Fuses and relays Mazda Titan, 1989 - 2000

Most of the power supply circuits of the Japanese truck's electrical equipment are protected by fuses. Powerful current consumers are connected via relays. Protective elements are installed in mounting blocks, which are located on the body and in the passenger compartment.

The given fuse diagrams are actual for Mazda Titan 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000 model years with diesel engines Mazda XA (2.5 liters), HA (3.0 liters), VS (3.0 liters), SL (3.5 liters), SL Turbo (3.5 liters), TF (4.0 liters) and Isuzu 4HF1 (4.3 liters), 4HG1 (4.6 liters).

The main wiring block is behind the instrument panel, the additional one is under the body next to the battery.

Vehicle body

The unit is located under the body, near the battery.


  1. Ignition switch / Generator 80A
  2. Glow plugs / Ignition switch / Generator 100A
  3. For protection of all circuits 60A
  4. Headlights 30A
  5. Unloading area light 30A

Relay modules

Location of relay modules. 1 - brake light check relay, 2 - turn signal indicator interrupter relay, 3 - horn relay, 4 - relay of warm-up speed increase system, 5 - inlet air heater relay, 6 - auxiliary relay, 7 - glow plug relay, 8 - windshield wiper interrupter relay.

In the passenger compartment

It is located in the instrument panel. It can be accessed by removing the protective cover.

Type 1

The first version of the unit.

No. Amps Description
A 15 Radio / clock, cigarette lighter fuse
B 10 Fog lights
C 10 Position lamps
D 10 (for optional extras)
E 20 Central locking system
F 15 Brake lights, horn
G 10 Alarm
H 10 cabin lights, clock, stereo
I 20 Heater
J - Spare
K 15 Windshield wipers, washer
L - Spare
M - Spare
N 10 Direction indicators
O 10 Instrument cluster
P 15 Cooling fan
Q - (for optional extras)
R -
S 15
T - Heater
U 30 Power windows
V 30 Heater

Type 2

The second version of the block.

Access example.

Code Description Amps
WIPER windshield wiper and windshield washer system 15
HEATER heater 30
ROOM interior lighting, radio 10
ENGINE starting system 15
METER taillights, instrument panel, brake, fuel cut-off valve, warm-up speed increase system 15
TURN direction indicators 15
TAIL parking lights, license plate illumination, combination lights 15
STOP brake lights, horn 15
HAZARD alarm 15
CIGAR Mazda Titan cigarette lighter fuse, audio system 15
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