Fuses and relays Hyundai Grandeur (TG), 2005 - 2011

The business-class sedan Hyundai Grandeur has been produced in 4 generations from 1986 to the present. In this article you will find a description of the fuses and relays car produced in 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011, with block diagrams and their destination. Note the cigarette lighter fuse.

Depending on the region and year of delivery, there may be differences in the design of the blocks. Check the assignment with your diagrams on the back of the protective cover.

In the passenger compartment

Located at the driver's side of the dashboard.

Photo - example.

Name Amps / Description
T / LID 20A Fuel filler opener and tailgate switch
FR P / SEAT 30A Front lumbar support switch, IMS control module, driver / passenger seat manual switch
AUDIO-2 10A ATM key lock control unit, audio system, IMS switch, auxiliary relay, seat / socket relay, digital clock and passenger seat belt IND.
AUDIO-1 15A Audio
START 10A Gearbox range switch, burglar alarm relay
P / WDW LH 30A Left front lift glass module, rear left lift glass switch
P / WDW RH 30A Right front glass lift module, right rear window lift switch
RR P / SEAT 30A ICM relay box, rear right
MODULE 1 10A Instrument Cluster, BCM, Rear Curtain Module, Rain Sensor, IMS Control Module, Electric Windshield Master Switch
PEDAL ADJ 15A Rear warning buzzer
MIRR HTD 10A Left / Right outside mirror and folding mirror motor, air conditioning control module
KEY SOL 20A key solenoid, electric glass lifter main switch
RR FOG 15A Rear fog light relay
A / BAG IND 10A Instrument panel
A / BAG 15A Airbag switch, SRS control module
TILT 15A Tilt-telescopic module, sport mode switch
TAIL LH 10A Front Fog Lamp Relay, Rear Left Combination Lamp, License Plate Lamp, Left Headlight
TAIL RH 10A Rear right combination lamp, License plate lamp, Right headlight
S / HTR 10A Driver's seat heating switch
MODULE 2 10A Instrument Cluster, ESC Switch, BCM, ATM Key Lock Control Module, Yaw Rate Sensor, Multi Function Switch
A / CON 10A Air conditioning control module, tilt and body copy module, rheostat, chrome electric mirror, ceiling console lamp
DIESEL 10A (Spare)
C / LIGHTER 15A Cigarette lighter
RR CURTAIN 10A Rear curtain module
H / LP 10A Headlight Relay, AQS & Ambient Sensor, HID Relay, Headlamp Leveling Actuator
A / CON SW 10A Air conditioning control module, fan relay, air conditioning control module (AUTO)
MEMORY 15A Data Link Connector, A / C Control Module, Instrument Cluster, Multi Function Switch, Tilt & Body Copy Module, BCM, Door Warning Switch, Interior Lamp, Left / Right Foot Lamp, Door Lamp
PIC 15A (Spare)
ACC SOCKET 15A Rear socket
WIPER 25A Washer relay, wiper glass relay (Hiqh), wiper relay

A fuse designated as C / LIGHTER is responsible for the front cigarette lighter, and a 15A fuse for the rear ACC SOCKET.

Relay elements can be attached to the back of the unit.

R1 Fan relay
R2 Heated windscreen relay
R3 Side light relay
R4 Relay for filler cap

In the engine compartment

The main unit is located on the left side of the engine compartment, next to the battery.

Amps / Description
1 15А Horn relay
2 20A Tail lights relay
3 10A ECU - PCM
4 10A IG1 - Ignition
5 15A DRL - Alarm horn relay
6 15A FR FOG - Front fog lamp relay
7 10A A / CON - Air conditioner relay
8 20A F / PUMP - Fuel pump relay
9 Diode
10 20A - ATM control relay
11 15А STOP - Brake light switch
12 15А H / LP LO RH - Headlamp - right side
13 15A S / ROOF - Ceiling console lamp
14 20А H / LP WASHER - Headlight washer motor
15 20A H / LP HI - Headlamp relay (HI)
16 10A ECU (B +) - PCM
17 10A SNSR3 - Injector # 1- # 6, air conditioning relay, cooling fan relay
18 15A SNSR1 - Mass Air Flow Sensor, PCM, Immobilizer Control Module, # 1 / # 2 Oil Control Valve, Intake Manifold Variable Valve
19 15А SNSR2 - Oxygen sensor No. 1- No. 4
20 10A B / UP - Reversing light switch, Brake light switch, Gearbox range switch, Vehicle speed sensor
21 20A IGN COIL - Ignition coil # 1 - # 6. Capacitor
22 10A ECU (IG1) - PCM
23 20A H / LP LO - Headlight relay (LOW)
24 10A ABS - ABS / ESC control module, universal control connector
ABS1 40A ABS / ESC control module. Universal test connector
ABS2 20A ABS / ESC control module, universal control connector
I / P (B +) 1 40A Fuse (FR P / SEAT, T / LID. T / SIG. TILT. PEDAL, RR CURTAIN)
RRHTD 40A Rear heating relay
BLOWER 40A Fan relay
P / WDW 40A Fuse (P / WDW LH, P / WDW RH)
IGN2 40A Start relay, ignition switch (IG2, START)
ECU RLV 30A Relay engine control unit
I / P (B +) 2 30A Fuse (KEY SOL, ECS / RR FOG), power connector
IGN1 30A Ignition switch (ACC, IG1)
ALT 150A Fuse link (ABS1, ABS2, RR HTD. BLOWER)

Additional units can be located under the hood, especially for diesel models. See their diagrams on the back of the cover.

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