Fuses and relays Kia Rio 3 (UB / QB; 2011 - 2016)

The Rio is a subcompact car produced by Kia since November 1999. Body styles include a three- and five-door hatchback and a four-door sedan, powered by inline four-cylinder gasoline and diesel engines. In this article we will understand in detail fuse box diagrams Kia Rio (third generation; UB / QB index) 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 years of manufacture.

Here you will find the locations and photos of the mounting blocks. Also, we will separately mark the fuses responsible for the cigarette lighter and the fuel pump.

In the engine compartment

Located behind the plastic cover on the left side.

Type 1

Example of a schematic from the block cover.

Legend A
F1 Spare -
F2 Heated exterior mirror relay 10
F3 Kia Rio 3 fuel pump fuse 15
F4 Horn 10
F5 Air conditioner 10
F6 Spare -
F7 Spare -
F8 Power system (fuel injectors), engine control unit, variable valve timing solenoid valve 15
F9 Engine management system sensors, engine control unit, immobilizer module 10
F10 Block TSM 10
F11 Reversing lamps 10
F12 Spare -
F13 Spare -
FL1 Instrument panel junction box 50
FL2 Engine cooling fan relay (high, low speed) 30
FL3 engine control unit 30
FL4 Electronic key system control unit relay, ignition switch (without electronic key system) 40
FL5 Engine start relay (electronic key system), ignition switch (without electronic key system) 50
R1 Spare
R2 Emergency brake warning relay
R3 Fuel pump relay
R4 Heated exterior rear view mirror relay
R5 Horn relay
R6 Air conditioner relay
R7 Fan relay (low speed)
R8 Spare
R9 electronic motor control unit relay
R10 Relay for the electric heater blower fan
R11 Spare
R12 Ignition lock relay
R13 Fan relay (high speed)
R14 Spare
Some relay modules may be located on the back of the unit: horn relay, horn relay, starter relay, etc.

The power fuse panel is located on the left side of the main unit.

Legend A
1 Instrument Panel Junction Box, Taillight Relay 50
2 Spare -
3 Spare -
4 Generator 125
5 ABS module, diagnostic connector 40
6 ABS Module 40
7 Rear window defogger relay 40
8 Relay for the electric heater fan 40
9 Spare -

Type 2

General view.

Example of a schematic from the block cover.

Name Description A
MDPS electronic power steering control module 80
ALT Alternator 125
B+1 I/P Junction Box (Power Connector Fuse : ROOM LP 10A / AUDIO 20A, Fuse : FOG LP FRT 15A / MODULE 1 10A / STOP LP 15A, Tail Lamp Relay) 50
INVERTER Inverter 40
B+2 I/P Junction Box (Fuse : HAZARD 15A / PDM 1 25A / PDM 2 10A / SUNROOF 15A / DR LOCK 20A / SAFETY POWER WINDOW 25A / S/HEATER 2 15A, FOLD'G MIRR 10A / Power Window Relay) 50
  • W/O Smart Key - Ignition Switch
  • With Smart Key - PDM Relay Box (ESCL (ACC) Relay, ESCL (IG1) Relay)
ABS1 Electronic Stability Control Module, Multipurpose Check Connector 40
ABS2 Electronic Stability Control Module 40
RR HTD I/P Junction Box (Rear Defogger Relay) 40
ECU 5 PCM 10
H/LP HI IND Instrument Cluster 10
IG2 PCB Fuse & Relay Box (Start Relay), W/O Smart Key - Ignition Switch, With Smart Key - PDM Relay Box (ESCL (IG2) Relay) 40
ECU1 PCB Fuse & Relay Box (Engine Control Relay, ECU2 10A) 30
ECU3 Spare 10
BLOWER Blower Relay 40
C/FAN Cooling Fan (Low) Relay, Cooling Fan (Hi) Relay 40
F/PUMP Fuel Pump #1 Relay 20
H/LAMP HI HeadLamp (HI) Relay 20
H/LAMP Head Lamp (LO) Relay 20
HORN Horn Relay, Burglar Alarm Horn Relay 10
ECU2 M/T - ECM, ATT - E/R Junction Box (ECU_VM 10A) 10
B/UP LAMP A/T - PCM, Transmission range selector switch 10
WIPER ECM/PCM, Rain Sensor 10
INJECTOR ECM/PCM, PCB Fuse & Relay Box (Fuel Pump #1 Relay) 15
H/LAMP LH Headlamp Left Side 10
SENSOR1 Purge control solenoid valve, variable inlet solenoid valve, canister closure valve, PCB fuse box and relays (cooling fan relay (low), cooling fan relay (high)) 10
SENSOR2 Oil Control Valve #1/#2, Oxygen Sensor (Up/Down) 10
H/LAMP RH Headlamp Right Side 10

In the passenger compartment

It is located on the driver's side under the dashboard.

General view of the KIA Rio 3 interior fuse box.

Description A
1 Windshield wiper rest area heater relay 15
2 P / OUTLET - Socket for connection of additional equipment 15
3 Kia Rio 3 cigarette lighter fuse 15
4 Front directional light bulb, power outside mirrors, BCM, current converter, electronic key ECU, audio system, digital clock, head unit with navigation 10
5 A / BAG IND - Front airbag deactivation warning light 10
6 A / BAG - SRS safety system control unit 10
7 Alarm switch 10
9 Spare -
10 Rear window wiper and washer (optional) 15
11 Steering wheel heater 15
12 Rear fog lamp relay 10
13 Front fog lamp relay 15
14 ROOM 2 - Automatic light switch-off relay (door sensor), automatic transmission gear lever engagement 10
15 STOP LP - Relay, brake light switch, electronic key system control unit, electronic key ECU, relay US, data connector 15
16 CLUSTER - instrument cluster, BCM unit, audio system, automatic transmission shift lever illumination, tire pressure monitoring module 10
17 IGN 1 - Brake light switch, seat heating, diagnostic socket, parking sensors 10
18 ABS Front Panel Switch, ESC Module, HAC Relay 10
19 B / UP LP - Reversing light switch 10
20 PCU - Engine control unit, electronic key system control unit, speed sensor, brake light switch, inverter, A / C ECU 10
21 H / LP LH - Left headlamp 10
22 Daytime running lights 10
23 HAZARD - Alarm relay, ВСМ 15
24 SMK_1 - Electronic key control unit 25
25 Sunroof motor 15
26 SMK_2 - Engine start and stop button 10
27 PCU - Vehicle speed sensor (manual gearbox), transmission mode switch (automatic gearbox) 15
28 IGN COIL - Ignition coils, capacitor 15
29 IGN - Daytime running lights, high beam control unit, air conditioning control unit, headlights, power window relay (without BCM), BCM unit, electronic key system control unit (with BCM unit) 10
30 Windshield wiper, steering column switch 25
31 DOOR LOCK - Relay for door lock control unit (with BCM unit), driver's door lock drive (without BCM unit) 20
32 SAFETY P / WDW - Safety power windows 25
33 S / HEATER - Heated front seats 15
34 Exterior mirrors adjuster, electric 10
35 ROOM 1 - Interior lighting, trunk lighting, air conditioning, tire pressure monitoring module, digital clock 10
36 AUDIOС ISG: converter, Without ISG: audio system, head unit with navigation 20
37 TAIL LH - Rear left lamp, license plate lamps, left block - headlight, instrument panel illumination 10
38 TAIL RH - Right tail light, right headlight unit, instrument panel illumination 10
39 START - Ignition lock switch (MKP), transmission mode switch (AKP) 10
40 H / LP RH - Right headlamps, instrument cluster  
41 P / WDW LH - power window control unit, left rear power window switch 25
42 P / WDW RH - ​​power window control unit, right rear power window switch 25
43 RR HTD - Heated exterior mirror system, ECM / RSMB Air Conditioning ECU 10
44 A / CON 2 - Air conditioner 10
45 Spare -
Non-removable relays are attached to the back of the block.
R1 Rear window heater relay
R2 Fog lamp relay
R3 Relay for rear fog lamps
R4 Side lamp relay
R5 Daytime running lamps relay
R6 Windscreen defroster relay
R7 Door lock relay
R8 Trunk lid opener relay
R9 Direction indicator relay
R10 Alarm relay
R11 Power window relay
R12 Burglar alarm relay
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