Fuses and relays Mercedes Vito (W638, 1996 - 2003)

Mercedes-Benz W638 is the first generation of commercial minivans / minibuses of the Vito series of the German automobile manufacturer Daimler AG. It replaced the MB100 series vehicles. The car was put into serial production in 1995. In this article we will understand in detail fuse box diagrams Mercedes Vito W638 (1st Gen) 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 year of manufacture.

General view of the car.
Here you will find the locations and photos of the mounting blocks. Also, we will separately mark the fuses responsible for the cigarette lighter and the fuel pump.

In the passenger compartment

Here there are two units responsible for the protection of the vehicle's electrical circuits.

Unit #1

The location of the fuse box in the passenger compartment under the steering wheel.
Fuse box on the underside of the steering column 1. Closed 2. Open.

Photo is an example.

No. A Description
1 15 Parking light, right rear position lamp
2 15 High beam headlight, right
3 15 Left high beam headlamp, high beam indicator light
4 15 Reverse light, buzzer, central locking system
5 15 Stop lamps
6 20 Front and rear wipers, emergency alarm system
7 15 Power circuit 15
8 20 Interior lighting, Vito cigarette lighter fuse, radio (power circuit 30)
9 15 Turn indicators, instrument cluster, tachograph
10 15 Instrument cluster illumination, license plate illumination, daytime running light
11 15 Parking light, left rear position light
12 15 Right dipped beam headlight, rear fog light
13 15 Left dipped beam headlamp
14 15 Fog headlight
15 15 Radio (15 R power circuit), airbag control
16-18 - Not used

Unit #2

Installation location of the fuse box under the glove compartment
The second fuse box is located in the front passenger footwell under the glove box.

No. A Appointment
f1 7.5 Swivel glass
f2 30 Passenger door window handle, front sliding sunroof
f3 30 Driver's door window handle, rear sliding sunroof
f4 25 Central locking device, Komfortschliessanlage regulator
f5 10 Interior lighting, front passenger mirror illumination
f6 20 12V Plug sockets
f7 7.5 Phone network D, mobile phone
f8 20 Anti-theft alarm control unit (EDW), EDW alarm switch
f9 10 Auxiliary heater relay
f10 7.5 Anti-theft warning horn (EDW)
f11 7.5 Left anti-theft system flashing light (EDW)
f12 15 Right anti-theft system flashing light (EDW)
f13 7.5 EDW 2 system
f14 7.5 EDW system 2, anti-theft alarm horn
f15 7.5 IRS Sensors EDW2
f16-f18 - Not

Unit #3

Placement of the unit in the passenger compartment under the driver
Third fuse box under the driver's seat: location.

General view.

No. A Decryption
f1 7.5 Electronic control unit ABS, ASR, EBV (depending on equipment), air suspension control unit
f2 25 Combined rear wiper relay
f3 7.5 Immobilizer control unit
f4 25 Radiator fan (gasoline engine), charge air cooler (diesel engine)
f5 25 Hydraulic unit (valves)
f6 10 Immobilizer, automatic transmission control unit
f7 30 Heater fan
f8 20 Headlight washer relay
f9 7.5 Additional heater control unit
f10 25 Trailer, refrigerator socket
f11 30 Combined rear wiper relay, anti-towing device (EDW / ZV)
f12 10 Heating control unit (Heizmatik)
f13 30 Air suspension compressor relay
f14 7.5 Air suspension control unit, tachograph, auxiliary light
f15 7.5 Radio power supply
f16 15 Heating control unit, cab console
f17 15 Automatic transmission gear selector
f18 10 Telephone, mobile phone, anti-theft control unit, heated door mirrors
f19 15 Supply circuit 15 (gasoline engine), crankcase ventilation heater (diesel engine)
f20 15 Terminal 15 (gasoline engines)
f21 15 Ignition coil power supply (gasoline engine)
f22 20 Fuel module - Mercedes Vito fuel pump fuse (gasoline engine)
f23 7.5 Diesel engine control unit
f24 25
f25 10 Auxiliary heater relay
f26 25 Heater control unit (diesel engine), power supply for non-volatile heater (operation with engine stopped)
f27 25 Additional heater control unit
f28 15 Relay circuit D +, daytime running light relay K89
f29 10 Relay daytime running light K69
f30 10 Relay daytime running light K68
f31 10 Power circuit relay 58
f32 30 Left seat heating and position adjustment circuit
f33 25 Right seat heating and position adjustment circuit
f34 7.5 Water separator
f35 7.5 Rear air conditioner
f36 15
M1 40 Engine cooling fan assembly 250 W
- 60 Engine cooling fan unit 500 W
M3 40 Secondary air blower (gasoline engine)
Relay box under the driver's seat
No. Appointment
K91 Right side turn signal relay (central locking system with remote control)
K90 Left turn signal relay (central locking system with remote control)
K4 Power circuit relay 15 (steering column lock 2)
K10 Air Suspension Compressor Relay
K19 Block headlamp window cleaning relay
K39 fuel module (fuel pump relay)
K27 Passenger detection relay (Seat unloaded relay)
K6 the engine control unit
K103 Engine cooling booster pump relay
K37 Horn (beep) relay
K26 supply circuit D (steering column lock 3)
K83 fog lamps
K29 Stationary heater relay (ZHE)
K70 supply circuits 15 (special equipment)
K1 starter lock
V9 Anti-theft system diode ATA 1
V10 Anti-theft system diode ATA 2
V8 Stationary heater booster pump diode
K71 power circuit 58
K68 DRL system
K88 Fog Lamp Relay 1 (with DRL System)
K89 Fog Lamp Relay 2 (with DRL System)
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