Fuses and relays Ford Fusion (Mondeo 5), 2012 - 2020

The 5th generation Ford Mondeo began arriving in Europe in 2015. In the USA, it has been produced since 2012 under the name Fusion. Therefore, we can say that this model was sold all over the world in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020. During this time, the car was restyled 2 times. In our material you will find a description of fuse box and relays ford mondeo 5 (fusion usa). We will show the location of the blocks and their schemes with photo examples of execution. Separately, we will highlight the fuses responsible for the cigarette lighter and tell you how to find out the factory code from the door for keyless access to the salon.

Please note that the number of elements in blocks and their purpose may differ from yours and depends on the year of manufacture, the level of equipment and the country of delivery. Check the assignment against your diagram on the back of the protective cover.

In the passenger compartment

Fuse box

It is located on the left side of the dashboard and is combined with the BCM (body conrol module). For comfortable access, part of the protection must be removed.

Photo diagram
1 10A Lighting, glove box lamp, vanity mirror lamp, ceiling lamp, luggage compartment lamp.
2 7.5A Seat with memory function, lower backrest of the driver's seat, outside mirrors with electric drive.
3 20A Unlocking the driver's door.
4 5A Reserve
5 20A Subwoofer Amplifier
6 10A Reserve
7 10A Reserve
8 10A Anti-theft alarm horn
9 10A Reserve
10 5A Power Tailgate Module, Keypad, Mobile Phone Module
11 5A General safety module
12 7.5A Climate control, transmission
13 7, A Steering column, dashboard, data connection
14 10A Extended Power Module
15 10A Data link gateway
16 15A Childproof lock, luggage compartment lifting glass unlocking
17 5A Buzzer for battery emergency power on
18 5A Ignition switch, Ignition switch with start / stop push button
19 7.5A Passenger airbag deactivation indicator, transmission
20 7.5A Headlamp control module
21 5A Interior thermometer.
22 5A Reserve
23 10A Auxiliary equipment off delay power supply circuit
24 20A Central locking
25 25A Driver's door and mirror
26 30A Door and passenger mirror
27 30A Moonroof
28 20A Sound amplifier
29 30A Rear door window, driver's side
30 30A Rear door window, passenger side
31 15A Reserve
32 10A Global Positioning System Module, Voice Control, Display, Radio
33 20A Radio receiver, noise control
34 30А Bus "start / stop" (fuse 19, 20, 21, 22, 35, 36, 37, circuit breaker).
35 5A Airbag and seat belt control module.
36 15A Auto-dimming interior mirror, heated front and rear seat module, lane compliance monitoring system, automatic high beam. Climate controlled seats.
37 15A All-wheel drive module. Heated steering wheel.
38 30A Reserve

How to find out the door code

4 ways to find out the factory door code (KEY CODE):

  1. Check the code in the documents on a separate card;
  2. The code can be found if you have two keys with the car. Put in the first key, turn on the ignition (but do not start the car), hold for 4 seconds, take out the key, put the second in and do the same. The factory code will appear on the dashboard;
  3. If the previous two points are not present, then the factory code can be found under the fuse box on the back;
  4. Read from a computer using a diagnostic cable.

In the engine compartment

It consists of 2 sections and is located on the left side, next to the stand and is closed with a protective cover.

Diagram (upper section)
1 25A Windshield wiper
30A Hatch
2 Starter relay
3 15A Automatic operation glass wipers, rain sensor, rear wipers
4 Electric blower relay
5 20A Accessory power outlet on the back of the console
6 Auxiliary heater relay
7 20A Powertrain control module
8 20A Powertrain control module
9 Powertrain control module relay
10 20A Front auxiliary power sockets, driver's side
11 15A Powertrain control module
12 15A Powertrain control module
13 10A Powertrain control module
14 10A Powertrain control module
15 Run / Start Relay
16 20A Auxiliary power outlet on console, cigarette lighter
17 20A Additional power socket in the luggage compartment
18 10A Powertrain control module
19 10A Power steering
20 10A Illumination of the "start / stop" position, cruise control
21 15A Transmission control module, transmission oil pump
22 10A Air conditioning system
23 15A. Start / stop, blind spot information system, rear view camera, adaptive cruise control, proximity warning, voltage quality module, air quality sensor
24 10A Reserve
25 10A Anti lock brake system, ABS
26 10A Powertrain control module.
27 10A Reserve
28 10A Rear window washer pump.
29 5A Air mass meter
30 Reserve
31 Reserve
32 Cooling fan relay
33 Air conditioning relay
34 15A Electric steering column lock.
35 Reserve
36 Reserve
37 Reserve
38 Cooling fan relay
39 Cooling fan relay
40 Horn relay
41 Horn relay
42 Fuel pump relay
43 Rezrv
44 5A Heated washer spray
45 Reserve
46 10A Generator
47 10A Brake Switch
48 20A Buzzer
49 5A Air flow sensor 20A Heating element for diesel fuel
50 10A Cooling fan, transfer case 20A Signal
51 Reserve
52 Reserve
53 10A Electric seats.
54 5A Remote control for fuel-fired heater, 10A Brake switch
55 10A ALT sensor
For the operation of Ford Fusion cigarette lighters and USB sockets, fuses 17, 16, 10 and 5 at 20A are responsible.
Diagram (lower section)
Access example
56 30A Fuel pump
57 20A Diesel fuel vaporizer
58 Reserve
59 30 / 40A Cooling Fan (DW10F and 2.0L GTDI AU)
60 30 / 40A Cooling Fan (DW10F and 2.0L GTDI AU)
61 40A Heated windshield (left side)
62 50A Body systems control unit
63 20 / 30A Cooling Fan (DW10F and 2.0L GTDI AU)
64 30A Additional heater
65 20A. Heated front seats
66 40A Heated windshield (right side)
67 50A Body systems control unit
68 40A Heated rear window
69 30A Anti lock brake system
70 30A Passenger seat
71 60A Additional heater
72 20A Fuel pump 30A Hatch
73 20A Rear heated seat
74 30A Driver's seat module
75 30A Additional heater
76 20A transmission oil pump
77 30A Climate-controlled seat module
78 40A Trailer towing module
79 40A Electro blower fan.
80 30A Power module in the luggage compartment.
81 40A Inverter 220 V.
82 60A Anti-lock brake system pump.
83 25A Cleaner motor
84 30A Starter solenoid.
85 20A Fuel-fired heater 60A Anti-lock brake pump
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