Fuses and relays Ford Transit 8 (Custom), 2013 - 2021

The 8th generation Ford Transit was produced in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 with gasoline and diesel engines. 

During this time, he went through a restyling. Ford Transit Custom / Tourneo Custom provides the mid-size light-duty Ford Transit series. In our material you will find a description of the 8th generation Ford Transit fuse and relay blocks, block diagrams and their location. Let's highlight the fuse responsible for the cigarette lighter.+

In engine compartment

Fuse box located next to the washer fluid barrel, under the protective cover.

Example of execution

Type 1
F1 10A System for reducing toxicity of exhaust
F2 15A Exhaust toxicity reduction system
F3 15A Exhaust toxicity reduction system
F4 10A System for reducing toxicity of exhaust
F5 30A Diesel flue gas filter evaporator, Glow plug control system
F6 3A Anti-lock braking system. Maintaining stability. Ignition
F7 7.5A Powertrain control module
F8 20A Cooling fan
F9 30A Left windshield wiper
F10 30A Right windshield wiper
F11 10A Air conditioning compressor clutch
F12 20A Glow plug of the evaporator of the filter of combustion products of diesel fuel
F13 Reserve
F14 30A Emission control system - ignition
F15 Not used
F16 Not used
F17 Not used
F18 40A Anti-lock braking system, stability control pump
F19 30A starter solenoid
F20 60A Glow plugs
F21 60A Ignition Relay 3
F22 Reserve
F22 Reserve
F23 Reserve
F24 7.5A High pressure fuel pump
F25 Reserve
F26 Reserve
F27 Reserve
F28 Reserve
F29 Reserve
F30 40A Fan 1 cooling system
F31 40A Fan 2 cooling system
F32 60A Electric motors (two) windscreen wipers
F33 20A Start-stop of auxiliary water pump
F34 Reserve
F35 15A Power supply for the powertrain control system
F36 15A NOXI sensor 2
F37 7.5A Volume control valve
F38 7.5A Mass air flow sensor
F39 15A Diesel pump fuel vaporizer
R1 Ignition
R2 Starter
R3 Rear window wiper
R4 Not used
R5 cooling Fan
R6 Windshield wiper - on and off
R7 Windshield wiper - low and high speed
R8 Not used
R9 Not used
R10 Air conditioning compressor clutch
R11 Evaporator System Fuel Glow Plug
R12 High pressure fuel pump
R13 All wheel drive pump
R14 Econetic system
R15 Cooling fans: high speed and low speed
R16 Exhaust emission control system
R17 Powertrain control module
R18 Cooling Fan - High Speed
Type 2
F1 5A Mute the radio
F2 Reserve
F3 Reserve
F4 Reserve
F5 Reserve
F6 15A Nitrogen oxide sensor
F7 15A Particulate Sensor
F8 20A High speed cooling fan
F9 Reserve
F10 Reserve
F11 Reserve
F12 Reserve
F13 Reserve
F14 Reserve
F15 Reserve
F16 Reserve
F17 Reserve
F18 40A Cooling fan 2
F19 40 / 60A cooling fan
F20 40A emission control system
F21 40A Glow plug 2
F22 40A Glow plug 1
F23 10A Air conditioning compressor clutch
F24 Reserve
F25 15A Right headlamps with high intensity discharge lamps
F26 15A Left headlights with high intensity discharge lamps
F27 Reserve
F28 5A Positive crankcase ventilation valve heating element
F29 7,5 / 15A Coolant pump
F30 40 / 60A Powertrain control module relay
F31 20A Relay "run-start" 2
F32 20A Fuel-fired auxiliary heater
F33 Reserve
F34 Reserve
F35 20A Powertrain control module
F36 20A Power wire 5 car
F37 15A Reagent tank. Exhaust Gas Recirculation Valve
F38 10A High speed cooling fan. Air conditioning compressor clutch. Low speed cooling fan. Relay for high speed and low speed cooling fan. Relay coils R1, R5, R10, and R15 of the engine electrical box
F39 Glow plug control system
R1 High speed cooling fan
R2 Not used
R3 Rear window wiper
R4 Air suspension module
R5 Cooling Fan
R6 Not used
R7 Left-hand HID headlamps
R8 Right-hand headlights with high intensity discharge lamps
R9 Starter
R10 Air conditioning compressor clutch
R11 Not used
R12 Not used
R13 Emission Reduction Catalyst
R14 Not used
R15 Low speed cooling fan
R16 Not used
R17 Not used
R18 Powertrain control module

In passenger compartment

Inside the Ford Transit mk8, there are 3 fuse and relay boxes. 2 under the dashboard on the driver's side and one behind the back of the driver's seat.

Under the panel

Remove the protective cover for access.

Type 1

Fuse and relay box

F1 10A Airbag module
F2 20A Heated rear window
F3 10A Heated exterior mirrors
F4 Reserve
F5 Reserve
F6 5A Tachograph
F7 10A Battery sensor
F8 40A AC power outlet
F9 Reserve
F10 30A Power driver's seat
F11 30A Electric passenger seat
F12 30A threshold illumination
F13 Reserve
F14 5A Tracking and blocking control module
F15 40A Battery relay of the powertrain control module
F16 40A Power relay powertrain control module
F17 Reserve
F18 30A Anti-lock brake system valves. Stability control valves
F19 5A Tachograph
F20 5A Heated outside mirror relay. Heated windshield relay
F21 Reserve
F22 15A Passenger compartment fuse box
F23 7.5A Air conditioning control module
F24 5A Headlight range correction
F25 7.5A Interior lighting
F26 10A Heated exterior mirrors
F27 20A Heated front seats
F28 20A Direction indicators
F29 Rear parking aid camera. Control system for compliance with road markings. Power Mirrors
F30 Adaptive cruise control system
F31 Reserve
F32 10A Interior lighting
F33 20A All-wheel drive module
F34 20A Rear window wiper
F35 5A Power folding mirrors
F36 20A Buzzer
F37 7.5A SYNC module
F38 5A Electro blower fan. Horn relay. Windshield wiper relay
F39 7.5A Remote keyless entry. Accumulator battery. Electric windows. Heating, ventilation and air conditioning of the rear passenger area
F40 40A Front blower motor
F41 40A Rear blower motor
F42 30A Heated rear window
F43 30A Trailer power socket
F44 60A Additional power sockets
F45 Reserve
F46 30A Windows with electric drive
F47 20A Cigarette lighter fuse Ford Transit
F48 20A Rear auxiliary power sockets
F49 20A Front auxiliary power sockets
F50 60A Ignition relay 1
F51 60A Ignition Relay 2
F52 40A Heated windshield (left side)
F53 40A Heated windshield (right side)
R1 Fuel-fired auxiliary heater
R2 Additional power sockets
R3 Not used
R4 Ignition 2
R5 Electric windows
R6 Ignition 1
R7 Sound signal
R8 Not used
R9 Front blower motor
R10 Rear blower motor
R11 Heated rear window. Heated exterior mirrors
R12 Heated windshield (left side)
R13 Heated windshield (right side)
For the operation of the Ford Transit cigarette lighter and additional power sockets and USB port, fuses 47, 48, 49 at 20A are responsible.

Additional fuse box

F1 15A Central locking system 2
F2 15A Centralized locking system 1
F3 15A Ignition lock (switch) Additional battery relay
F4 5A Parking aid module
F5 5A Rain sensor module. Automatic light control module
F6 15A Windshield washer pump
F7 7.5A Exterior mirrors
F8 15A Front fog lamps
F9 10A Right high beam relay
F10 10A Left high beam relay
F11 25A Outdoor lights on the right side. Side lights on the left side
F12 20A Anti-theft alarm. Battery standalone audio device
F13 15A Data connector. Relay for auxiliary power socket. Interior lighting
F14 25A Daytime running lights Direction indicators Rear fog lights
F15 25A Side lights on the right side. Outdoor lights on the left. Central brake light
F16 20A Audio controls
F17 7.5А Heater control system. Instrument panel Blower fan
F18 10A Headlight switch. Steering wheel module
F19 5A Reset Front Controls Display Interface Module
F20 5A Passive anti-theft system and ignition. Ignition
F21 3A Front audio control module. Auxiliary relay
Type 2

Fuse and relay box - Execution example


F1 60A Windshield wiper motor relay
F2 40A Electric blower fan
F3 Reserve
F4 40A Heated rear window. Heated exterior mirrors
F5 40A Trailer power supply B +
F6 40A Auxiliary power socket 2
F7 40A Auxiliary power socket 1
F8 20A Buzzer
F9 15A Rear window washer relay
F10 10А Relay coils R1, R2, R3, R4, R5, R10, R17
F11 Reserve
F12 Reserve
F13 20A Cigarette lighter
F14 20A Auxiliary power socket on the instrument panel
F15 50A Voltage quality module. Body control unit
F16 25A Anti-lock braking system module. Electronic Stability Control Valves
F17 5A Battery positive voltage relay coil of the powertrain control module
F18 10A Stop light
F19 15A Load interlock relay
F20 5A Additional fuel-fired heater
F21 15A Automatic transmission control unit
F22 25A Oil pump for automatic transmission
F23 20A Heated rear window left side
F24 10A Heated exterior mirrors
F25 7.5A Unlock driver's door
F26 7.5A Unlocking the passenger door
F27 Reserve
F28 Reserve
F29 40A Rear blower motor
F30 20A Rear auxiliary power socket
F31 20A Heated rear window left side
F32 60A Relay "run / start"
F33 60A Fuel pump relay
F34 40A Heated rear window left side
F35 40A Heated rear window right side
F36 50A Power supply RP1 body control unit
F37 50A Power supply RP2 to the body control unit
F38 60A Power BB4 standard relay box
F39 20A Heated seats
F40 5A Ignition unit of the powertrain control module
F41 5A Fuel fired auxiliary heater relay coil
F42 5A Headlight range correction
F43 5A Transmission control module
F44 10A Air suspension. Voltage quality module. Climate control system for rear passengers' zone. Light and distance detection system. Front and rear view cameras. Adaptive cruise control system
F45 20A Direction indicators
F46 5A Heated rear window. Heated outside mirror relay
F47 5A Anti-lock brake system module
F48 10A Camper Interface Connector 1
F49 20A Rear window wiper
F50 5A Rain sensor module. Rear window wiper
F51 25A Windshield wiper motor
F52 25A Windshield wiper motor
F53 Reserve
F54 Reserve
F55 40A Anti-lock braking system module. Electronic stability control system
F56 30A Threshold with electric drive
F57 30A Power driver's seat
F58 20A Front fog lamp
F59 30A starter solenoid
F60 15A Trailer battery charge
F61 15A Left side double interlock
F62 15A Right side of double interlock
F63 15A Left side of central locking
F64 15A Right side of central locking
F65 20A Fuel pump
F66 40A Heated Fuel Filter
Relay box
Circuit breakers
F67 Reserve
F68 Reserve
F69 7.5A Tachograph
F70 Reserve
F71 40A 230V socket
F72 30A Trailer power socket
R1 Sound signal
R2 Heated rear window
R3 Rear blower motor
R4 Rear auxiliary power outlets
R5 Cigarette lighter. Additional power socket
R6 Heated windshield relay (left side)
R7 Heated windshield relay (right side)
R8 Rear window washer pump
R9 Fuel-fired booster heater blower fan
R10 Blower fan
R11 External blocking
R12 Power folding mirrors
R13 Work-start
R14 Fuel pump
R15 Not used
R16 Not used
R17 Windshield wiper
R18 Front fog lamp
R19 Not used

Auxilary fuse panel


1 Reserve
2 7.5A Exterior mirrors with electric drive. Driver's door window
3 20A Unlocking the driver's door. Unlocking the passenger door
4 Reserve
5 Reserve
6 Reserve
7 Reserve
8 10A Anti-theft alarm horn
9 Spare.
10 Spare.
11 5A Intrusion sensor. Heating, ventilation and air conditioning of the rear passenger area
12 7,5А Microclimate control system. Hazard warning light button
13 7.5A Steering column. Dashboard. Data connector
14 Spare
15 10A Data Connector
16 15A Sliding door lock actuator
17 5A Battery stand-alone sound device
18 5A Ignition lock (switch)
19 7.5A Passenger airbag deactivation indicator. Passenger airbag deployment switch.
20 7.5A Tachograph
21 5A Additional heater control module
22 5A Spare
23 10A Delay off auxiliary equipment. DC / AC inverter
24 30A Centralized locking system. Double locking system
25 30A Driver's door module
26 30A Passenger door module
27 30A Spare
28 20A Spare
29 30A Spare
30 30A Spare
31 15A Spare
32 10A SYNC module. Multifunctional display. RF radio receiver
33 20A Audio system. SYNC module
34 30A Ignition relay. Active parking assist control module. Heater control system. Control system for compliance with road markings. Airbag and seatbelt system control module. Central control unit. Passenger airbag deactivation indicator. Tachograph. Additional heater. Steering wheel module
35 5A Airbag and seat belt control module
36 15A Active parking assist control module. Control system for compliance with road markings. Steering wheel module
37 20A Spare
38 30A Windows with electric drive

Fuse box behind the driver's seat

To access the unit, you must move the seat forward.

Photo - an example of execution
Consists of a high power fuse section and an internal fuse and relay section.

F1 470A Fuse box in the engine compartment. Starter Generator
F2 100A Body systems control unit
F3 40A DC Inverter
F4 200A Power supply for 1 auxiliary relay box or Fuse box in the passenger compartment
F5 100A Power supply for 2 auxiliary relay boxes or Passenger compartment fuse box
F6 100A Additional heater
F7 80A Windshield heating relay
F8 100A Body systems control unit. Power supply 5 auxiliary relay box
F9 100A Power supply for 3 auxiliary relay boxes
F10 100A Power supply for 4 auxiliary relay boxes 60A Power supply for the fuse box in the passenger compartment
F11 100A Powertrain control module relay 60A Passenger compartment fuse box power
F12 60A Connection to a converted vehicle
F13 60A Connection to a converted vehicle
F14 60A Connection to a converted vehicle
F15 60A Climate control system for rear passengers
F16 100A Reserve
F17 60A Connection to a converted vehicle
Internal department diagram
F1 3A Outdoor lighting switch. Water heater switch. Power switch for connecting additional equipment
F2 20A Power supply
F3 20A Power supply R1
F4 20A Power supply R2
F5 15A Power supply R3
F6 15A Power supply R4
F7 15A Power supply R5, R6
F8 10A Power supply R7
F9 20A Radio transmitter
F10 5A Ignition lock (switch) relay
F11 15A Ignition lock (switch) relay
F12 Reserve
R1 Beacon relay
R2 Ignition relay
R3 Auxiliary power socket 2. Water heater
R4 Relay for interior lighting
Related fuse diagrams
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