators, fog lights
5 25A Signal, Switches: outdoor lighting, direction indicators, fog lights
6 30A Screen wipers and washers
7 10A ECU, manual transmission, ECU, starter relay and fuel pump
8 25A Interior heater
9 10A Central locking, Diagnostic connector, Instrument panel, steering angle sensor
10 30A Central locking
11 15A Direction indicator
12 30A Relay for heated rear window and exterior mirrors
13 25A Signal, Switches: outdoor lighting, direction indicators and fog lights
14 25A Relay for electric water pump of the auxiliary heating system, Auxiliary air distribution block
15 15A Rear running lights - switch, Fuel heating relay, reverse light, windshield wiper
16 10A Central locking, Heated rear window, Glove box lighting, Instrument panel, climate control, headlight range control
17 10A Vehicle speed sensor, Steering angle sensor, ABS ECU, ESP ECU
18 15A Heater control panel, Wipers and washers, Audio system, relay dimensions, dipped headlights, rear window wiper, display
19 10A Brake Light Switch, Diagnostic Connector, AirBag ECU and Parking Aid, Rain and Light Sensor, ESP Switch
20 15A Interior heater, Additional heater relay, Heated driver and passenger seats - switches
21 30A Electric windows
22 30A Rear window wiper: engine and relay
23 10A High beam headlights
24 25A Passenger Climate Control Panel, Auxiliary Heating System - Water Pump Relay
25 5A Relay for unloading the supply circuit "+" of the battery with a time delay for the interior light
26 10A Heated exterior mirrors
27 15A Cigarette lighter fuse Renault Trafic - 1st row of seats, Additional equipment - 1st row of seats
28 25A Heater and air conditioner fan, Climate control - control panel
29 10A Display, Daytime Running Light - Main Relay, Audio System, Navigation ECU
30 15A Additional 12 V socket - 1st row of seats
31 15A Additional 12 V socket - 2nd row of seats
32 15A Sound signal
33 10A Fog lights
34 10A Side lights - starboard
35 10A Side lights - port side, Instrument lighting
36 10A Low beam - right headlight
37 10A Low beam - left headlight
38 10A High beam - right headlight
39 10A High beam left headlight

Block 2 is located on the right under the steering wheel - its configuration depends on the year of manufacture of the car. There may be additional blocks with relays in the instrument panel.
- Heated rear window relay;
- Rear window wiper / washer relay;
- Rear wiper relay;
- Relay for main ignition circuits;
- Windshield heater relay;
- Fog lamp relay.

In the engine compartment

The fuse box is located on the left side under a protective cover.

Diagram (Type 1)
No. Decoding A
F1A Automated Shift Transmission (ASM) 30
F1B   70
F1C Coolant heaters 60
F1D 60
F1E   40
F1F Cooling fan motor 60
F2A   60
F2C   60
F2D   60
F2E   40
F2F Cooling fan motor 40
F1 Electronic engine control module (ECM) 25
F2   15
F3 A / C Compressor Electromagnetic Clutch 10
F4 Gasoline: gasoline pump 20
F6 Automated Shift Transmission (ASM) 20
F7 Automated Shift Transmission (ASM) 5
F8 -  
F9 Accessory power connector 15
F10 15
F11 air conditioner / heater 5
F12 Additional heater 20
4 A / C compressor electromagnetic clutch relay  
7 Engine control relay  
9 Relay for auxiliary ignition circuits  
10 Fuel filter heater relay  
12 Transmission fluid pump relay  
13 Starter relay  
Motor block diagram (Type 2)
No. Description A
FA   60
FB -  
FC Auxiliary circuits 40
FD Heater fan motor 40
FE G9U engine: Cooling fan motor 40
FF ABS / ESP system 40
F01   70
F1   15
F2 A / C Compressor Electromagnetic Clutch 15
F03   50/60
F3   30
F04   60
F Except F4R engine: Additional heater 25
F05 Ignition Lock Chains 60
F5 Automated Shift Transmission (ASM) 5
F06 ABS / ESP system 40/60
F6 Automated Shift Transmission (ASM) 20
F7 30
F8 -  
5 A / C compressor electromagnetic clutch relay  
6 Diesel: Fuel filter heater relay  
9 Engine control relay  
11 Starter relay  
Diagram (Type 3)
No. Description A
FA   60
FB   50
FC Heated windshield 50
FD Heater fan motor 40
F01   70
F1 Air conditioning system 30
F02   50
F2 Additional heater 25
F03 Cooling fan motor 50
F04   60
F4   15
F05 Ignition Lock Chains 60
F06 ABS / ESP system 60
2 Engine control relay  
4 Fuel pump relay Traffic  
6 A / C compressor electromagnetic clutch relay  
8 Diode: Additional heater  

There is a fuse board on the positive terminal of the battery

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i have a renault trafic 2006 1.9dci,The registration is CH06 DJH.Could you please tell me where the headlight relay is located asi have checked in the engine compartment fuse box and on the passenger door fuse box and cant find it

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