Fuses and relays Hyundai Accent II (LC), 1999 - 2006

The Hyundai Accent, a subcompact car, has been sold from 1995 to the present in 4 generations and delivered worldwide. Also known as Hyundai Verna. In our material you will find a description of second generation (LC) fuses and relays, with block diagrams, their locations and photographs, which were released in 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 (LC). We will show the fuse responsible for the cigarette lighter and finding additional electronic control units.

The actual assignment of the elements in the blocks may differ from the one presented. Check with your diagrams on the back of the protective cover.

In the passenger compartment

1 - Fuse box
2 - Relay box
3 - ETACS module or heated rear window relay
4 - Rear wiper relay (hatchback)
5 - Seat belt timer (without ETACS)
6 - Wiper relay (without ETACS)
7 - Open door module (Chime Bell)

Fuse box

Located on the left pillar under the dashboard, behind the protective cover.

No. Amps / Description
1 10A Direction indicators, reverse switch, transmission range switch, automatic transmission selector
2 10A Instrument cluster, ETACM (time delay and burglar alarm control module), pre-excitation resistor, seat belt warning timer
3 10A Instrument cluster
4 15A Airbags
5 10A ECM, PCM, automatic transmission selector, transmission range switch, MAF sensor, speed sensor, fuel filter lamp
6 10A Central locking
7 10A Emergency Alarm, ETACM (Time Delay and Burglar Alarm Management System Module)
8 10A Brake light, automatic transmission selector, automatic transmission lock solenoid
9 20A Heated rear window
10 10A Headlight unit, power windows, electric headlight range control, headlight washer, ETACM (time delay and alarm control module), front fog lights, air conditioning condenser heat exchanger fan, engine cooling fan, fuel filter relay, rear window washer
11 20A Front wiper and washer
12 20A Heated seats
13 10A ABS
14 10A Clock, audio, automatic transmission selector
15 15A Cigarette lighter
16 10A Electric mirrors
17 10A Heated rear window, heated mirrors
18 20A Rear wiper

The fuse number 15 at 15A is responsible for the cigarette lighter.

Relay box

To access it, you need to remove the glove box.

No. Description
1 electronic brake force distribution (EBD) relay;
2 fog light relay in the rear lights;
3 the main relay of the engine management system (for clarity, the mount is disconnected);
4 headlight relay;
5 windscreen wiper and washer relay;
6 ABS relay;
7 relay electro glass lifts;
8 rear window heating relay;
9 horn relay;
10 direction indicator and alarm relay.

In the engine compartment

Main fuse box

Located on the left side, next to the battery.

No. Amps / Description
1 100A generator
2 50A central locking, alarm, brake lights, heated rear window, sound signal, interior lighting, electronic control unit
3 30A marker lamps, head light - headlights
4 20A engine control unit
5 30A ignition, engine start
6 20A engine cooling fan
7 wiring connector
8 heater fan relay
9 horn relay
10 10A interior lamps
11 10A audio system - radio tape recorder
12 air conditioner fan relay No. 2
13 air conditioning compressor relay
14 fog lamp relay
15 fuel pump, fuel pump relay
16 15A idle speed control, camshaft position sensor
17 10A engine control unit
18 radiator fan relay
19 10A turning on the air conditioner
20 relay No. 1 of the fan heat exchanger of the condenser of the air conditioning system
21 10A engine control unit
22 10A A / C Compressor Clutch
23 10A horn
24 15A fog lamp fuse
25 10A head light - left headlight
26 10A head light - right headlight
27 10A fuse for right side light, license plate lighting
28 10A fuse for left side light, headlight washer relay
29 size relay
30 generator pre-excitation resistor
31 starter relay
32 20A A / C Condenser Heat Exchanger Fan
33 30A power window fuse
34 30A ABS system
35 relay of permanently on low beam headlights
36 fuel pump relay (fuel pump)
37 30A Anti Lock Brake System - ABS
38 diode
39 diode
40 30A heater fan fuse

Additional block

Installed on models with a diesel engine.

1 - 80A Glow plug relay
2 - 60A Heater relay (1)
3 - 30A Heater relay (2)
4 - 30A Fuel filter heating relay

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