Fuses and relays Suzuki Baleno (Cultus), 1995 - 2007

Suzuki Baleno was produced in 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001 and 2002. And in India until 2007. Also known as Cultus / Esteem. Already in 2015, production of the second generation of Suzuki Baleno began. In our article we will show the locations of the fuse and relay blocks for the first generation of Suzuki Baleno (Suzuki kultus), their diagrams and a description of the purpose of the elements. Will mark the cigarette lighter fuse.

The fuse designation may differ from the one shown. Check it with your diagrams posted on the block cover.

Fuse box under the hood

It is located on the left side next to the battery.

1 ABS relay
2 Horn relay
3 Cooling fan motor relay
4 Fuel pump relay
5 Selector lever lock relay
6 A / C condenser fan motor relay
7 ABS pump relay
8 Relay, electronic engine control unit
9 Air conditioning compressor electromagnetic clutch relay
10 Tailgate relay
11 Diagnostic connector (DLC) 2
12 Diagnostic connector (DLC) 1
F1 (80A) Fuse link - Battery power supply
F2 (60A) Fuse-link - headlight, fuel injection and horn fuses
F3 (60A) Fuse link - Powered by ignition switch
F4 (60A) Fuse - ABS relay
F5 (30A) Fuse - cooling fan relay
F6 (60A) Fusible link - air conditioner
F7 (15A) Fuel injection system
F8 (20A) Interior lamps
F9 (15A) LH headlamp
F10 (15A) RH headlamp
F11 (15A) Horn
F12 (10A) Rear left side marker
F13 (10A) Right tailgate
F14 (10A) Instrument cluster illumination
F15 (15A) Air conditioner

Fuse box in cabin

Located under the dashboard on the driver's side.

Photo - an example of execution

1 Rear fog lamp relay
2 Fog lamp relay
3 Alarm relay
4 Turn signal interrupter relay
5 Light warning unit
F1 15A Reversing lights
F2 15A Heated rear window
F3 10A Ignition switch
F4 20A Stop - signals
F5 15A Fog lights
F6 15A / 20A Optional equipment, cigarette lighter
F7 15A Central locking
F8 15A Cleaners
F9 20A Reserve
F10 15A Reserve
F11 15A SRS system
F12 30A Power windows
F13 Tubular fuse
The fuse number F6 is responsible for the Suzuki Baleno (Cultus) cigarette lighter.
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