Fuses and relays Ford Transit 7, 2006 - 2013

The 7th generation Ford Transit was produced in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013.

This model has received a major upgrade over previous models. In our article you will find a description of the Ford Transit 7 fuse blocks and relays, their diagrams and photographs. Let's highlight the fuse responsible for the cigarette lighter.

General arrangement

The places where the blocks with fuses and relays are located: A - Additional fuse box, B - Fuse and relay box, C - Main fuse box, D - Hood fuse box

In the passenger compartment

Fuse box #1

It is located behind the glove compartment, so to get to it you need to remove the glove compartment itself and remove the protective cover of the unit. On the reverse side of which the current scheme will be applied.


Photo - example

38 20A Rear window cleaner
39 10A Front and rear air conditioning controls
40 5A Not used
41 5A Tachograph
42 5A Light beam leveling system, main switch (KL15)
43 20A Heated front seats
44 20A Buzzer
45 20A Front auxiliary power socket
46 10A Heated side mirrors, if CAT 1 is installed
47 20A Cigarette lighter
48 5A Power supply for relay coils, electric mirrors
49 20A Rear auxiliary power socket
50 10A High beam headlights. left-hand side
51 10A High beam headlights. Right side
52 10A Low beam headlights (left side)
53 10A Low beam headlights. Right side
54 30A Fuse for dipped and main beam headlights. daytime driving lights, tachograph and auxiliary fuel heater fan
55 40A Heater fan motor
56 20A Power windows
57 30A Rear heater fan motor
58 30A Front wiper motor
59 30A Heated rear window and rear-view mirrors
60 Reserve
61 60A Ignition relay (KL5 # 1)
62 60A Ignition relay (KL5 # 2)
R11 Low beam headlamp switching circuit
R12 Heated exterior mirrors (if equipped with a CAT 1 alarm). power socket (if CAT 1 alarm is not installed)
R13 Headlights - high beam
R14 Sound signal
R15 Backlight when driving in daylight
R16 Programmable fuel heater
R17 Heated rear windows or rear-view mirrors (or heated the right side of the rear window if the CAT 1 alarm is installed)
R18 Heated rear window (right side) if CAT 1 alarm is installed
R19 Forced feed (KL15 # 2)
R20 Electric junction box, passenger side KL15 (only vehicles with engine start / stop system)
R21 Forced feed (KL15 # 1)
R22 Heated windscreen, right side
R23 Screen wiper (high and low cleaning speed)
R24 Rear window wiper
R25 Windshield wiper (on and off)
R26 Heated windscreen, left side
The fuse number 47, 20A, is responsible for the Ford Transit cigarette lighter.

Fuse box #2

Located behind the fuse and relay box. In order to find it, you need to press to the sides on the 2 latches on the sides.

Execution example

63 5A Reverse parking aid, rain sensor
64 2A Accelerator pedal position sensor
65 15A Brake light switch
66 5A Instrument panel, power supply of the PATS security system, tachograph, control panel backlight
67 15A Washer pump
68 10A Restraint systems control unit
69 20A External lighting switch (KL15)
70 20A Sonar with emergency power supply
71 5A External lighting switch (KL30)
72 10A Power supply for the battery power consumption regulator. OBDII (KL30)
73 15A Power supply for audio and navigation systems and mobile phone
74 5A Instrument panel, auxiliary heater timer, power supply for the vehicle landing system without a key, motion sensor in the cabin (K1_30)
75 7.5A Side lights on the right side
76 7.5A Side lights on the left side
77 5A Power supply to the ignition switch, power supply of the coils of the battery disconnect sensors
78 15A Centralized locking system
79 7.5A License plate lamp, side marker lights
80 15A Front fog lamps
81 10A Rear fog lamps
82 3A Standard power supply of the audio unit and the instrument panel
Several fuses can be located separately:
83 - 10A - The towed trailer control module is located in the footwell on the left side
84 - 7.5A - DPF - control of the heating plugs is located in the electrical box located under the engine compartment

Power fuse panel

It is located behind the back of the driver's seat, under a protective cover. For access, the seat must be pushed back.

1 350A Starter and alternator
2 60A Passenger side electrical junction box power supply to start the engine. Passenger side electro junction box for engine start / stop system
3 100A Power supply to the junction box in the engine compartment (not important for starting)
4 40A Heated windshield, right side
5 100A Power supply to standard relay box (not important for starting)
6 40A Heated windshield, left side
7 60A Power supply to the junction box in the passenger compartment (not important for starting)
8 60A Custom Connector
9 60A Custom Connector
10 60A Custom Connector
R1 Secondary battery switch

In engine compartment

Located on the left side under the protective cover.

11 60A Engine cooling fan motor
12 30A Power supply circuits of the trailer hitch and trailer hitch unit (KL30)
13 40A ABS and ESP pump
14 Reserve
15 60A Glow plugs
16 60A Ignition relay (KL15 # 3)
17 30A Starter activation
40A Between the power supply circuit of the ignition system (KL15) and the electrical junction box, passenger side (vehicles without engine start / stop system)
Reserve (vehicles with engine start / stop system)
19 Reserve
20 10A ABS power supply. ESP. steering shaft position sensor and yaw rate sensor (YAW) (KL30)
21 25A Valves and control unit ABS and ESP
22 Reserve
23 Reserve
24 5A Fuel pump (vehicles without auxiliary heater, fuel fired)
24 20A Fuel pump (vehicles with fuel fired auxiliary heater)
25 Reserve
26 15A PCM Power Relay
27 5A Fuel pump (vehicles with fuel fired auxiliary heater)
28 5A Combined temperature and mass air flow (T-MAF) sensor
29 5A Evaporator Glow Plug Monitoring
30 7.5A Sonic purge valve
31 15A YAP / UEGO pump
32 20A Evaporator glow plug
33 10A Reversing lights
34 20A Trailer power supply KL15
35 Reserve
36 10A Air conditioning compressor clutch
37 Reserve
R2 Glow plugs
R3 Towing a trailer (KL15)
R4 Starter activation
R5 Forced feed (KL15 # 4)
R6 Forced feed (KL15 # 3)
R7 Fuel pump
R8 Evaporator Glow Plug
R9 Not used
R10 Air conditioning compressor clutch solenoid
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