Fuses and relays Hyundai Elantra (XD), 2000 - 2006

The 3rd generation Hyundai Elantra, also known as the XD, was produced in 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006 with both diesel and gasoline engines. In this publication you will find a description of fuses and relays with block diagrams and photos - examples of execution. Highlight the cigarette lighter fuse.

Check the description with your diagrams on the back of the protective cover.

In the passenger compartment

Fuse box is located under the dashboard on the driver's side, behind the protective cover.

No. Amps / Description
1 10A Turn signals, reversing lamps
2 10A Instrument panel illumination, DRL, generator, wiper time delay unit, standard alarm
3 15A Airbags
4 10A Alarm
5 10A Interior heater motor
6 10A Front right headlight, interior lighting
7 10A Front left headlight, external lighting
8 10A OEM signaling, starting circuit
9 10A Clock, electric mirrors, audio
10 10A Cruise control, ECU, automatic transmission ECU, speedometer
11 10A ABS
12 10A Airbag indication lamp
13 30A Heated rear window
14 20A Retractable antenna motor
15 15A Central locking, sunroof
16 15A Brake lights, electric windows
17 10A Heated rear window and heated side mirrors
18 15A Cigarette lighter and 12V socket
19 10A Not used
20 10A Air conditioning, headlight bulbs, electric windows
21 15A Rear wiper and washer
22 20A Front wiper and washer
23 20A Heated seats
24 10A Climate control, block of temporary delays of wipers, dimming of mirrors, sunroof
25 15A Interior light, trunk, ignition lock, diagnostic connector, audio
Jumper. Glove compartment lighting, audio, climate control
P / WDW 30A Electric windows
spare Spare fuses

The fuse number 18, 15A, is responsible for the cigarette lighter.

Depending on the configuration, it is possible to locate individual relay elements on the back of the unit.

In the engine compartment

Main fuse box

Located on the left side of the engine compartment, next to the battery.

No. Amps / Description
1 120A BATT. Main fuse
2 50A BATT. Glass lifters, rear lights, interior fuses 4, 13 - 16
3 20A COND. Air conditioner radiator fan
4 20A RAD. Engine radiator fan
5 20A Generator, ECU, fuel pump fuse
6 40A IGN. Ignition, starter
7 15A INJ. Injectors, idle speed control, canister valve, camshaft sensor
8 10A SNSR. Oxygen sensor (lambda probe), ECU
9 15A DRL. Daytime running lights (low beam when the ignition is on)
10 20A H / WASH. Headlight washer (not used)
11 15A F / FOG. Front fog lights
12 10A ECU. ECU automatic transmission
13 15A HORN A / C. Horn, air conditioner
14 15A H / LP (HI). High beam
15 15A H / LP (LO). Low beam
16 30A ABS1. Anti lock brake system (ABS)
17 30A ABS2. Anti lock brake system (ABS)
18 30A BLOWER. Interior heater fan
19 HEAD LAMP HI High beam lamps
20 A / C Air Conditioner
21 FUEL PUMP Fuel Pump
22 FRONT FOG LAMP Front fog lights
23 WIPER MOTOR Wiper motor
24 HORN Horn
25 CONDENSER FAN 2 A / C Radiator Fan Relay 2
27 START Starter
28 CONDENSER FAN 1 A / C Radiator Fan Relay 1
29 HEAD LAMP LOW Low beam lamps
30 RADIATOR FAN Engine radiator fan

Additional diesel box

Installed on models with a diesel engine.


  • 1 - Glow plug relay
  • F1 (30A) - Fuel heater
  • F2 (30A) - Coolant heater
  • F3 (80A) - Glow plug
  • F4 (60A) - Coolant heater
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