Fuses Skoda Karoq (NU7; 2017-2021)

Skoda Karoq is a compact crossover, which has been produced since 2017 by the Czech car manufacturer. The car was created on the Volkswagen modular MQB platform, and came to replace the Yeti. In this material, we will analyze in detail the fuse circuits of the Karoq 1st generation (NU7) 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 with gasoline and diesel engines.

General view of the car
Here you will find the locations and photos of the fuse blocks. Separately, we note the elements responsible for the cigarette lighter and fuel pump.

In the engine compartment

location of the fuse box in the engine compartment of the vehicle.
Located near the battery. To access the unit, remove the protective cover.

General form.

No. Decryption A
1 ABS system -J104- 25
2 ABS system -J104- 40
3 Engine control module -J623- (for petrol engines) 15
Engine control module -J623- (for diesel engines) 30
4 On diesel engines: Engine electronics, reductant dosing system relay -J963-, warm-up timer control unit -J179- 7.5
Gasoline engines have engine electronics 10
5 engine electronics (for diesel engines) 10
empty (for gasoline engines)
6 Brake light switch -F- 7.5
7 Engine electronics 10
8 lambda probe -G39- (not valid for engine code CRVC) 15
Lambda probe after catalytic converter -G130-
NOx sensor control unit -J583-
NOx sensor control unit 2 -J881- (for diesel engines)
lambda probe -G39-
Lambda probe behind the exhaust gas catalytic converter -G130- (for petrol engines)  
9 ignition (for gasoline engines) 20
10 fuel pump fuse -J538- (for petrol engines) 15
Fuel pump control unit -J538- (for diesel engines) 20
11 heating element for auxiliary air heater -Z35- 40
12 heating element for auxiliary air heater -Z35- 40
13 Additional hydraulic pump 1 for gear oil -V475- 30
14 Heated windscreen -Z2- 50
15 Horn relay -J413- 15
High tone horn -H2-
Low tone horn -H7-
16 Not occupied -
17 Main relay -J271- 7.5
Engine control module -J623-
18 On vehicles with independent heating / start / stop system: Battery control and monitoring unit -J367- 7.5
19 Relay modules for wiper motor -J368- / -J369- 30
Driver side wiper motor -V216-
20 Alarm horn -H8- 7.5
21 Vehicles with 0GC, 0D9, 0CW dual-clutch gearbox: mechatronics of the gearbox double-clutch gearbox -J743- 15
22 Engine control module -J623- 5
23 Starter -B- 30
24 Not occupied -
25 Not occupied -
26 Not occupied -
27 Not occupied -
28 Not occupied -
29 Not occupied -
30 Not occupied -
31 Vacuum pump for brake drive -V192- (with engine code DKRF) 15
Vacuum pump for brake drive -V192-
vacuum pump relay -J318- (for engine code DADA)
32 Not occupied -
33 Not occupied -
34 Not occupied -
35 Not occupied -
36 Not occupied -
37 Additional heater control unit -J364- 20
38 Empty -
SA1 Terminal 30/1 power supply 125
SA2 Alternator with voltage regulator -CX1- 400
A Battery -A- -
SA3 Power steering -J500- 80
SA4 Terminal 30/2 power supply 80
SA5 Radiator fan -J293- 50

In the passenger compartment

Installation Location of the fuse box in the passenger compartment of a car with a left-hand drive
LHD models
: Located behind the glove compartment on the driver's side.

Installation location of the fuse box in the passenger compartment of a car with a right-hand drive
RHD models
: Located behind the passenger side glove compartment.

Photo is an example.

Skoda Karoq cabin fuse block diagram 
No. Description A
1 Heater control unit for reducing agent -J891- / SCR system (AdBlue) 30
2 Heated steering wheel -Z36- 10
3 Reserve -
4 Reserve -
5 Data bus interface diagnosis -J533- 5
6 Anti-theft device sensor -G578- 5
7 Heated rear window relay -J9- 10
Heater / air conditioner control -EX21-
Preselector lever sender control unit -J587-
Radio receiver for independent heater -R64-
8 Sensor for humidity, rain and light detection -G823- / -G355- 10
Light switch -E1-
Ambient lighting in dash panel insert -L292- / -L293- / -L294- / -L295-
Interior lighting in driver's door -W86-
Interior lighting in passenger door -W87-
Switch module 2 for central panel -EX30-
Side road headlight control unit for cornering and headlight range control -J745-
9 Steering column electronics control module -J527- 5
10 Multimedia system control unit -E380- 10
11 Vehicle electrical control module -J519- 40
12 Information electronics control module 1 -J794- 20
13 left front seat belt -NX10- 25
14 Fresh air fan control unit -J126- 40
15 Electronic steering column lock control unit -J764- 10
16 Self-diagnosis lead -U31- / USB charging connection 1 -U37- 10
17 Combination unit control unit -J285- / Emergency call and communication unit -J949- 5
18 Reversing camera -R189- 7.5
19 Access and starting system interface -J965- 7.5
20 Reducing agent dosing pump -GX19- 7.5
21 All-wheel drive module -J492- 15
22 Trailer recognition -J345- 15
23 Sunroof -J245- 30
24 Vehicle electrical control module -J519- 40
25 For left-hand drive only:
Door control unit, driver's side -J386-
rear left window regulator motor -V26-
Rear left door module -J388-
For right-hand drive only:
Passenger side door module -J387-
rear left window regulator motor -V26-
Rear left door module -J388-
26 Vehicle electrical control module -J519- 25
27 Vehicle electrical control module -J519- 30
28 Trailer recognition control module -J345- 25
29 Reserve -
30 Reserve -
31 Reserve -
32 Parktronic -J446- 7.5
33 Airbags -J234- 5
34 Light switch -E1- 7.5
Front passenger side airbag deactivation warning lamp -K145-
USB charging connector 1 -U37-
Heated rear seats -J786-
AUTO HOLD button -E540-
Reversing lights -F4-
Interior rear view mirror with automatic shielding -Y7-
Cooling circuit pressure sender -G805-
35 Self-diagnosis output -U31- / front camera for driver assistance systems -R242- 10
36 Right LED headlight -A27- 10
37 Left LED headlight -A31- 10
38 Trailer recognition -J345- 25
  For left hand drive only:  
39 Door control unit, front passenger side -J387- 30
Right rear window regulator motor -V27-
Rear right door control unit -J389-
For right-hand drive only:
Door control unit, driver's side -J386-
Right rear window regulator motor -V27-
Rear right door -J389-
40 12 V sockets -U5- / -U18- / -UX3- 20
fuse for cigarette lighter Skoda karok -U1-
rear cigarette lighter -U9-
41 Front right seat belt -NX11- 25
42 Vehicle electrical control module -J519- 40
43 Soundpaket audio system -J525- 30
44 Trailer recognition control module -J345- 15
45 Adjusting the driver's seat -J810- 15
46 Inverter with socket, 12 V-230 V -U13- 30
47 Rear window wiper -V12- 15
48 Lane change assist control units -J769- and -J770- 10
49 Clutch position sender -G476- 5
Start relay -J906- and -J907-
50 Rear bonnet control module -J605- 30
51 Rear seat heating control unit -J786- 25
52 Reserve  
53 Heated rear window -Z1- 30
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