Fuses and relays Skoda Octavia (A7; 2013-2020)

Austere appearance, a redesigned line of engines, improved quality of interior materials - despite all this, the third generation Octavia is still a very practical, one might say, a family car. In this material, we will analyze in detail the fuse diagrams of the Skoda Octavia 3rd generation (A7 in 5E type bodies) 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and restyling 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 release.

Here you will find the locations and photos of the mounting blocks. Separately, we note the fuse responsible for the cigarette lighter.

In the engine compartment

The fuses are located on the right-hand side of the engine compartment behind the protective cover. To access them, simultaneously squeeze the two latches (1) and pull the cover up.

Access example.

2013 - 2016 model year

Assigment of fuses in the engine compartment.

No. Description A
F1 device control unit 20
automatic gearbox with automatic distance adjustment 40
F2 ABS system 40
F3 Engine ECU (petrol) 20
Engine ECU (diesel) 30
F4 engine electronics, low heating output relay, high heating output relay (for diesel engines) 5
engine electronics (petrol) 10
F5 ignition off relay, engine electronics 10
F6 brake pedal switch 5
F7 coolant shut-off valve, gearbox coolant valve (engines CJSA, CJSB, CHHB) 5
engine electronics (engines CJZB, CJZA, CUPA, CLHB, CLHA, CRVC, CKFC, CUPA) 10
F8 lambda probe, lambda probe after catalyst (engines CJZB, CJZA, CLHB, CLHA, CKFC, CUPA) 10
lambda probe, lambda probe after catalytic converter (engines CUPA, CJSA, CJSB, CHHB) 15
F9 control unit for automatic glow plug, heating resistor for engine sump ventilation (for diesel engines) 5
engine electronics (for engines CJSA, CJSB, SNNV) 10
ignition (for engines CJZB, CJZA, SIRA) 20
F10 Skoda octavia a7 fuel pump fuse (for gasoline engines) 15
  fuel pump control module (for diesel engines) 20
F11 heating element of additional air heater 40
F12 40
F13 mechatronics gearbox with dual clutch gearbox (for vehicles with gearbox 0D9) 15
mechatronics gearbox with dual clutch gearbox (for vehicles with OCW gearbox) 30
F14 windshield heating relay 30
F15 Sound signal 20
F16 ignition off relay 20
F17 main relay, engine control unit, ABS control module 7.5
F18 diagnostics of the data bus interface (for vehicles without independent heating / without start-stop system), battery control and monitoring unit (for vehicles with independent heating / with start-stop system) 5
F19 Wiper Motor Control Module 30
F20 anti-theft alarm horn 10
F21 ABS brake control module 20
F22 Engine ECU 5
F23 starter 30
F24 heating element of additional air heater 40
F25 No  
F26 No  
F27 No  
F28 No  
F29 No  
F30 No  
F31 brake vacuum pump 15
F32 No  
F33 No  
F34 windshield heating relay 2 30
F35 No  
F36 No  
F37 Additional heater control module 20
F38 No  
R1 Start relay 1
R2 Start relay 2
R3 Horn relay
R4 Relay for high heat output
R5 Main relay

2017-2020 model year

Description of the engine box for restyled models 2017-2020 release.

No. Purpose of fuses
1 ESC, ABS, parking brake
3 Engine management system
4 Radiator fan, oil temperature sensor, air mass meter, fuel pressure regulator, electric auxiliary heater, oil pressure regulator, exhaust gas recirculation valve, pre-heating system, SCR (AdBlue®)
5 Ignition, CNG relay coil, injectors, fuel metering valve
6 Brake pressure sensor
7 Coolant pump, radiator louver, oil pressure regulator, gearbox oil pressure regulator, heater
8 crankcase ventilation
9 Lambda probe
10 Ignition, exhaust flap
11 Fuel pump, ignition
12 Additional electric heater
14 Heated Windshield - Left
15 Heated windshield - right
16 Sound signal (horn)
17 Ignition, fuel pump, CNG relay
18 ABS, ESC, engine control unit, heated windscreen relay
19 Data bus battery data module
20 Windshield wiper
21 Anti-theft alarm
22 Automatic transmission
23 Engine management system
24 Starter
25 Additional electric heater
26 Spare
27 Spare
28 Spare
29 Spare
30 Spare
31 Spare
32 Brake vacuum pump
33 Spare
34 Automatic transmission oil pump
35 Front axle inter-wheel differential
36 Spare
37 Spare
38 Heater
39 Spare

In the passenger compartment

LHD models: Located behind the driver's side glove compartment.

Right-hand drive models: Located behind the passenger side glove compartment.

Access example.

General view of the fuse box.

2013 - 2016 model year

Skoda Octavia A7 interior block diagram.

No. Decoding A
F1 Spare -
F2 Spare -
F3 Spare -
F4 Spare -
F5 data bus interface diagnostics 5
  • interior monitoring device sensor,
  • tilt sensor
F7 rear window heating relay, heater, air conditioner, climate control system, preselector sensors, front window heating, independent heater radio 10
F8 plug connection, 16-pin on the socket for the diagnostic system, air humidity sensor, rain and light sensor, headlight switch 10
F9 Four-wheel drive 15
F10 Multimedia system 10
F11 Heated rear seats 25
F12 Information electronics octavia a7 20
F13 Front left seat belt switch 25
F14 Fresh air blower 30
F15 Electronic steering column lock 10
F16 Telephone 7.5
Mobile radio signal booster 5
F17 Instrument cluster 5
F18 Reserve  
F19 Access interface and trigger systems 7.5
F20 Steering column electronics 5
F21 Reserve  
F22 Rear rack control module 30
F23 Onboard power supply control module 40
F24 Convertible roof control module 30
F25 Door control module, driver's side, rear left power window motor 30
F26 Onboard power supply control module (with seat heating) 25
F27 Digital audio control module 30
F28 Trailer Recognition Control Module 20
F29 Reserve  
F30 Reserve  
F31 Onboard power supply control module 40
F32 Parktronic, park assistant control unit 7.5
F33 front passenger side airbag off warning light, airbag control module 5
F34 headlight switch -E1-, reversing light switch -F4-, pressure sensor in the cooling circuit, control unit for rear seat heating, interior rearview mirror with auto-dimming, inverter with 12V-230V socket, preparation for mobile phone, load relay 7.5
F35 Connector, 16-pin, on diagnostics socket headlight range control, servo motor for headlight range control, cornering light control unit and headlight range control, front camera for driver assistance systems 10
F36 right headlight module 10
F37 left headlight module 10
F38 Trailer Recognition Control Module 20
F39 Passenger Door Control Module, Rear Right Power Window Motor 30
F40 Skoda octavia a7 cigarette lighter fuse,
12 V socket
F41 Reserve  
F42 Onboard power supply control module 40
F43 30
F44 Trailer Recognition Control Module 30
F45 thermal fuse for driver's seat adjuster 30
F46 inverter with socket, 12V-230V 30
F47 rear window wiper motor 15
F48 Reserve  
F49 starter relay 1 and 2, clutch pedal position sensor 5
F50 Reserve  
F51 Front right seat belt tensioner control module 25
F52 Reserve  
F53 heated rear window 30
Rel4 Supply relay connector 15
Rel5 Heated rear window relay
Rel6 Load relay

2017 - 2020 model year

Description for cars in restyling 2017 - 2020 year

No. Fuse decoding
1 Spare
2 Spare
3 Spare
4 Heated steering wheel
5 Data bus
6 Alarm sensor
7 Climate control, heater, remote control receiver for auxiliary heater, automatic transmission, rear window heating relay, ignition key removal lock (vehicles with automatic transmission)
8 Light switch, rain sensor, diagnostic socket, decorative lighting, headlight control unit
9 Four-wheel drive
10 Infotainment display
11 Lighting on the left
12 Infotainment system
13 Driver's seat belt pretensioner
14 Air conditioner and heater fan
15 Electric steering column adjustment
16 Phonebox, wireless phone charging
17 Instrument cluster, emergency call
18 Rear View Camera
19 KESSY system
20 Understeering's shifter
21 Adaptive dampers
22 Trailer coupling
23 Lift-and-slide sunroof
24 Headlights on the right
25 Central locking: front left door, power windows on the left, left outside rearview mirror: heating, mirror folding function, mirror element adjustment
26 Heated front seats
27 Interior lighting
28 Trailer coupling
29 SCR system (AdBlue®)
30 Heated rear seats
31 Spare
32 Park assist system, park assist steering
33 Airbag, hazard warning light switch
34 ASR, ESC, tire pressure monitoring system, air conditioning, reversing light switch, auto-dimming mirrors, START-STOP system, heated rear seats, simposer
35 Headlight range control, diagnostic connector, sensor (camera) behind the windshield, radar sensor
36 Right headlight
37 Left headlight
38 Trailer coupling
39 Central locking: front right door, power windows on the right, right outside rearview mirror: heating, mirror folding function, mirror element adjustment
40 12V sockets (Octavia cigarette lighter fuse)
41 Front passenger seat belt pretensioner
42 Central locking: rear doors, headlight washer, glass washer
43 Audio amplifier
44 Trailer coupling
45 Electric seat adjustment
46 230 V sockets
47 Rear window wiper
48 Blind Spot Assistant
49 Engine start, clutch pedal switch
50 Opening the luggage compartment lid
51 SCR system (AdBlue®)
52 USB socket
53 Heated rear window
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