Fuses and relays Volkswagen Golf 4, 1997 - 2004

The 4th generation Volkswagen Golf belongs to the compact class cars. Produced in 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004 with hatchback, station wagon and convertible bodies. In this publication, we will present a description of the Golf 4 fuse block and relay diagrams with a photo - an example. Separately, we note the cigarette lighter fuse.

Differences in the presented material and your location are possible. Check the actual assignment with the description on the protective cover. If you own a different generation of the vehicle, read the description for the 3rd and 5th generation respectively.

In the passenger compartment

Fuse box

Located at the left end of the dashboard and is covered by a protective cover.

Amps / Description
F1 10A Glove box lighting lamp, electric heated mirrors
F2 10A Direction indicators, hazard warning lights, headlight electrocorrector
F3 5A Fog lamp relay, dimmer
F4 5A License plate lamps
F5 7.5A Air conditioning, engine management system, electric mirrors, seat heating
F6 5A Central locking and power windows
F7 10A Reversing lamps
F9 5A ABS, motion stabilization system, traction control system
F10 15A Electronic control unit (ECU)
F11 5A Instrument panel
F12 7.5A Power supply for the diagnostic tool
F13 10A Brake signal lamps
F14 10A Interior lamps
F15 5A Instrument panel, motion stabilization system
F18 10A Right headlamp (high beam)
F19 10A Left headlamp (high beam)
F20 15A Right headlamp (low beam), right headlight (discharge lamp), control of headlights with discharge lamps
F21 15A Left headlamp (low beam), left headlight (gas discharge lamp)
F22 5A Side lamp bulb (right headlight)
F23 5A Side lamp bulb (left headlight)
F24 20A Windshield wiper motor, windshield washer motor
F25 25A Electric fan heater, air conditioner
F26 25A Heated rear window
F27 15A Tailgate glass wiper motor
F28 15A Fuel pump
F29 15A Electronic control unit, ignition
F31 20A automatic transmission
F32 10A Injectors
F34 10A Engine management system
F35 30A 12V socket
F36 15A Fog lights
F37 10A Car radio, comfort system, central locking, power windows
F38 15A Trunk lamp, central locking, fuel filler flap cover
F39 15A Alarm
F40 20A Buzzer
F41 15A Cigarette lighter fuse
F42 15A Car radio
F43 10A Engine management system
F44 15A Heated seats
The fuse number 41, 30A, is responsible for the cigarette lighter.

Relay box

The main unit with the relay is located under the panel itself, on the driver's side.

Photo - example


Panel R

  • I  - Horn relay - Relay 53;
  • II  - Intermediate relay contact X - Relay 100;
  • III - Free;
  • IV  - Fuel pump relay. Glow plug relay - Relay 409/167/103;
  • V - Wiper relay - Relay 603, 377, 389, 192;
  • VI - Free;
  • A - Fuse for electric seat adjustment;
  • B - free;
  • C - Fuse for power windows, central locking and heated exterior mirrors

Panel Z13

  • 1 - Fog lamp relay - Relay 53;
  • 2 - Rear door remote unlock relay;
  • 3 - Starter lock relay;
  • 4 - Free;
  • 5 - Free;
  • 6 - Radio / telephone distribution relay - Relay 147;
  • 7 - Electronic speed control (EPS) relay;
  • 8 - External lighting relay;
  • 9 - Fuel pump relay (Syncro-diesel) and alarm control unit - TAXI;
  • 10 - Alarm control unit - TAXI;
  • 11 - Starter & Reverse Lockout Relay - Relay 175;
  • 12 - Relay for energizing terminal 30;
  • 13 - Radiator fan relay (air conditioning)

Fuses on block Z13

  • D - Free;
  • E - Rear power window;
  • F - Flashing light warning device for theft warning;
  • G - Theft warning horn

In the engine compartment

Relay box

An additional relay box is located under the hood on the bulkhead.

There may be a relay: switching on the secondary air pump or glow plugs. The direction indicator and alarm relay is built into the alarm switch itself. And the control unit for the electric cooling fans is installed on the left side member under the battery.

Box on the battery

It is located on the battery cover itself. 

Consists of a section of fuses and high power fuses.

Amps / Legend
S131 50A Secondary air pump
S132 50A Engine management system
S133 40 / 50A Engine cooling fan motor
S134 110A Electrical equipment
S138 110 / 150А Output "B +" of the generator
S162 30A ABS
S163 30A ABS
S164 30A Engine cooling fan motor
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