Fuses and relays Hyundai Elantra (MD/UD), 2010 - 2015

The 5th generation Hyundai Elantra was produced in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 mainly with gasoline engines. During this time, the model has been restyled. In this material you will find a description of fuses and relays with block diagrams and their locations. Note the fuse responsible for the cigarette lighter.,

The number of elements in the fuse and relay blocks of your Hyundai Elantra 5 and their purpose may differ from the one presented, check the description with your diagrams on the back of the protective cover.

In the passenger compartment

Fuse box located under the dashboard behind a protective cover.

Name Fuse Rating / Circuit Protected
START 7.5A Without Smart Key System: ICM Relay Box (Alarm Relay), With Smart Key System: Automatic Transmission Mode Switch, ECM, E / R Fuse and Relay Box (Start Relay 1), Smart Key System Control Module
A / BAG 15A SRS Control Module, Passenger Mass Classification Sensor
A / BAG IND 7,5А Instrument panel
MDPS 7.5A Power steering EPS control module
POWER OUTLET 15A Power outlet (sockets)
BCM 7.5A Smart Key System Control Module, BCM
A / CON SW 7.5A Air conditioning control module
MODULE 2 7.5A Electro chrome mirror, ESC switch
SPARE 1 Reserve
MODULE 4 7.5A Rear parking aid sensor Left / Right (Indoor / Outdoor), Air conditioning control module (Climate control), Automatic transmission selector position indicator
IG1 20A Fuse and relay box E / R (Fuse - TCU 1, ECU 3, ABS 3)
PDM3 7,5А Smart Key system control module
C / LIGHTER 20A Cigarette lighter
MODULE 6 10A Outside Mirror Adjustment Switch, Audio, Audio and Navigation Head Unit Module, Digital Clock
HTD MIRR 10A Outside mirror adjustment switch Driver / Passenger, Air conditioning control module
MODULE 3 7.5A Audio, Tire Pressure Monitoring System Module, Digital Clock, BCM, Instrument Cluster, Driver and Passenger Seat Heating Module
SUNROOF 15A Roof hatch
S / HEATER RR RH 15A Rear seat heating switch, Right
BLOWER 10A A / C Control Module (Manual Air Conditioner), ECM / PCM, Blower Resistor
IOD 1 10A Trunk lamp, Left / Right individual lighting lamps, Interior lamp, Overhead console lamp, Ignition switch III. and Open Door Warning Switch (Without Smart Key System)
TRUNK 10A Trunk lid relay
MODULE 1 7.5A Gearbox switch to Sport mode (AKP), Key solenoid (Without Smart Key system)
S / HEATER RR LH 15A Rear Seat Heating Switch, Left
MODULE 7 7.5A Smart Key System Control Module, BCM
IOD 2 20A Audio systems, Head unit A / V and navigation
P / WDW RH 25A Glass servo relay, Right
PDM2 7.5A Smart Key System Control Module, Start Stop Button Switch
WIPER FRT 25A ICM Fuse / Relay Box (Rain Sensor Relay), Multifunction Switch, Wiper Motor, E / R Fuse / Relay Box (Wiper Relay)
MODULE 5 7,5A Ionizer (Climate control), Rain sensor, Roof hatch
AMP 1 25A AMP (amplifier)
PDM 1 25A Smart Key System Control Module
A / CON 7.5A A / C Control Module, E / R Fuse and Relay Box (Blower Relay)
IOD 4 10A Tire Pressure Monitoring System Module, BCM, Auto Headlight Photo Sensor, Instrument Cluster, DLC, Junction Block Upgrade Connector, Electro Chrome Mirror, Air Conditioning Control Module, Digital Clock
P / WDW LH 25A Left Glass Servo Relay, Glass Servo Safety System Module
DR LOCK 20A Door Lock Relay, Door Unlock Relay, ICM Fuse and Relay Box (Turn Signal Relay)
P / SEAT DRV 30A Switch for manual adjustment of the driver's seat

A 20A C / LIGHTER fuse is responsible for the cigarette lighter, and the POWER OUTLET for additional sockets.

In the engine compartment

Located on the left side of the engine compartment.

Name Amps / Description
MDPS 80A EPS control module
B + 1 60A Distribution block (ARISU 1 (4CH), IPS 1, Fuse - P / WDW LH, P / WDW RH, TRUNK, AMP 1)
C / FAN 40A Cooling Fan Relay (Low), Cooling Fan Relay (High)
ABS 1 40A ESC Module, Multifunction Diagnostic Connector
RR HTD 40A Seat heating relay
BLOWER 40A Cooling fan relay
B + 2 60A Distribution block (Horn relay when the turn signal is turned on, ARISU 2 (4CH), IPS (1CH), IPS (2CH), Fuses - P / SEAT DRV, SUNROOF [SUNROOF])
B / UP LP 10A Electro Chrome Mirror, Audio / Video (A / V) and Navigation Head Unit Module, Rear Lamp Combination (Interior) Left / Right, Stop Lamp Switch, BCM, Instrument Cluster
TCU 1 15A Vehicle speed sensor, Automatic transmission mode switch
ABS3 10A ESC System Module, Multi Function Diagnostic Connector
ECU3 10A Stop Lamp Switch, ECM, Automatic Transmission - PCM
WIPER 10A Rain sensor, ECM, automatic transmission - PCM
B + 3 50A Distribution block (Fuses - MODULE 1, PDM 1, PDM 2, DR LOCK)
EMS 40A EMS Unit (Engine Control Relay, Fuses - ECU 4, A / CON, F / PUMP)
STOP LP 15A Brake Light Switch, Smart Key System Control Module
S / HEATER FRT 20A Driver and passenger seat heating control module
HORN 15A Horn relay
IG2 40A Without Smart Key: Ignition Switch, Start 1 Relay, With Smart Key: PDM 4 Relay (IG2), Start 1 Relay
ABS 2 30A ESC System Module, Multifunction Diagnostic Socket
IG 1 40A Without Smart Key: Ignition Switch, With Smart Key: PDM Relay 3 (IG1), PDM Relay 2 (ACC)
F / PUMP 15A Fuel pump relay
ECU 4 15A PCM (automatic transmission), ECM (manual transmission)
A / CON 10A A / C compressor relay
INJECTOR 10A Fuel Injectors # 1 / # 2 / # 3 / # 4, A / C Compressor Relay, Fuel Pump Relay
ECU 2 10A PCM (automatic transmission), ECM (manual transmission)
IGN COIL1 20A Ignition Coils # 1 / # 2 / # 3 / # 4, Capacitor
SENSOR 2 10A Immobilizer System Module, Camshaft Position Sensor # 1 / # 2
SENSOR 1 10A Oxygen Excess Sensor (Upper / Lower), Additional Fuel Tank Closure Valve, Intake Manifold Length Change Solenoid Valve, Camshaft Variation Oil Pressure Control Valve # 1 / # 2, Evaporative Emission System Solenoid Valve, System Fan Relay Engine Cooling (Low), Engine Cooling Fan Relay (High)
SPARE Reserve
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