Fuses and relays Ford Transit 6, 2006 - 2014

Most of the power supply circuits of the electrical equipment of the American truck are protected by fuses. Powerful current consumers are connected via relays. Protective elements are installed in mounting blocks, which are located under the hood and in the passenger compartment.

The information on the diagrams is relevant for the Ford Transit 6th generation models 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 with gasoline and diesel engines.

In the engine compartment

The main mounting block is located on the right side of the engine compartment.

General form.

Description A
1 Mechanical transmission ASM 5
2 Spare  
3 Daytime running lights, low beam 20
4 Battery voltage sensor (diesel engines) 5
5 Fuel switch 20
6 Towing equipment 30
7 Sound signal 15
8 ABS (ABS brakes) 20
9 High beam headlights 20
10 Air conditioner 10
11 Windshield washers, rear window washers 20
12 Spare  
13 Multi-function lever, windshield wipers 30
14 Reversing lights 15
15 Engine immobilizer control module 5
16 Electronic engine control 5
17 Towing equipment 30
18 Spare  
19 Mechanical transmission ASM 5
20 Mechanical transmission ASM 15
21 Engine management 20
22 Gasoline pump 20
23 Dipped headlights, right side 10
24 Dipped headlights, left side 10
101 ABS 40
102 Heated windshield, left side 40
103 Main power supply of the electrical system 50
104 fifty  
105 Engine cooling fan (2.0 l diesel engines and 2.3 l DOHC engines) 40
106 Ignition 30
108 Spare  
109 Engine cooling fan (2.0 l diesel engines and 2.3 l DOHC engines) 40
110 Heated windshield, right side 40
111 Ignition 30
112 Spare  
113 Mechanical transmission ASM 40
114 Active suspension compressor relay 30
115 Spare  
116 Spare  
117 Spare  
118 Spare  
119 Spare  
120 Spare  
121 Spare  
122 Spare  
Relay assignment
R1 starter  
R2 Glow plug relay  
  Cooling fan relay  
R3 horn  
R4 High beam relay  
R5 generator  
R6 low beam headlights  
R7 Engine control relay  
R8 Relay for checking the health of lamps (cars without ABS)  
R9 TDdi: Fuel pump relay
TDci: Injector module
R10 Air conditioning relay (fully open throttle position)  
R11 Low pressure fuel pump relay  
R12 Cooling fan  
R13 Ignition  
D1 -  
D2 -  
D3 Trailer connector or A / C compressor coupling  
D4 Trailer connector or A / C indicator  
Under the fuse box there is an additional. block with relay modules.
AR1 Towing equipment  
AR2 Right direction indicator (depending on model variant)  
AR3 No  
AR4 Left turn signal (depending on model variant)  
AR5 High speed cooling fan (vehicles with 2.4L diesel engines and rear air conditioning)  
AR6 No  
AR7 High speed cooling fan (2.0L diesel engines and DOHC engines)  
AR8 No  
AR9 Manual transmission with automatic gear shifting  

In the cabin

The main unit is located under the stowage compartment on the passenger side, in the instrument panel. To access it, you need to lift the glove compartment case using the handle.

An additional mounting block is located under the driver's seat.

Diagram of the main cabin block Ford Transit 6
201 15A Instrument panel, rear window wiper, clock
202 5A Heated windshield
203 20A Fog lights / lights
204 Reserve
205 15A Lighting control, direction indicators, multifunction lever, engine control, ignition
206 5A License plate illumination lamp
207 10A Airbag module
208 10A Illumination of the instrument panel
209 15A Side lights
210 15A Tachometer, hours
211 30A Rear heater fan motor
212 10A Cigarette lighter
213 10A Rear air conditioning
214 15A Interior lighting, power mirrors
215 20A Heated windshield, heated front seats, additional heater
216 20A Power sockets for connecting additional equipment
217 15A Heated rear window, heated exterior mirrors
218 Reserve
219 30A Power windows
220 20A Heated rear window
221 15A Brake light switch
222 15A Audio system
223 30A Heater fan motor
224 20A headlight switch
225 15A Air conditioner
226 20A Hazard warning lights, direction indicators
227 5A Audio system, ABS
R14 Wiper relay
R15 Relay for auxiliary ignition circuits
R16 Heated windshield relay, right side
R17 Rear door buzzer
R18 Interior lighting
R19 Rear door buzzer
R20 Windshield heater relay, left side (timer relay)
R21 Rear wiper relay
R22 Heated rear window, mirrors relay
Fuse diagram of the additional block under the driver's seat
Description A
63 Reverse parking assist, rain sensor 5
64 Accelerator Pedal Position Sensor 2
65 Brake light switch 15
66 Instrument panel, power supply of the PATS security system, tachograph, control panel backlight 5
67 Washer pump 15
68 Restraint systems control unit 10
69 External lighting switch (KL15) 20
70 Sonar with emergency power supply 20
71 External lighting switch (KL30) 5
72 Power supply for the battery power consumption regulator, OBDII (KL30) 10
73 Power supply for audio and navigation systems and mobile phone 15
74 Instrument panel, auxiliary heater timer, keyless entry system power supply, interior motion sensor (KL30) 5
75 Side lights on the right side 7.5
76 Side lights on the left side 7.5
77 Ignition switch power supply, battery disconnection sensor coil power supply 5
78 Centralized locking system 15
79 License plate light, side marker lights 7.5
80 Front fog lights 15
81 Rear fog lights 10
82 Regular power supply of the audio unit and instrument panel 3

General arrangement

Location of the electronic control units.

1 Air conditioner electronic control unit
2 Anti-theft control unit
3 Anti-theft alarm horn 1
4 Anti-theft alarm horn 2
5 Additional heater - bottom (if any)
6 Additional heater control unit - if installed
7 Battery - under the seat
8 Central locking control unit - in the anti-theft system control unit
9 Diagnostic connector (DLC)
10 Fuse / relay box, engine compartment 1
11 Fuse / relay box, engine compartment 2
12 Fuse / relay box, engine compartment 3
13 Fuse / relay box dashboard 1
14 Fuse / relay box dashboard 2
15 Additional fuse (15A), anti-theft system control unit
16 Additional fuse (15A), anti-theft system control unit
17 Additional fuse (40A), engine management system - near the battery
18 Additional fuse (70 / 80A), engine management system - near the battery
19 Heater / A / C blower motor relay
20 Heater blower motor resistor, front
21 Heater blower motor resistor, rear
22 Sound signal
23 Relay - gate indicator interrupter
24 Inertia Fuel Cut Off Switch - If Equipped
25 Parking system control unit
26 SRS electronic control unit
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David crow

All fuse diagram shown are confusing
My under the glove box fuse cover cover no's are F38,F39ect up to F62..
Everything you show is different no's and codes like 222...I wantro change the audio fuse as the radio don't work. So I don't know the F code fuse?? Thanks

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